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  1. Having researched thousands of home based online businesses over the years, always focusing on value, saving money and no selling, I have found very few worth my time, until now.

    A new trend seems to be taking hold in the direct marketing and even the MLM industry, Pay It Forward. Give to Receive, nice concept if you can afford it, and I should know for I use to promote with free samples in my traditional business years ago.

    If you could get into a home based business for FREE, and then be able to start your business for FREE, no investment, no purchase required, no autoship, would it be of interest to you?

    In a recession as severe as this, what are most people looking for? Value, saving money, earning an extra income, and what isn't anyone looking for? To invest, to spend more than they have to, to make additional purchases on items they don't really need or want.

    Does any of the above sound familiar? Imagine if you simply share a FREE 8 Meal Item Package to evaluate and sample. Would that be easy for most to do? Of course, everyone responds to FREE, and this truly is FREE, no commitment to make any other purchases, just sample our organic hormone free and gluten free prepared meals and see just how nutritious and delicious and high quality they are, simple, and FREE, and watch everyone else do the same thing.

    If you want to become a cooperative distributor, how does $8.00 sound for replicated personal website, $4.00 while in pre-launch. No autoship required, every obstacle which was known to the industry was removed to make this the easiest no cost home business ever. If nothing else, you have eight meals for FREE, end of story, so having researched them all, this is where the future is in my opinion, Pay It Forward, Give To Receive.

    Any opinions or input on what else bugs you about any of the home based businesses you have been involved with in the past? We are still molding the model as we are in beta launch stage, so any input would be appreciated. Always looking for input from the masses for this is a company which listens to its members, and I think this is the most refreshing of concepts I have seen.

    Wealth Without Health is Worthless,
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    So were you looking to discuss all the opportunities out there offering free samples in general? Or were you looking to discuss an opportunity you started?... and if so, can you supply a generic link for people, or even include the name of the company in your title?

    I've seen a few companies offer free samples. It does get a lot of attention because people like free, but it can also mean a company spending a lot of money giving out samples to people who only want.... well, free samples... and nothing more.

    I've also seen an increase in 'guaranteed income' claims and teams that you pay a co-op fee to, and they 'build your downline for you'.

    With SO many opportunities popping up every day, everyone is trying something different to stand out. It kinda makes you wonder if there will be a 'breaking point' sort of speak, at some point.
  3. Good question,

    I have identified five to date, so it was an in general question as to if there were any others I have missed. The ones I have found are Real Time Pain Relief pain cream and both prepared meals, and a wrinkle cream and which is a discount prescription card. One other offers free life benefit and health plan, but this one doesn't offer an income opportunity, but the value is six figures.

    Any others I missed? I have had great success using free samples and offers as an incentive for my other businesses, so no doubt, FREE works like nothing else, but now giving away free sample is creating customers, and in most cases, distributors, so I see this as the wave of the future in MLMland, but the products have to be high quality and at low discount prices to sustain themselves, and only three meet this criteria as I see it to date. FREE is perfect for non profit fundraisers which is what I concentrate on.
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    FREEBUSINESSES: FREE works like nothing else, but now giving away free sample is creating customers, and in most cases, distributors, so I see this as the wave of the future in MLMland, but the products have to be high quality and at low discount prices to sustain themselves,
    Important point right there.
    People are more than glad to take whatever you're giving away for free no problem, but if it's not something they really enjoy, or if it's not within their budget, you'll never hear from them again.

    So what's better than free? Free choices.
    FreeFood2Go may be offering a free meal sample package, but it appears to be a pre-determined meal. What about the people that can't have dairy? Free meals that contain milk and a creamy cheese broccoli soup could end up driving people away before they even had the chance to know just how good that food might really be.

    If the company wants input, then remind them how much each persons taste can vary. Not everyone will see it worthwhile to pay shipping for samples of something they already know they won't like... or can't even digest. But it's a different story when you can pick a favorite between 2 or 3 sample packages, because then you anticipate which to choose and start to get excited about it... you're already becoming involved and drawn in.
  5. Thanks,

    Good points, and with dozens of choices, this is just the first offering given these are the most popular items ordered over the past 20 years of proven success. As to shipping, as you will notice, it is actual cost, not over inflated like so many other companies hit you with, this is a true cost of shipping, a first for free offers in my research. As example, the competition, Efoods charges $9.95 for only six meal items and we know first hand that is packed by about 50% over actual cost of shipping, typical with free offers we have researched.

    As to the milk, granted, there are people who are lactose intolerant as example, but this is a totally homone free free range grass fed organic milk product, and not pasturized or homongenized which kills all the best nutritional value, so with more poeple discovering how bad store milk is for us, this is one of the hottest items offered.

    The creamy broccoli soup is one of my favorites, but like you say, everyone is different when it comes to tastes, so we will have several packages available to appeal to all tastes, this is pre-pre-launch testing stage, so thanks for your input, I will present it to board next meeting. This was already being discussed, so public input is important. Individual items can be purchased at launch.

    Success to all,
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    I really like what FF2G is doing,
    I think their approach is awesome,
    the price point is low,
    the quality from what I hear is very impressive,
    and delicous and healthy,
    and the compensation plan is very fun, easy,
    attainable and fair.

    Keep in mind we are in a leaders prelaunch,
    and that I am sure the site and other features
    are going to be upgraded and enhanced on many levels.

    Also, FF2G is very focused on sharing quality information
    on various related topics.

    Every company is unique, just like people.

    I think this will truly build like a coop...


    Make it a great week everyone.
    Many Blessing could transpire this week,
    if you are open to it.
  7. Interesting,

    With the disaster in Japan, empty grocery store shelves, and no way to get food to these hundreds of thousands impacted by this disaster, you have to ask yourself, are your prepared?

    We do not have to spend hundreds, or thousands to be prepared, we can do it at no cost with a little passive effort educating others of the importance of being prepared. If you share concept, and give away free samples, you can easily earn enough to start your own families FREE-FOOD-BANK.

    Success to all,

    No doubt about it, the more the economy sinks, the more people are researching how to save money, not waste it. We are in a new era of frugality, and FREE attracts more attention than ever before when it comes to promoting your businesses.

    I have always beleived in the concept of Pay It Forward, Care To Share and Give To Receive, and now more than ever, this strategy works like gold. If you want to survive in this severe recession, you will want to offer your prospects an incentive to purchase whatever you are selling.

    Donating to your favorite charity is another very effective way to increase your business exposure locally, as well as online. I have been offering FREE RX PLANS for years, and as the cost of prescriptions have gone up, this incentive has been a huge driver of new business and reciprocal referrals. Again, you have to Give To Receive in this down economy.

    Success to all,

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