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  1. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    I want to thank Vishal for giving fun time its own forum for all the great discussions about our team and this great company. i will be having alot of topic discussions on all the different opportunities that funtime has to offer. not only does funtime have great income potential but it also has one of the highest residual income pay plans in the business opportunity market today.
  2. Lovinlife

    Lovinlife New Member

    Thank you Vishal for this forum just for Funtime Vacations. There are many of us with Funtime that would love to answer any questions for all those looking at this new HBB offering.

    Here in the NW we are already looking for thirty solid, serious marketing consultants to work with us in promoting Funtime Vacations.

    As Vernon stated it is the hottest compensation plan on the HBB market today. The residual income is just one of 15 ways to make money with Funtime.

    Would love to encourage everyone to join us in the Bahamas, October 25th though the 29th, for the best training seminar ever.

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    "Most opportunities do not start with a vacation--OURS DOES!!!
  3. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    What a wonderful week it has been. i want to thank all of you for such an exciting week. as Fun time continues to grow and incomes are rising and rising more people are seeing the amazing benifits of being part of such a special company. i want to welcome this weeks new family members Carrol, Floyd, Mark, Lisa, Morgan and Linda.
    New people from all types of businesses all over the United States are seeing how Fun times team building concept , residual income payplan and incentive program will work with any business. its also time to say thanks to all the group and team leaders that are giving such great training and mentoring to the groups. i have listened in on calls this week and the excitment that you folks are creating is great. thanks to our family we are proud to say that all your help and suggestions from our team meetings has helped us to develope what is soon to be the most professional new back office system and movie and landing page that i have ever seen. our new system is in the final stages and we will be giving all of our supporters a 15 day trial as soon as its finished.
  4. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    How does this one compare to Coastal Vacations?

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  5. hsimpsonjr

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    Funtime is actually one of the vendors who supply travel vouchers for the Coastal Vacations package. They also are an entity of their own supplying an autoresponder with 40,000 leads per month, non-breadage vouchers which are booked in house and pay commissions to the seller when activated and you can make residual income when you sign someone up into Funtime. Plus they have a new phone system where the leads call you instead of you calling them.
  6. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi Harold,

    Thanx for the details. That was helpful. I'm learning a bit more about various travel packages now. Next year we go to Hawaii right after the wife completes her second degree.

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  7. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    We have several Hawaii trips available. Let me know if I can help you! [​IMG]
  8. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Thanx Harold, will do!

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  9. Lovinlife

    Lovinlife New Member

    Hi Newbie,

    My experience so far with Funtime has been another step forward into a solid income from the travel industry. The vouchers for travel are easy to use and easy to book through Funtime directly. The customer service is exceptional.

    Using the travel certificates and vacation packages in promotional activities is a great way to make immediate income, while you are building a team for the additional residual income.

    And the new lead generation systems Funtime offers gives us plenty of people to talk to everyday.

    Plus all the one on one training from the owners of Funtime, can't get much better than that.

    We are definitely having a funtime at Funtime Vacations.......

  10. Newbie Shield

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    Sounds like the good life!

    Thanx for the info:)

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  11. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    Hi there everyone here is this weeks FUN TIMES NEWS updates.
    I want to welcome this weeks new FUN TIME team members
    BILL, DAREN, JAMIE, RACHEL, ARDYTHE, JAMAL. its great to have you as part of our fast growing team.
    FUN TIME is going to have a very special call october, 11, at 9 pm at 319-741-8000 pin # 1025286# this call is going to be one of the biggest calls that Fun Time has ever had. we are going to be making announcments about :
    1. Comming improvments to our ULTIMATE CUSTOMER ON DEMAND MARKETING phone system ( WHERE CUSTOMERS CALL YOU )
    2. The fun time bahamas travel agent training seminar.
    our new back office system is realy going to impress you. we are going to be giving everyone of our fun time supporters a 2 week trial .
    And some very special announcments about a new travel program that is going to instantly put more income in your pockets. these three new travel programs and sites are going to offer customers REAL INCREDIBLE TRAVEL SAVINGS as well as online and toll free booking arrangments. these new programs are not the typical travel deals, you wont believe the savings and the opportunity that you will have to use these programs in your already existing business.
    thanks for your time and stay tuned .............GO FUN TIME
  12. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    special FUNTIME announcments please read last post
  13. Lovinlife

    Lovinlife New Member

    Wow Rusty,

    You just keep adding the bonuses for us.

    After trying the Ultimate call system last week, I can say that was quite a fun experience having my phone ring every time I put it down!! No dialing with empty ringing or voice machines to talk to.

    With the new system coming on line soon, I will definitely be jumping in and taking calls even more hours through out the day.

    Right now I am rather busy calling all the opt ins through the autoresponder campaigns. WHEW!! To have all these leads included in the Super Elite membership fees of $299.00 a month is amazing after paying $8.00 to $10.00 per lead before.

    Now we are preparing for the holiday season, printing off all the certificates we will be using in our many B2B promotions. How wonderful it will be for one of our major companies in the area to give their employees a Hawaii vacation. That's over 500 employees!! As you say Rusty, do the math of $25.00 activation fees coming back to me.........

    The new condo card program is going to sell so fast, I hope our inventory will be able to keep up. Another promotion for Cristmas gifts for the person who has everything.

    As for advertising, we are trading retail value of certificates for radio air time. Of course, we are paying the per person customer cost of the certificates, but what a great deal when we actually get credit for retail value.

    Again, thank you Rusty for all the great ideas you have taught us in the promotion arena.

    Let's all go hear that Christmas ka-ching and let the world know Fun Time Vacation Club can help them get away from it all when the cold weather hits.

  14. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    Thanks for the post Paulette its nice to see that you and your team have found the secret to building a long term buisness. so many people start in a home based business and a high percentage of them fail or run out of money trying because of all the exspenses they have just to run there business and they are good hard working people that deserve to be sucessful .you are using our team building concept to perfection. by you spreading out the new folks comming into fun time and helping your team build there teams everyone in your group will be able to take advantage of the 3 AND ITS FREE CONCEPT. which means that there program dosnt cost them a thing. just think how much money they can make and save if there 40,000 + monthly leads, website, auto responder and all there products are free. and then to top that off each day they are getting 5 to 15 triple click through movie leads per day. i know you have folks on your team that are using funtime to build there existing business and thats what fun time was designed for. now they are making money from there business and making all the residual incomes from fun time . i know that it wont be long till you reach your 20 club im wondering what you are going to do with all those thousands of dollars of residual income each month hahaha im sure you will find something. the new customer contact you system is doing great. how does it feel to have customers that want to here about your product call you, no more dialing, no more hang ups, and best of all no one saying that they have no idea why you are calling not to mention you dont have to buy leads ever again . well i know your excited and so am i , keep up the good work and i will do a post on how to best work the christmas season.
  15. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    Fun Time special call night please read post from October 23
  16. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    Thanks for the great post Queen Of Biz Op
    the important thing to know about Fun Time is that we have programs in place to help build any business. it is a one of a kind program that anyone from any walk of life or any business can use.
    Fun Time currantly has people from Coastal, GRN, DFT, RFS, YTB, MLMS, POWER MALL, PWF, PASSPORT TO WEALTH, PROFIT LANCE, MONEY TREE, VEMMA, BARRY TREE, EDC GOLD, PRE PAID LEGEL, and lots more . each time we develope a new program it opens up the door for more and more types of businesses to use Fun Time products that they cant find anywhere else. through trial and error we have been able to continualy make improvments to an already great system. more and more people from these businesses are finding out about our.
    1. travel agent program
    2. our 40,000 leads per month free program
    3. auto responder system
    4. our new customer call you phone system.
    and so much more . im glad to see that you are building your team and soon your whole program will be paid for.
    the new Fun Time / Coastal Unlimited Travel Services site is doing great and alot of Coastal directors are real excited about it. I am excited to each month to see that our residual income checks are getting bigger and bigger each month and our teams are growing fast. we had someone else make there 20 club this month. again thanks for the great post
  17. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    Fun Time will be having a very special call this thursday nigh see post from October 3 for details
  18. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    hi everyone just a reminder to be on the call tonight it is going to be a very special call
  19. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    I want to start by welcoming all of this weeks new Fun Time family members to our fast growing team .
    This has been a wild week since the news that came out about YTB and the list of other businesses caught up in the card mill controversy .
    We have had a record amount of people in the travel industrie come to Fun Time for our travel program.
    The Tuesday night call was a great success and our travel expert quest speaker was able to answer alot of the burning questions about the card mill companies.
    Its a great pleasure to welcome our newest partners.
    With all of the new additions comming to our Fun Time program you new folks are in the right place at the wright time.
    After we come back from our Bahama training seminar we will be introducing our new travel agent program.
    Dont miss our next announcements
  20. brightey

    brightey New Member

    Interesting information. I will check this information out.

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