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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by edvent, May 7, 2014.

  1. edvent

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    Hi there, I just entered this MLM called Global Jeunesse. Here's their website link
    They are selling health and skin care product with great result (which i have been using) and their products are only from $60~$300.
    I'm having problem with convincing others to get this products just because they are MLM.

    PS : their registration fee are only $29.90.
  2. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Instead of begging people to join you, I would take your business and market it online.

    That way, people who are looking for a home based business will join you from your ads rather then you begging them to join you.
  3. edvent

    edvent New Member

    Hi there

    Thanks for your advice. If I may ask, how do I market this MLM online? Is it by facebook or websites?
  4. bnelson125

    bnelson125 New Member

    Think i might come back to check on that reply! Im just learning myself. I think my family is getting tired of me! lol
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  5. Just Me

    Just Me New Member

    edvent... guess you got the company name wrong... Its Jeunesse Global... Not Global Jeunesse...
    How long have you been in this business... ?
  6. Just Me

    Just Me New Member

    edvent... In order for you to be successful with Jeunesse.. You cannot push the products directly to people.. I am also doing Jeunesse... So For you to market it... don't have the mindset of Selling... cos we are not Salesman... And we don't knock doors to doors... How I did my Jeunesse business is simple... Just Approach people... and true enough... and sad.. that in reality.. those warm markets of your friends and family... majority will splash cold water on you... they will discourage you.. but don't let them pull you down.. People around the world are skeptical about MLM / Direct Selling... Cos those long standing brands here you know who... the A, H, C, N, you know them... Had literally scare people about MLM / Direct selling...

    Most importantly is yourself.. Always believe in yourself and most importantly the Products... You must use the products in order to believe in them... Don't place negative thoughts into your mind that you are trying to tell people about the products, and they just run away... the more you think it this way, the more you will get these people around you.

    Be Positive.. and Believe... Attend all the STPs and attend all the events of Jeunesse.. Have you registered yourself in Webinar / OPP calls from US? It's truly informative and that's how you learn.

    "I'm having problem with convincing others to get this products just because they are MLM" ~ Wrong negative thoughts... Don't think it that way... Always think.. It works, I can make it... always visualise the end positive results, and you will get there....

    Jeunesse business is not a struggle... It's a great business when you get excited and enjoy doing the business.. That's how you grow in the business.. Negativity will not get you anywhere... Positive attitude will.

    The trick about this business.. You just have to share other people's testimonials... Tell the people how good the product benefit is... by not revealing too much information... Go for Kim Hui's video presentation.. and her Basic Leadership training part 1 to 4. You will learn alot from Kim Hui how you Pique interest of your prospects.

    The moment you tell them it's Jeunesse.. They will start their own research, go to website check about it... and the more they see.. they start to jump into conclusions about the business.. Actually this Jeunesse business is all about Sharing and Sharing, and inviting people to plug into the events... Not Selling or promoting...
    If you are doing this same thing all day.. means you are not following Jeunesse System

    Just plug in the people into the events... Share as much testimonials as you can....

    I wish you all the success in Jeunesse... And I hope to see you in Macau!!!!

    Take Care... With my warmest regards, Claire

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