Fusion Excel Quantum Pendant - Scalar Energy

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    I just ran across this info about this pendant and it ability to protect against radiation, and to energize you, and a lot more. Plenty of videos on youtube about it.

    I'm looking for feed back from someone(s) that have it and have used it and the results.
  2. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    I emailed a guy who says he's a doctor selling the products inexpensively on ebay and here is his interesting comment about the pendants:

    "Im not too sure about the silver pendants although iv seen them online.

    im a medical dr and am myself using the pendant. I also sell them to my patients. The ones that i use are the original fusion excel, of which there are a few versions. The genuine products work. I dont really know much about the others. The one that im using and selling are made of volcanic lava soil which is negatively charged and has scalar energy, of which iv tested my self. The pendant lasts a lifetime is it has innate energy within it caused by the negative charge.

    Pls dont hesitate to contact me if u hv any more questions. Kindly allow me up to 48h to reply in case im busy, I usually reply within a day."

    Take it for what its worth. Based on all the info on the net about it, it appears the only way to really find out about the product is to try it.

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    Hi, I am Lim,Presidential Director in Fusion Excel. If you have interest to know more about our company products, please don't hesitate to email me.Thanks!

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