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Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by RayvinAndRob, Aug 23, 2007.

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    Ray Bradbury mentions building your wings on the way down from having just jumped off a high cliff. He refers to the proverbial leap of faith you must sometimes inevitably take when intending to achieve some types of goals.

    You may have an amazing idea full of potential but you have no clue what results you will get by acting on it. The uncertainty is enough to create a debilitating and crippling fear in you so that you never even try.

    Without trust in a higher power ??” without faith ??” you will stay stuck in fear. You will remain immobile, unable to move forward with your idea.

    Until you find it within yourself to tap into that burning desire of yours with earnestness, with sincerety, you will stay stuck standing in fear at the edge of the abyss in front of you.

    Granted, that abyss looks scary from where you stand now. But what you truly want in life can only be found within it. Will you not take that leap of faith? What have you got to lose? Would you prefer to conform to your present way of life instead? Think about it.

    Trust that Infinite Substance will provide all of the materials you will need for fulfilling your dreams ??” and JUMP! Don't listen to thoughts of doubt, worry, or anxiety. Take that fateful leap of faith and I promise you will experience an exhiliration the likes of which you have never felt before!

    I jumped. And I'm still here, unharmed, to tell you that I'm a better man for it today. I built my wings on the way down with material provided to me by Infinite Substance Itself on my journey down into the abyss and discovered I could fly! It's not so scary after all. It was all in my imagination.

    I imagined all sorts of negative and horrible things happening to me if I decided to leap from the edge, none of which have ever happened. Nowdays, I use my imagination to imagine only the things I want to happen in my life. I imagine whatever I truly want to be, do, and have and those things come to me easily and consistently.

    I could no more explain the process of how my thoughts manifest themselves than I could explain to you how the very letters you are reading at this very moment happen to appear on the screen in front of you, or how electricity works. All I know is that it works and I've found the key to unlock vast reservoirs of potential energy that you also can tap into, too!

    DISCLAIMER: The cliff above-mentioned is strictly symbolic in nature. Please do not go jump off a cliff expecting to fly. You will hit bottom! The wings are also symbolic.

    To Your Success!

    Rob Nyte
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    Quoting: TheGuildDISCLAIMER: The cliff above-mentioned is strictly symbolic in nature. Please do not go jump off a cliff expecting to fly. You will hit bottom! The wings are also symbolic.

    Funny you actually had to mention that...but in this day and age, you never know how people are going to take things! [​IMG]
  3. RayvinAndRob

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    Hello GetAGrip,

    You never know, indeed. [​IMG]

    I just re-read my post and, wow, isn't it amazing how quickly time flies? I wrote it nearly three months ago back in August! Since then I've been posting aticles to my blog site. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you the link.

    Your friend,
    Rob Nyte
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    Yes, it is always better to try and fail, rather than never try at all.
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    I love your discalimer. [​IMG]
  6. RayvinAndRob

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    Glad you enjoyed it, Juno! I certainly had fun writing it.


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