gm crops damaging live and kidneys. Monsanto again.

Discussion in 'Health' started by weebitty, Mar 17, 2010.

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    I subscribe to this newsletter and get it everyday. I usually post stuff that I think might interest people. I hope it helps people to realize what the food industry, chemical company etc are doing to us. [​IMG]

    Also other websites that I go to sometimes you have to put in my e-mail address to access unless you want to subscribe yourself.

    I will warn you though it will fill up your in box quickly. So if you don't want to do that I will give you my e-mail address should you need it. Just pm me thanks
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    Hi Weebitty!

    I think what most people do not know is that GM crops now cover over 1,000,000 acres already.

    Mostly corn crops... but of course Monsanto is trying to take over the worlds food supply, in the name of greed of course, by telling benefits of GM food.

    I also subcribe to a few health newsletters "Alliance for Natural Health" and "Responsible Technology" ... and I think one or 2 others...

    Here's a good list to a Non-GMO Shopping Guide

    It's amazing they don't even know, understand, or care that they are in fact killing themselves, their loved ones and their family by what they are doing.

    It sickens me!!
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    Dan thanks for the website I have saved it so I can send it to others. It is a crime. The government has allowed them to patent food seeds and nobody is suppose to have that power. I think someone told me it is in the constitution or something like that so how did this happen????[​IMG] (Monsanto)

    I think it is coming to light though how bad they are and people are filing suit against them. So maybe we can reverse it or drive them out of business!! I hope so.
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    Ah, this is so sad. In our country, more than 90% of the farmers are poor. With erratic changes in the climate now, their source of income is also swaying. Not to mention that they are deep down in debt just to keep the farm breathing.

    And now we have this GM issues and additional fees for using Monsanto's products. I once attended a seminar that is anti-GMO but when it comes to earning profits- GM always wins. So what do our farmers do? Stay on the conventional seeds to look over our health or go for GM to have more harvest and earn for their family?
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    I know what you are saying. It is my understanding in the united states that farmers are being paid to plow under food crops for corn for the biofuel we have adopted. That is the biggest farce. It ruins engines. And now they want to increase the ratio from 10% to 15%. Oregon doesn't have anymore real gas so we go to california to get it because lawn mowers, and stuff won't run on it. The mechanics are happy however because it has increased their business!! [​IMG]
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    If you get the chance, there is a book called "Food, Inc.", which provides an overview of the food production problems in the United States. If you have Netflix, you can watch the movie on instant viewing.

    There was one part of the movie I found particularely funny. It showed a meat packing plant which used a specific technique to prevent the growth of the ecoli bacteria in ground beef. While killing bacteria is a good thing, the problem was that the meat packing plant was killing the bacteria with amonia, which means that instead of ecoli, you would find traces of amonia in the meat! [​IMG]

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