1. ann

    ann New Member

    Is anyone familiar with the GDI opportunity? I just joined - it looks great, and just thought I'd see if there is anyone else out there who is in it and how you like it so far? Ann

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  2. Bellegalla

    Bellegalla New Member

    Me and my whole downline quit after finding out that they had lied to us about .com. and a few other things. It just wasn't worth the trouble. And if you buy leads from them, you'll get leads of people who quit already. I know because I have received emails from members and when I ask where they got my name they told me from the leads in GDI.
    Besides, websites are free and domain names cost 9$ a year instead of their 10$ a month!
    Not worth it as far as I'm concerned.
  3. ann

    ann New Member

    Hi Bellegalla - could you please tell me what you mean when you say they lied to you about .com and a few other things? I have had nothing but a great experience so far, so I am surprised.

    Where are you getting free websites? Will they always be available even if you change your isp, and is site building software included? Does it have free url forwarding and hosting?

    What exactly was the trouble, if you don't mind my asking? With marketing it? So far it has been really easy for me because we have a team effort where we all help each other. I haven't found anything else like this so far in all my looking - such potential for only $10 per month! Have you found something better? Thanks!
  4. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    Quoting: annIs anyone familiar with the GDI opportunity? I just joined - it looks great, and just thought I'd see if there is anyone else out there who is in it and how you like it so far? Ann

    Hi Ann,

    I'm a member, but I haven't done anything with it yet other that try to figure out how to use sitebuilder. I think I have that figured out. Bellegalla is right about the costs of web space, but that is not why you buy into that type of program. Those who seem to be making money with it are usually using some other program with it because of the downline potential it has. An example would be using other affiliate programs. I've been using auto surf traffic exchanges to pay for all my online business needs, but that has been put on hold for a while.

    At only $10/mo. you can find penny click sites to fund it. I was putting the finishing touchs on some splash pages (on my.ws) to teach others how to fund their businesses using traffic exchanges and GDI when the auto surf industry got stunned a week ago.

    With the right motivation and a good team approach you should do well. I'm interested in knowing more about your team. I do everything backwards, so I'll post this and then I'll check your.ws.

    Best of luck to you
  5. ann

    ann New Member

    Hi piggybanker - thanks for the info! I have just been using GDI banners so far on a few sites - earned them by viewing other banners, so hasn't cost me a dime.

    My sponsor developed the team - it is still in prelaunch if you want to join or find out more (ourteamsuccess.ws). What happened with the autosurf industry?

    I have got our website almost done - the sitebuilder 'help' section is great - good to just read it over to find out all the capabilities! I am soooo psyched that little 'ol me created a site from scratch - no prior knowledge of how to even begin such a thing.........cool!!!

    Good luck to you!!! Ann
  6. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    Quoting: ann(ourteamsuccess.ws). What happened with the autosurf industry?

    Hi again Ann,

    That's a nice lead capture page, but it'll probably be removed if someone complains. If I were you, I would use that page in your signature instead of the video of the lil red car or banners. Usually text advertising will produce better results.

    You can read about the auto surf industry almost anywhere online, but in a nutshell ... most of the industry is on hold until the payment processor issues are resolved.

    I thought one of my teams was on hold but I just got a new sign up today, so I better go say hello to him. I don't know what to tell him though. I know ... it'll go like this ... sorry bud, but all my dough dissappeared over night. I know they took my dough to a race track, but I'm pretty sure they didn't gamble with any of it . So, can I bum $50 to get through this month? I'll pay you back ... honest with interest ... run lumpy bisquick run!

    Off to make my panhandlers page
  7. kutus

    kutus New Member

    I think that u can start google adsense program, it is more good than any other opportunity, I am earning good money and I am a member of IMC who are giving good guidelines to earn money more.
  8. kennethmorga

    kennethmorga New Member

    Everyone should be aware of internet speedway. They've gotten quite a few complaints as follows:
    1. The promised web site doesn't work
    2. They'll try to talk you into an "upgrade" at an additional $700-$2700, popularly known as the ol' "bait and switch"
    3. they make it impossible to bail out of the 30 day trial membership

    I told of my experiences on a couple of other websites, in which I gave my e-mail address and have been contacted by 6 others who feel they've been ripped of by Internet Speedway.
    Forewarned is Forearmed!
  9. jimlp

    jimlp New Member

    Quoting: annIs anyone familiar with the GDI opportunity? I just joined -
    Yes, I have been with them for some months now, and got in the for various reasons. I was looking for something that had a great marketing plan and would easy to use for those taking my course. Its very easy to set up domain/hosting and website. Easy to use interface and email panel.

    Though as it has been mentioned by others in this poll, there are cheaper host plans. NatHosting is the cheapest and reliable hosting by far on the net as far my knowledge is concerned, and its not an mlm/affiliate program. Around under $1.oo per month with generous bandwidth and space for that price, or $10.00 p/year. I have not used as yet as I have been using free hosting and kiosk for some time now. But even domain names are picked and competive prices of around $7.00 per year.

    I think in a nut shell, its easy to use to create pages and web domain and hosting. The marketing approach is also exciting for people who want to run a simple business.

    Jim Labra
  10. aussiedownunder

    aussiedownunder New Member


    The banners looked okay on GDI but most safelists accept text only ads so has any of you have the sample GDI Text Ads to promote in safelists but cannot find any! If you know and able to answer this please email me on the website.



    J.E. Henry
  11. wealthpro

    wealthpro New Member

    My team uses GDI as a funding source for advertising their primary business. It's a great way to get free advertising.
  12. gcooper

    gcooper New Member

    Hello Everyone, I've been with GDI for over 17 months, and have made money each and every month. I have been marketing for a while and know that google,msn, and yahoo will not even list "free websites" so don't think just because its free...it'll be found by people doing searches....try a MSN search for ".ws home business" thats my .ws website in the #1 spot. You can get free domain names with certain hosting packages....but what will that hosting cost? The 10 per/mo cost of GDI is unheard of for what they offer. I'll be a dot.ws member for life.

    Best Regards,
    Gary Cooper
  13. amber

    amber New Member

    gcooper, how are you doing this? Any sort of tips would be great.
    When I first saw the video a month ago, it was the first thing in a long time that I just KNEW would sell. With all you got and the opportunity they provided you with, I just couldn't see how anyone could turn it down. And for $10 a month for something you get to use anyway... it's not like you're losing any money even if you don't get any signups.
    I liked the fact that I could transfer the domain over to my own server because to be honest, their servers aren't great. For the websites, yes. But I haven't been able to login to the members section for almost 2 weeks now and can't get ahold of anyone to find out what's up, why I can't. Good thing I transferred it when I did! I like having more control over the domain anyway.
    Well, anyway... I'd like some tips on how people who -are- making money with it are doing it. I've been posting at so many places, ads all over the place, sending thousands of emails with nothing to show for it but 2 or 3 people that has watched the video. Depressing. But yet the people that I've talked to in the forums, it seems like everyones already a member! [​IMG]
    I'm really not losing any money because I do love the site and the program tremendously! But I have to admit, making a little extra money to help my fiance with the bills would be wonderful, because I can't work outside the house due to a back condition. But this is something that caught my attention immediately and there's something about it that I really love and I don't believe I'm ever going to drop it just because I can't sell it. But like I said, just a little extra income would be nice from it.
    I really need a "Marketing for Dummies" eBook >.<

    Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

  14. KristyT

    KristyT New Member

    Hi Amber

    I would have to agree with you on that. It definitely has a different sort of feel to it, unlike most other programs. I think because it's 'virtually tangible', as in, you are actually getting something in return for your money, you feel that you are getting more value.

    The movie is great, makes it very easy to promote. Have you seen the new animation? You can send your visitors to the animation and if you include their name in the link, the lady will actually say their name. Makes it very encouraging for the visitor and makes them feel more involved in the overall presentation.

    Good luck!
  15. adecheine

    adecheine New Member

    Hi there, I am 5 days into my trial and will join once the trial period is over. I was looking at starting a WAHM sort of site to promote my primary Business which is Ameriplan. So I stumbled across GDI from another Ameriplan Broker and I thought, this is a no brainer! $10 a month I spend a week at the coffee shop[​IMG] I am advertising just as I do my Primary Business and feel confident in time to build a downline. I know about downlines, half of mine are in the Witness Protection Program [​IMG] Anyway, just thought I would chime in.. I have Frontpage so I may play around today with the site, I used the webbuilder but am not happy with it so far, but it is a start!
  16. mlmsupport_ws

    mlmsupport_ws New Member

    Great comments everyone. GDI has its pros and cons like anything else. I joined because my team uses GDI as a funding source for advertising their primary business.

    I would not have looked for this one on my own. However it fills a need in a niche market and does a very nice job of it. GDI is a useful and quality domain/hosting provider at a reasonable price with a built in income opportunity.

    I use it and recommend it and as long as people don't over (hype) sell its capabilities or its MLM business value it should do well. The Ferrari is (hype) too much in my opinion, but it sure looks nice. I wonder if anyone has earned enough from the $1mo commissions to actually buy one of those fancy red cars.
  17. benchia

    benchia New Member

    For $10 a month, its pretty steep for a personal domain. But frankly, for the amount you put in and the possible returns you can get... I'd say thats a pretty good deal.

    Only problem is driving traffic to your domain. I've tired sending the so called "email invitations" out, they're not really that useful. Didn't get any conversions from that campaign.

    Anyone had luck with their built in "invitations" ?
  18. EyeSize

    EyeSize New Member

    Have been following this program sinds I started clicking emails online (which was a while ago). Didn't really believe there story about that dot ws was the new dot com.

    Don't forget what most of the members here said at first it only works when you are able to build a large active downline. And webhosting can be cheaper the only way to get people to pay this much is to show them why they should buy a ws account. And to be fair I can't really think up any of these reasons.
  19. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    Global Domains International has been around for about 6 years now. I believe that speaks volumes to me. It amazes me to see so many other opportunities that looked promising turn out to be pretty lame in my opinion. Some just fizzle and die, others are rip offs, and I'm sure many are underfunded and the owners give up just before they become profitable.

    You don't have to recruit very many people into GDI to make it a break even deal for you. The low monthly cost can be wiped away in no time. I prefer to teach people how to build depth (powerline building) in their downline first. Since it pays five levels deep it would help you and your partners if you built 5 deep before moving to your next powerline. If you recruit two and each of your downline recruits two then you'll be at $62/mo.

    Yes! I play with calculators... GDI has a free downline calculator that's addictive. I think Vishal will allow that link here:


    There's no referral link embedded that I'm aware of. My apologies if I'm wrong Vishal. P.S. Hi ... been away ... very ill. All better now.

    If you try to promote GDI (Global Domains International) using their banners and little else then you'll probably struggle and give up, but if you learn to master a few methods of traffic generation ie... traffic exchanges, list builders, ezine ads, list mailers, classified ads, blogging, forum signatures, and search engine campaigns like Google's Adwords or Yahoo's Overture you should do really well.

    I found that I didn't even want to try to recruit until I created my own set of squeeze pages to promote with. I've never had luck using other people's affiliate splash pages. They'd click my link, but the program owner got all the leads email addresses and I was stuck with fewer sign ups and NO LIST.

    GDI is difficult to promote all by itself. That's why I've seen (and become of member of) about a half dozen different programs that were designed to promote Global Domains International. I kept testing them out and had little success. I created some squeeze pages and got nearly two hundred in my list in just a matter of weeks. Hopefully many will become members. My newest squeeze pages are ready for full testing, so I better get to work.

    Yes! There is work involved in any online money making home based business opportunity. I'm not afraid of work. I love work. I can sit and watch it all day.

    A Former Supervisor - ya wanna see my supervisor's pose?
    Picture a man with one hand in his pocket and the other holding a cup of coffee...... bingo! That was me.
  20. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Quoting: piggybankerP.S. Hi ... been away ... very ill. All better now.

    Glad to see to back Michael [​IMG]

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