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    Having Been Involved In Non-Profit Fundraisers For Years, It Has Never Been More Difficult Than Now Given The Collapsing Economy Worldwide. Now There Is An Answer For Non-Profits As Well As Individuals And Businesses Alike. Have You Used CrowdFunding?

    Breakthrough New Concept Of Crowdfunding Which Is Exploding Internationally As Banks Say NO To Loans For Individuals And Businesses. Now You Can Operate Your Own CrowdFunding Site And Raise The Cash Funds For Any Project You Need Money To Start Or Expand. You Won't Believe How Inexpensive It Is To Start Your Own Campaign Where You Learn To Earn, Care To Share, Pay It Forward.

    We Have All Seen Heartbreaking Stories On YouTube Videos Seeking Donations For Worthy Causes, And Business Startups Which Need Funding, Or New Technology Inventions Looking For Private Funds Without The Hassle Of SEC Regulations. If You Need Cash Funding, You Need CrowdFunding.

    Success to all,
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    Is this a way kids raise money to go to college? Worth a try, but I'll pass for now. Would that be your own portal YA?

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    That is company example site, I have my own campaign going for an alternative energy technology I am developing, so far so good, like everything with crowdfunding, it is all about getting the word out, and with the incentive in referring others to get their own crowdfunding site, an extra income is generated, so it is double the potential as more people see my site which translates into more donations and extra income, a different twist on conventional crowdfunding sites which have exploded over the past couple years as banks stopped loaning to businesses and personal unsecured loans are long gone too.

    Success to all,

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