Get Targeted hits to your website using traffic exchange and banner exchange program.

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by sarpras, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. sarpras

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    People who make the most website income are the people who get high traffic to their website. You drive more traffic to your site increase your website income.

    We will describe how to convert untargeted hits receiving from traffic exchange program to targeted hits.

    Quality of hits receiving from traffic exchange program is very low. But using my tips you will able to convert untargeted hits to targeted hits.

    My idea described below step-by-step:

    1.Register best traffic exchange program
    2.Register best three banner exchange program (1:1 exchange program). Banner exchange program provide targeted hits to your website.
    3.Design very attractive banner for your website and upload to banner exchange program.
    4.Add three banner exchange program code to your webpage
    5.Earn credit using traffic exchange program and redeem it to your website. If you get 100hits to your website using traffic exchange program and redeem it to your website. If you get 100 hits your website using traffic exchange program. Each your banner exchange program earns 100credits.
    6.Redeem credits earned by banner exchange program to your website. Your banner displays 300 times on other website. If your banner very attractive your website get high targeted hits. For Example: Your banner receive 20% click, your website get 60 targeted visitor using 100 credits of traffic exchange.

    If you earn more credits your website get more traffic.
  2. sarpras

    sarpras New Member

    Please comments my article
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  4. Dragon

    Dragon New Member

    I tried a couple of Banner exchange programs last year and had very little success, but may give it another try.
  5. dm4gia

    dm4gia New Member

    I have to agree with Dragon.

    I must have joined 50 different traffic exchange sites
    and paid to get traffic but I didn't make any sales.

    I did finally make 1 sale a couple days ago so I'm still
    trying them for now.

    Hope it works for you,
  6. agoodsaid

    agoodsaid New Member

    I always get cross-eyed trying to wrap my brain around using auto-surfs and banner exchanges in sequence like this ...

    What I wonder is this ... how effective are banners any more?

    I was under the impression that in text linking is the highest targeted traffic advertising that can be done these days.


    PS. Everyone see that new pay-per-post advertising thingy for blogs?
  7. jimlp

    jimlp New Member

    Quoting: agoodsaidI always get cross-eyed trying to wrap my brain around using auto-surfs and banner exchanges in sequence like this ...
    I have been using traffic exchanges for quite sometime on and off now, and only in the last two years have i discovered and applied properly how to effectively drive unique and targeted traffic to your site.

    Traffic exchanges do work but banner exchanges have that indivual disadvantage. They do not get noticed to often. But if you were to use banners effectively, I would suggest using banner exchange MLM type programs like "", you are allowing others to work your banners for you just like Traffic exchanges. Also, use them to place on traffic exchange "user surf panels",

    I don't use banners very much these days because they are less effective, but with the few i have set up I use them with only the focus to brand myself, and not neccessarily generate sales or leads.

    As a better alternative to Banners, I use traffic exchanges using my own personal webpage using instantbuzz pop exchange program.

    This creates more traffic for me every time a surfer visits a page whether interested in my site or not.

    I have set up my own course which unveil traffic exchange effectiveness in particular how to use them properly. I use it myself, ofcourse to generate leads, but not sales. Its a great free source if you want to learn more on traffic exchanges.

  8. PNL Travel

    PNL Travel New Member

    I have a question,

    I was looking up info on instantbuzz and it looks as if is not as good as it came across to be. I read that there are pop ups associated with it along with other strange things happening.

    I really have no idea about any of this, just what I have read about it.

    I would like to know more from someone who is using it. How it works, if's it's good to use, etc...

    Please and thank you! [​IMG]
  9. justinack

    justinack New Member

    I use banner go mlm, banner co op ,bpath and two other exchanges generated 1.3 million impression in three months
    Got returned around fifty thousand impressions of that was lucky to get a hit every ten thousand views, I stopped showing their banners and am owned over a million impressions .Emailed them have had no reply You may have better luck with other banner exchanges though, banners go mlm spilts the banner into three so you have a one in tthree chance of someone clicking on your part of the banner.

    for a while had some really nice banners [Link removed - Admin] Heres an example of one scroll down the page to see it I have one left on a directory site. I've removed all banners from my main sites and may take out the advice I give about them from my business guide.

    A few years ago they were really effective but these days.....
  10. justinack

    justinack New Member

    Instant buzz is a waste of time why because the only traffic you get is people clicking through on your ad so theirs get shown more.

    People who rely on free advertising have a very low chance of actually purchasing anything. Hence the term tire kickers and instant buzz is full of them,

    Plus I heard Mike Filisame had taken over it after it got shut down because of spam complaints a while back, So if you belong to instant buzz be prepared to get emails about his ten thousand other projects which from the average online marketer will return you the same as instant buzz a big fat zero or better yet for him some extra sales.

    I hada look at it for a few days decided it was a waste of time even though i got over a dozen people to join easy from writing an article on traffic tips

    We nick named instant buzz, instant waste of bandwidth very similar to traffic exchanges but at least with some traffic exchanges you get people who are actually prepared to spend money to make money. Eg upgraded members

    Best advertising get listed on page one in the serps on the main search engines if you can 't do that learn how to use ppc.

    Submit broadcasts to ezines, write articles and release bulletins news broadcasts to rss feed./ some classifieds

    Put an ad in your local paper, get a bumper sticker for your car unless its a rust bucket.

    And exchange links with high trafic sites with related content.

    Me I got great serps so I guess im lucky I don't have to buy traffic but I guess if I had to I would.

    Number one and two on msn for work from home etc etc etc
    Click that link and numebr one and two are both my sites

    Type in safelists on yahoo and you'll see my site page one
    same with safelists

    Google- earn online business -number one

    Have around 600 serps Im page one when I get some time I'll post some good traffic tips in here that work if the admin okays it

    I hate seeing people waste their time and money on things that don't work.
  11. Benjamin Scott

    Benjamin Scott New Member

    Believe me traffic exchanges are very effective.
    Make sure that you use them to build your list
    and follow up with your subscribers. If you use
    them to promote an affiliate page then you are
    wasting your time because the person viewing your
    page does not have time for it. They are trying
    to promote their own page.

    Create a small catchy page that offers a gift like
    a free ebook or report in exchange for an email address.

    I use traffic exchanges everyday. They work great if you
    use them as I mentioned above. If you are not going to
    use them to collect email addresses make sure that the
    page that you are promoting is a short splash page with
    not more than one sentence in it that catches the attention
    of the surfer.

    I do this every day and I have about 1,000 members in my
    membership site that is only three months old with a nice
    amount of upgraded members. I expect to have a couple of
    thousand members by the time my site reaches 12 months.
  12. kfree2006

    kfree2006 New Member

    Remember your product has to have some
    kind of value that can help that individual
    remember these people are trying to get
    more traffic and sign up to their site like
    someone said a landing page would be good
    and that you have something that will be
    of great value to that prospects.
  13. 5lists

    5lists New Member

    i never use blog, and i did try to buil website last year, I have no sale at all,

    then i did stop it, and start again last 2 month ago ,
    i did pay many PPC as ebook theach me, doesn;t work.

    i did apply for the link exchanged, does't work,
    but i never try for danner yet, cause i don't know how to make it.

    Just last few weeks , i did try to sent leadmail by my own bluk mail solfware , to 10 or 20000 mail every night. I have my customer 3 in 1 day, i know it less for you , but for it a good sign, i know it hit,

    and my adsense it's better than before, now i start saleing my spot on my page, i have 2 customer mail me back , so i think lead mail is the best, if you have the real lead,

    also i have the lead mail up to 400000 from who signup my produst from last year, which i pay for the program, if some once interest, you can do it, or let me know, how ever you can put you ad on my page just $2 per month cheap , this is not for profit as you know, or you can buy the buck solfware ,
    this is my website just simple, cause i did my self,
    please comment if my way is ok

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