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Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by Paulette, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Paulette

    Paulette New Member

    I wanted to let you know how this experience went for my daughter. I hope I can remember what she told me about their trip. I was waiting for a testimonie from her but, she has been without a computer for a bit.

    As some of you know I had asked about the Disney World Vacation and how it should work. My daughter did submit it in time, and Rusty from Funtime did contact her. Rusty worked with her as her husband was coming for a leave from Iraq and wanted to take his family their to have some fun.
    They were given an extra day and night to go through the time share presentation. They also attended another time share and made $100.00. This paid for their room, and they were ok sitting in on another presentation.

    They were told that the resort was fairly new. But, the area they got a room was not so fairly new. All in all she wasn't to happy but, as she said it was better then the place last year. This hotel resort was about a mile away, and had to drive to the park. So, it wasn't walking distance as mentioned. I will clarify this last part just to make sure that is what was told to her.

    They did save money, and will find out the savings. I hate doing it in my head [​IMG]. But, just going by memory they first paid I think $49 per person, and then they paid taxes which was less then $12 a day. For sitting in on a presentation for this resort, and they wished they stayed in one of those rooms. All in all they had fun. That was the most important part for them. I don't think my son in law really cared where they stayed as long as the had fun and enjoyed themselves.

    This was my first experience with family using part of my package. I am now planning a Condo stay for 11 adults at Tybee Island, GA. This is an online support group for MS who get together each year. I can't wait to be able to experience this process myself.
  2. rhondap

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    Thanks for sharing Paulette.
  3. ateamfuntimer

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    Thanks Paulette. Im glad the trip worked out for your family. Please get back to us with the final cost as well as giving us the total length of their stay. I ask as I have close 200 FTV vouchers collecting dust in my office. Ive been weary of using them as I had some concerns about FTV. Id love to hear more about the trip and if you have it the actual resort name they stayed in. You can email me directly or call me if you like with the info as well.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    Adam Frederick
    Platinum Coastal Director
    302 476 2753
  4. Paulette

    Paulette New Member

    Hi Adam,

    I spoke with my daughter, and she paid $98.00 for 5 days and 4 nights. This was for 2 adults and 2 children ages 4 and 1. The taxes she paid were $23. This also included 2 tickets for Disney World.

    They stayed at the Radison Main Gate. It was a mile away from the park but, a bit further to get to the gate itself. So walking with 2 small kids was not an option for them. Would be a bit more then a mile to walk it.
    She was told this was a brand new 5 star resort. It was about 10 yrs old getting renovated. They did have a brand new tower being built for time shares.
    To get her 2 tickets to Disney World she did have to attend a presentation. Which they did.

    I also learned that they had been in a gift shop and approached to attend another time share at another resort hotel. For doing this presentation they recieved $100.00

    I hope this help.
  5. goldmills

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    So is it safe to say we have been lying to people telling them Florida trip with 2 Disney ticket included if they must take a timeshare?

    If so, some heads are gonna roll....

    People need to know these expectations upfront.

    Even tho the price is right, that's about 4 hours spent in timeshare presentations. Which is not supposed to happen.
  6. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Thanks for the prompt reply and for sharing the info. This is why this is an amazing forum. I hope they took pictures for you to put in your testimony scrapbook. If they had a video camera be sure to get the video as well. If you need any thoughts on putting together a good video of the pictures just let me know.

    Im glad you told us about the timeshare presentation for the tickets as well. After having consulted with my product specialist ( my wife) she informed me that at one time FTV had a program where you just got the tickets but they had changed it and we werent sure if they had changed back to the original deal ( there was some talk at FTV about that if I remember correctly).

    But anywho im glad they enjoyed the vacation. To be honest I always expect the resort to be a 3 star location as we are getting them at such great rates. There are programs ( I know of at least one opt where all they specialize in is 5 star) that have the higher end properties but if you let the client know upfront you usually dont have issues. I learned in sales a while back under promise and over deliver.

    Thanks again for the details. Happy holidays to you and your family.

    Adam Frederick
    Coastal Level 3 Director
    Founder of the A-Team CV Apprentice Program
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  7. Paulette

    Paulette New Member

    Jeff, you know when I first posted this in OCT. when my daughter was going through the process I also understood we didn't have to go through the time share unless we wanted to. But, she agreed to do so to get that price because she was told there weren't any other openings. ( I will need to go back to that post to make sure that is what was said.)

    Rusty gave my daughter an extra day because they did agree to sit in on the time share presentation. They weren't handed the tickets for Disney World until after they did the presentation.

    I agree we do have to learn our packages. The ends and outs and how we can work around them. This is a learning process for sure.

    I am not sure if anyone else has had a better experience with the Disney World Vacation. Would be interesting to know how it went for others.
  8. Bill D

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    Who told the guests that this was a brand new 5 star resort? We all know that we are getting the 3 star accomodations and upgrades are available. To tell a guest they are getting a 5 star accomodation is not only deceptive but an outrite LIE. This is not the type of company Coastal needs to to business with and your sharing this information will help other members STAY AWAY from this particular vendor. Coastal has many to choose from.


  9. rhondap

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    Well this was one of the trips I gave away at the raffle Sunday. I'll see how it goes with the people that won it. I am going to send in to activate it and have it mailed to me first.
  10. Paulette

    Paulette New Member

    Bill I sent you a PM, and Rhonda let us know how it went for them ok?
  11. Bill D

    Bill D New Member


    Thanks for the PM.

  12. Paulette

    Paulette New Member

    First, I want to thank all those who responded, and this I am sure is a learning experience. For me, is there another vendor that we can use for the Disney World Vacations, for the next time if we find this to be an on going problem.

    Rhonda, I would make sure that the person who won this raffle gets their request in way before 60 days. I know my daughter did it in the 30 day request as stated. If they are able to do this I am just curious to find out their experience.

    Bill, as stated above she worked with Bill with Fun Time travel.
  13. mikepressnell

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    What is FTV?
  14. westfam11

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  15. mikepressnell

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    Thanks Becky,

    I just couldn't figure that one out.


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