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  1. BigmoneyPRO

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    Anyone here of Global Resorts Network this business
    pays you $500 to $1000 per sale on every sale that
    your website completes for you.Plus you get to travel
    to nothing but luxury timeshares,condos,4&5 star hotels,
    cruises,and much more.

    CSGWAHM New Member

    For discounts on luxury travel such as cruises,hotels, etc. check out my signature. It's much cheaper to get started than GRN and you get the residual, plus plenty more ways to earn an income. It's nice.
  3. GWS

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    This business is going to annihilate the competition.

    For 20 years the memberships GRN is offering have been sold for thousands more than what we now have exclusive rights to sell them for, long before there was a business opportunity attached to it. This means that this is a career opportunity; not just a fly by night 1-2 year "gig".

    Find a rep who will show you the back office were you actually book your accommodations then you will clearly see why.

    Global Resorts Network is also the first & only company I have ever seen were there truly is a product in place that is in demand & of real value unlike the majority of the 2 & 3 step money games with products that have no value. Meaning you can actually go out & sell this product / membership aside from the opportunity.

    Kevin Thomasson
    GWS Marketing: 760.466.7356
  4. BigmoneyPRO

    BigmoneyPRO Guest

    I agree This business is going to annihilate the competition!!

    The company has been around for 20 years, and just in December 2006 they began a network marketing program to sell memberships. It's just a couple of Weeks old. Memberships in the past would cost $10,000 or more, and now that they are going to network market the memberships, they've reduced the price significantly to less than half the previous membership. When put into perspective, a stay at a normal hotel in Jamaica is going to cost you over $100 per day. Stay for 8 days and 7 nights and you're paying more than $700 for a NORMAL hotel room. For the same $700 or less, you could be staying in a 3 bedroom condo at the most luxurious resort on the island.

    Kevin Johnson 1-717-910-4940
  5. hottravelbiz

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    I want to elaborate a few reasons why our income explodes with only a few sales, and also a few reasons why this opportunity is so different from any other.

    Some things about Perpetual Leverage, that seem like simple differences, actually have powerful influences on people, their behavior, attitudes, marketing energy and effectiveness.

    First, is the fact that two people get paid EQUAL commissions on every sale; along with the fact that they are creating a new pay line that will roll up large commissions from infinite depth. All other pay plans are lopsided one way or the other, with someone getting little or nothing, and the other getting the lion's share. Regardless of how close the relationship; lopsided pay plans cause resentment, division, and dull motivation.

    Also; all other pay plans focus on powerful money up front, or residual down the or the other, but never both. Perpetual leverage gives great up front money; and immediate large residual income as well.

    When you come in; you put a few people on your own level one. You are then very motivated to help those build their level one, (your level two), because for every person you help them bring in; you gain a $1,000 up front commission, and another pay line to unlimited depth. Remember, they also earn $1,000 from that sale, and gain a person on their level one that will begin building pay lines for them to unlimited depth. All this creates an energy and enthusiasm, along with a sense of community and cooperation, that causes your pay lines to literally run away down line from you, as the mutual motivation and compensation creates a momentum that will refuse to slow down or stop. The money accelerates and comes fast and furious, and you are unable to stop it...even if you wanted to.

    What's more; there are other factors built in that will cause your income to grow exponentially, even with only one or two sales. Consider the power of the average marketer, or even a total beginner, having a powerful income testimony with only a few sales. This makes it VERY easy for them to make a few more sales, and a few more, and then many subsequent sales, and immediately having a success story that their down line can build on to target their own success....and so on.

    Let me explain. Every sale stays in your group, and each of their subsequent sales, build new pay lines to unlimited depth. Even the qualifier position will build pay lines onto your level two, that will continue to pay you huge residual commissions.

    For these examples I will assume all sales are Platinum sales. Lets say you have ten on level one. If each level one person gets five; you have fifty pay lines from unlimited depth. All that is required for you to continue to get residual commissions; is for a person on your pay line to make one sale, then that person makes one, and that person makes one, etc. And you will continue to be paid your $1,000 commissions from unlimited depth. If the pay lines average only one sale per line per month; you would be earning close to $50,000 per month.

    Now here is one reason that your income will accelerate, whether you continue recruiting or not. Assuming ten on level one, means there will be nine that you will be paid on every sale they ever make. (This is in addition to your pay lines, and is probably only about thirty percent of the power of the plan.) What will happen regardless of whether you have twenty pay lines on level two, or fifty; is that there will be nine, (just like level one), where you will get $1,000 commissions on every sale they make. This continues on every level going down. Upon reaching level ten; you would have ninety personals that you benefit $1,000 commissions on every sale they make. Do the math...averaging one sale per person per month, is $90,000 extra per month. And this pattern continues to unlimited depth.

    With twenty on level one, there is nineteen on every level...190 by level ten, 1900 by level one hundred..and so one. So you see how the income accelerates upward, even with a few dead spots. Please remember that they are VERY motivated to make these sales; since they are building their own groups, as well as earning $1,000 commissions on their sales, which also pay YOU $1,000 commissions.

    Consider the beginner again, who only gets three...;lets say...and lets assume they each get two. The sponsor has already made $8,000. Now assume the six pay lines average one sale each per month, giving a $5,000 per month income....with only three personal sales!! Remember; three on level one...minus one, means two on each level that are the same as personal sales. By level ten; there are twenty.....and you only originally sponsored three!! If these twenty people only average one sale each...every two months; there is an extra $10,000 per month...on top of what the six pay lines are generating.

    Again, when a person experiences this exponential income growth with only three recruits; some great things happen. They get very excited...and very motivated! They also become very good sales people because they have a great story to tell about their own success. They easily make more sales then, and the people they bring in easily make sales based on the sponsors success story. And, again, explosive income growth occurs!!!

    There are other positive aspects of the comp plan not covered here; like the bonus programs soon rolling out...phase one in March, and phase two in June. We can cover that when the time comes. This should be enough information to get you in. If you are already in; this should help you get very motivated...

    [Link removed - Admin]
  6. Maureen

    Maureen New Member

    I joined Global Resorts Network not just because of the excellent compensation plan. There are other businesses that have that...

    The product is different... and is being sold offline in seminars by the core company still. There are new resorts being built all the time by developers, & our company can buy some of these to grow inventory if needed in the future. (have financial wherewithall)

    Not that they need to. 5000 luxury resorts in 55 countries should be plenty for everyone no? I mean you have ski/golf/beach resorts... and they take orders for "special" adventure vacation resorts... ie if you want a resort that is not listed, ask customer service and they will try to get it for you. They are very big into pleasing the customer.. after all they have been in business 20 years or so already.

    Who would NOT want to stay at a 5 star luxury resort for these low prices ($298 for short stays of up to 3 days.... to $699 for the top resorts for the week). Nothing compares to these prices... not ytb (your travel biz).. which to my knowledge is for last minute travel deals mainly, and not really promoting resorts, but rather hotels etc
    We are competitive (better actually by far.. see my website comparison pricing) than Expedia, Priceline etc for same resorts

    Add to this that they also offer deals on cruises...

    And to top it off... you can give away 3 membership-price-deals a year to anyone you choose.. so they get to take a vacation at these prices too.... thats a great wedding gift, great for a family get-together. Nowhere else could you have whole families together at the same 5 star resort for such low prices for a full week!
    (double rooms can accomodate up to 8 people)

    Personally I think its absolutely necessary to have a good product...
    because in the end, most businesses depend on their customers.. I mean most members are really customers in disguise no? Even in mlm businesses most people are NOT salespeople, but if the membership is good, and there are tons of customers.. in this business at least it doesnt matter.

    You make the same commission if they are a member or customer, package prices are the same. Even though the price seems a bit high to some ($2000 for 5 year, $3000 for lifetime membership).. if you look on the net for travel memberships, you'll come across one that costs $250,000 minimum. They do offer a bit more personal service at the resorts.. a personal assistant kinf of thing for your every need.. still this is a rich mans membership. Here you have a travel membership (and business) that anyone can appreciate.
    With financing offered by many members, the price is not an excuse either.

    Go to to view the resorts
    Just email for the id and logon to
    and I'll give it to you.

    I'm not a salesperson, I'm a nurse, but I think this is a good business to get into if you want a good product you can use, and if you want to make worthwhile money for your efforts promoting it to others who will benefit also.

    Maureen Corkery
    Independent Rep for Global Resorts Network
    Tel: 718 779-2024
  7. increaseincome

    increaseincome New Member

    I was a successful real estate agent for nearly a decade when my husband got transferred out-of-state due to 9/11. Needless to say, I didn't want the 24/7 job of rebuilding my client base, so I looked for something to do from home.

    I love the great compensation plan we have along with a great, anywhere, anytime at luxury timeshares without the expenses that go along with owning a timeshare. It's a fun product!!!

    Peggy Fields
  8. swcmarketing

    swcmarketing New Member

    I'm looking at my maintenance dues for two time shares I own. One for W**ldM*rk = $689/year and another Univ*rs*lVaca*ionCl*b = $549.39/year

    Ouch! I wish I found Global Resorts Network sooner.

    I look forward to making some nice commissions too with GRN[​IMG]!!!

    To Everyone's Success,

  9. grnworks

    grnworks New Member

    I have decided to do this business also. I have seen the value in the product with the resort offerings, and the price to stay per week. The fact you can vacation as many times as you would like was the deal sealer for me. I just had an aunt that paid 10k for a one week a year timeshare. It made me cringe hearing it. Plus she has to pay 500 a year in fees. She could have joined GRN for the 2995 and been able to pay say 500-600 to stay. This is an opportunity where the product is actually very well represented. This is not your typical 2-up program where you market some overhyped garbage product that cost nothing to produce. This pay plan is also in favor of the newbie. The newbie has NO SHOT in the 2 up programs. Here since the product is of legit value the newbie has a shot. Plus if you just want some great deals on vacations you get it here. There are 10 or so examples I have seen throuh my own due diligence where you are saving in excess of $1000 per trip if you used orbitz or expedia. I could probably come up with more. The bottom line is this. This business has a very good compensation plan, a product that is ACTUALLY USEABLE, and is backed by a 21 year old company. Those are all positives. I know this industry well and am very excited about the upcoming year. If you have questions feel free to contact me, or if you need help.

  10. bigmoneyPRO

    bigmoneyPRO Guest

    Hello i joined global resorts network like a month ago and have been doing advertising on forums and free classified and all i can
    say is wow.I already made $3,000 this week and i am starting some
    other advertising today.Anyone join this company? how are you doing with it? what are you doing to promote it?
  11. PT Dude

    PT Dude New Member

    Hi This is the kind of business i am possibly looking to get into. I would like one of you guys to contact me so i can get a bit more info. My main concern is ok i buy it and take some great vacations thats great

    Definitely worth the price if thats all i ever did BUT i do want to make money. So i am looking for a mentor that is not pushy but will also help me to make an informed decision and will help me with ways to market the product.
  12. besttrvlpkg

    besttrvlpkg New Member

    Hmmm lots of hype going on around here. NOT many people will pay $3,000 to a company that is still "launching".

    Yes they do offer good bargains on travel but so do many more companies so please when considering joining any company do your due diligence BEFORE you invest a large sum of money!

    I am not a great fan of hype I personally, as a travel agent, see many good deals out there in travel. I chose to join a travel host agency with very good discounts on vacations plus I sell a travel pkg membership to some clients that just costs them $1295 for $15,000 worth of travel.
  13. PT Dude

    PT Dude New Member


    I looked at your site(nice site btw) but i didnt see any mention of what type of trips i would take and how much the cost/savings were. As for myself I have a 2 year old son so im more intrested in the nice beach condos, Disney World, Skiing chalets etc..etc.. When he gets a bit older i would love to take him to Italy, Greece, Germany and other countries but atm im looking for the more common vacation destinations.

    Could you PM me some more details about specific types of travel and the cost of stay? That is one thing i like about Global there main website lays it out pretty well.

    Thanks for your time
  14. Bucky

    Bucky New Member

    Quoting: besttrvlpkgHmmm lots of hype going on around here. NOT many people will pay $3,000 to a company that is still "launching".
    I agree that it is risky to invest $3000 in a program that is just launching, but the potential for this program is phenominal. So I encourage others to do as I did and generate profit from a smaller program to put into this one. That way your risk is minimal. But I wanted in, so I found a way to raise money through some other programs to get into this one.

    I would recommend that everyone considering this, get in now and secure your position. Figure out how you can get this money together.

    Be creative and be resourceful to get into this. It's corny but where there's a will there's a way definitely holds true in this business.
  15. bigmoneyPRO

    bigmoneyPRO Guest

    Risking $3000 is not a big amount compared to a regular
    business for $50,000 to $100,000.The business is in a
    exploding industry and everyone loves to travel.I joined
    a month ago only using the forums and i alreday made
    $4,000.Just check out the timeshare industry prices and
    see how much you will save and make with this business.
    I got people signing up left and right and asking questions

    Kevin Johnson
  16. abfav

    abfav New Member

    Is there any way to get started for less than $3000...or even $2000? Thanks
  17. Bucky

    Bucky New Member

    You can join for free...the launch is starting on March 1st and that may change.

    You can also get in for $1000 but you miss out on the $1000 comissions when you do that. Either way, I recommend getting in at whatever level you feel comfortable and then holding on for the sweet ride!

    So if you are looking to get in for free, I would do it ASAP.
  18. PT Dude

    PT Dude New Member

    Ok other post got deleted and i was directed here to the official GRN post i guess. Anyways how is this business going i havnt heard from anyone much since the launch. Reason im asking is because i have heard rumors that the launch didnt go so well etc..etc.. probably from people who are pushing a different company.

    So i figured why not ask people involved in Global. How is the support? are they paying on time? Are they providing you with good back office marketing tools or are you guys doing it mostly on your own knowledge? Any info would be great as i am looking into GRN as well as Coastal and a couple of other travel businesses.
  19. msmilletics

    msmilletics New Member

    Global Resorts Network has launched and is in full swing.
    The main corporate sites are absolutely gorgeous and affiliates get both a 'membership only', and a 'biz opp' site. Both do an extremely effective job of presenting the benefits of a GRN memebership, and the unique opportunity available with the perpetual leverage pay plan.

    The is opportunity offers the benefits of the larger direct sales commissions, and the leverage of earning matching commissions of affiliates you refer.

    We have the advantage of working as the marketing arm of a company who's product has been sold for 19 years for $10,000. It is still sold for this amount worldwide.

    If you have experience in network marketing, you will appreciate the resources available, the professionalism of the conference calls, and the happiness of your customers!

    If you do not have experience, you have the advantage of working with a top notch company with a product that is easy to explain and has universal appeal.
    There is no 'niche' with travel. Everyone wants it- period. We offer the ability to travel in 5 star style at 2 star prices. We are in the right place, for a LONG TIME.
  20. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    It's a no brainer joining GRN!
    Their rates for Condo's in beautiful luxury resorts is fantastic, you have customer support to answer ques and assist you.
    Better than joining a host agency and being a travel agent for what you can offer a client.

    You can join as an affiliate and have the $100 taken out of your commission.

    And look at the payplan!!

    I just purchased a great marketing tool to market and promote GRN.


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