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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by murdhar_rathore, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. murdhar_rathore

    murdhar_rathore New Member

    Hello Friends,
    I am here to know that how to generate traffic ?
  2. Ron Scott Jr |

    Ron Scott Jr | New Member

    Where are you trying to generate traffic towards? Your mlm business, a blog, youtube videos? Be more descriptive...
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  3. murdhar_rathore

    murdhar_rathore New Member

    to my landing page
  4. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Learn about things such as SEO and SMM. Promote your site/landing page on different sites, forums, social media, etc. where it is allowed and when appropriate. Don't spam, but contribute to the topics and try to engage others.
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  5. murdhar_rathore

    murdhar_rathore New Member

    Can you please elaborate.
  6. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

    SMM is Social Media Marketing.

    Both of these are worth learning about. Hope this helps.
  7. Dean Fraser

    Dean Fraser New Member

    It all depends on the type of people you want opt in to your landing page.

    Who is your market? Do you hang out on Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ etc?

    When you know your market and where they are on the internet, then you should know what platform to use to taggert them to go to your landing page.

    If you want to get the best results with traffic to your landing page then paid for advertising will always trump free advertising any day. If your market mostly hangs out on Facebook, then its worth paying for a Facebook ad specifically targeted to the people you want to opt in to your landing page.
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  8. adamp

    adamp New Member

    Traffic is everywhere, you just need to decide which medium to master. YouTube PPC and Facebook are different to say SEO.

    And not all traffic sources will match your landing page. What is your niche?
  9. murdhar_rathore

    murdhar_rathore New Member

    i'm trying to get traffic on my fitness niche.
  10. murdhar_rathore

    murdhar_rathore New Member

    i'm new in this online industry that's why i want some free traffic sources now.
  11. Dean Fraser

    Dean Fraser New Member

    Being new is tough and there is a lot to learn.

    The best free traffic tools to use would be article marketing and forum marketing, but...

    without knowing exactly who your ideal person you want clicking on your landing page is then all you are doing is throwing a handful of darts at a dart board hoping one hits the bulls eye.

    Free traffic is always the slowest way to get traffic and it takes time and consistency but it can be done.

    I see you are getting people to opt-in to do paid for surveys.

    Then I would suggest that you find people who are already doing paid for surveys as they are more likely to opt-in.

    To get these people you will need to know what type of people do online surveys. Are they stay at home mums? etc.

    Then you can get a free wordpress site and write blogs about how easy your survey is to do when you are a stay at home mum and why its better time spent doing your survey than the other options they have available to them.

    Then find forums like this or specific ones for stay at home mums or whoever and just start helping them with questions they have that you have answers to, like I am doing with you.

    They won't sign up to your survey page straight away as you need to build trust and a relationship first but if you have a free blog they will soon learn enough about you and it won't be long till they change from doing the surveys they are already doing to sign up for yours.

    One of the best tools you can have in this industry is knowing how to write copy, it will carry over to any online or offline adventure you do, so I suggest you find some books on amazon and research the great copywriters to help with blogs and such.

    Hope that gave you some answers.
    There are no short cuts or fast ways to get money now when you start, it's a process that takes time and consistency.
  12. Dean Fraser

    Dean Fraser New Member

    Just saw your post above about how you are in the fitness nice.

    I will be brief as I have been in that nice for years.

    The same will apply from what I wrote above.

    But you can go on Facebook and join fitness groups and engage in the discussion. I believe that you can also set up your own opt-in page on Facebook too which makes it a bit easier to drive traffic from Facebook to Facebook but thats something I have never done.
  13. Cesar Villas

    Cesar Villas New Member

    I think facebook members attracts you post a photo or any visual proof
  14. adamp

    adamp New Member

    I'll give you a free tip but you have to go and do it. Now, fitness itself is still quite vague. But what you can do is to go to YouTube and find a short but viral video that your customer avatar would find fun. Download it to your computer and upload it to your fan page.
    Be sure not to put any of your links anywhere and to mention the original source (youtube channel name of the original source).

    Then, you take out a video ad (video views). You will need to really target your audience but aim for 500K to 1.5 K.

    FB will automatically build a custom audience for you of people who viewed the whole video and those who viewed a part of it.

    You now have a list you can market to and direct them to your landing page. be sure your page has a privacy policy, terms and conditions and NO auto play video.
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  15. murdhar_rathore

    murdhar_rathore New Member

    thanks for your suggestion. I'll try now.
  16. Popche

    Popche Member

    Hmm, there are a lot of ways to traffic generation Lets start.
    • SEO
    • Social Media
    • Paid Advertisement
    • Referral
    • Direct
    • etc.
    It all depends on what you choose.
  17. Bobby Digital

    Bobby Digital New Member

    If i were you, i would...

    1. write a one page article/review on whatever fitness product your pitching. Give a little insight on the product and what it can do for the average person looking to lose weight. Submit it to a few article websites for traffic.

    2. Register on some fitness forums. Write good comments, and leave a link so you can generate backlinks to your site.

    3. Another effective way is Look for fitness bloggers willing to post your Paragraph, Ad, or Link for direct targeted traffic. Fiverr is not free, but very cheap. I got hundreds of visitors to my music website for only $5 dollars, so its worth it. Good Luck.
  18. jasmine2005

    jasmine2005 New Member

    Facebook groups is worth it, just search your related niche with fb group n try to join as many as you can
    For twitter just search tweet related to your niche n follow as many as you can so they will follow back, use tweepy to manage your follower, you can see which one is active and not. Succes to your list :)
  19. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I agree that Facebook Groups can be helpful if you keep the posts relevant, interesting, and nonspammy. Contribute to the discussions.
  20. Expert

    Expert Member

    According to my research SEO is the only way to generate organic traffic. All traffic generating tools are useless, although you get the visitors but no sales. So if no sales then this traffic is useless.
    SEO takes time but the traffic you get after proper SEO is 100% organic traffic.
    Hope this helps you.

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