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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by DCollier, May 23, 2011.

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    Yeah. It's been blowing up the web since it launched last week.

    It's a software that builds review sites for Clickbank products. The reviews are preloaded in the software.

    I've reviewed this on my site but unlike the pages and pages of positive "reviews" you'll find on Google offering bonuses, I gave this a negative rating.

    For one, this is aimed at newbies and it won't make anyone any money because everyone gets the same reviews to post. Google doesn't like duplicate content so none of the sites are going to rank well enough to get any traffic. No traffic means no money.

    Aside from that support is pretty much non existent and the software is harder to install than if you were to install Wordpress on your hosting.

    They also leave out the fundamentals that would probably allow you to make some money with the software. There is nothing about SEO, nothing about getting traffic and the training on using the software is just 5 videos that only touch on installing the software and using it.

    There is absolutely no value in owning this product in my opinion.
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    after 3 days of trying to get the program to work, I otta there.
    Do not fall for this one, ITS CRAP
    zero support
    complicated entry points
    videos that were not edited
    a complete waist of time, period
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    go click cash has been totally draining on me both emotionally and finacially and i know what you are saying about no support. I installed the software but could not make it work. some of the files were not there. every step of the way just cost more and more money. what crap. i have applied for 3 different refunds. see what happens eh. I will let you know [​IMG]
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    still nothing yet...day 2 and waiting [​IMG]
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    If you contacted Go Click Cash support to get a refund, you're probably not going to hear back from them.

    Here's how to get a refund.

    Go to the support page of their billing processor (Plimus)


    You'll need your to enter your 8 digit order number and your email address. Select "Refund" under "Billing Issues" and click the next button.

    Alternatively you can call them at +1 (866) 312-7733
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    Thanks ipnomad. Much appreciated. The software with patience and work will be beneficial for some folks, but it wasn't for me. It seems that the real money is on reselling the product itself as an affiliate.
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    go click,is a poorly put together software,andI agree no support at all.
    good luck if you get a refund.

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