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Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by EnjoyingItAll, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. EnjoyingItAll

    EnjoyingItAll New Member

    GoldenPanda is going to have a conference call at 2:00, 4:00, and 6:00 EDT today!!

    Conference Calls to Update Members on Events
    August 4th, 2008
    We will be conducting several conference calls this week, in an effort to update our members on the events at hand. We will have two telephone lines open during each of these calls. You may call the number below and use either bridge number to access the conference. The information is as follows:

    Conference Call Information:

    DATE/TIMES (All times are EDT)

    August 4, 2008 2:00pm, 4:00pm and 6:00pm

    August 5, 2008 2:00pm and 4:00pm


    218-486-7200 Bridge 978101 OR

    218-486-7200 Bridge 435560

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    August 2nd, 2008
    We are not allowing the purchase of ad packages at this time. We apologize that we are unable to move funds in or out of company accounts, upon direction of the US Attorney's Office. We are currently working to resolve this problem as quickly as possible and we will move forward as soon as we are able.
  2. hutch1c

    hutch1c New Member

    I could not get in to the one going on right now. Has anyone had any luck?
  3. EnjoyingItAll

    EnjoyingItAll New Member

    I tried for the past 30 min.
    The phone kept on ringing until it disconnected or I didn't even get a ring tone.
    Several times it did connect but said the conference had not started yet. I went on hold for about 15 sec and it toldme I was on hold for the max amt of time and hung up.

    Hopefully someone will be able to record it and I can listen later. otherwise I will get updates from the great folks on this forum!!

    Keep your heads up high and hang on to that rope!
  4. hutch1c

    hutch1c New Member

    The conference call that was suppose to take place at 2:00pm EDT on August 8, 2008 has been rescheduled for later this afternoon, due to the conference provider being unable to handle the call volumn that we experienced.

    We will have to conduct these conferences through a web conference to accommodate the volumn of people wanting to attend the call. We will be posting that information shortly. The new times for the conferences will be today, August 4, 2008 at 4:00pm, 5:00pm and 6:00pm EDT
  5. freebird658

    freebird658 Member

  6. hammerx3

    hammerx3 New Member

    Here is a link to the recording of the 6PM EST conference.
  7. FreeDoc

    FreeDoc New Member

    The call was pretty useless. GP President Clarence Busby gave a minute or so of his background and initial thoughts about initially working with GP. That was interesting. He seemed like a genuine enough guy.

    But the rest of the call was just fluff. "I feel confident, strong, and secure..." blah, blah, blah. Nothing concrete. Nothing solid. Nothing tangible. Nothing. An occasional "vote of confidence from our attorney". Big deal.

    I'd love to believe the guy. And the call was really nothing more than the President saying he feels like we're gonna be ok. What else would he say?
  8. freebird658

    freebird658 Member

    Yes..nothing new here..just pretty much more of the same that we've been hearing for days. I doubt that tonights ASD call will be any different.
  9. EnjoyingItAll

    EnjoyingItAll New Member

    I'm sure that both Andy's and Clarence's hands (mouths) are tied right now. They really can't tell use much until the final decision is made by the Attn Gov office.
    All we can do is sit back, consider ourselves on vacation, and getting paid global credits for this time too!! and wait out the storm.
    ASD is a great company and Andy seems to be a very faithful person with much integrity and much support behind him.

    Keep the faith!! Hang on to your rope!!

    Iggy - I'll still buy that steak for 1 ad pack! LOL.
  10. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    EnjoyingItAll: Iggy - I'll still buy that steak for 1 ad pack! LOL.

    Go ahead and send in a Ticket to ASD to transfer your One Pack Pack to my Account.
  11. EnjoyingItAll

    EnjoyingItAll New Member

    Okay Iggy ... It may take 1 wk to 4 yrs to get your 1 ad pack though.
    Will you marinate it for me?

    I like white wine, please.
  12. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    Taking out the Marination Sauce right now...
    and gulping a bottle of white wine
  13. EnjoyingItAll

    EnjoyingItAll New Member

    HEY... share the whine.. oops I mean wine with me.
  14. jobrick

    jobrick New Member

    If I was given a choice I would rather we didn't have to take this path but there was no choice so suppose this is where the rubber meets the road as the saying goes.

    If we get out of this ASD & Co will be a force to be reckoned with, nothing will stop it and all its goals will be within reach, without a doubt it will become the biggest advertising company on the net bar none, if you was looking for a BO on the net and you didn't sign on you would have to be brain dead, or a member of the Sister's of Poverty organization.

    I can't see how ASD can owe us surfing money when the site has been closed down by the law, it is out of Andy hands at the moment he has no control over the business he is just as much a victim of the situation as we are.

    The solution for Golden Panda is simple just take it to Shanghi that is where it belongs in China, the Chinese won't worry about waiting for a month or two to get their ad packs registered, they have been waiting five thousand years or more for financial freedom, here in the west we don't have the patient to wait a couple of weeks before we start to carry on like headless chooks, I know not all of us
    but enough to get the site closed down.

    If ASD doesn't get the green light it won't be because it is a ponzi or a scam, or what ever derogatory terms they want to call it, it will be because Governments don't like ordinary people to be making to much money to easily, it could upset the system somehow, they don't mind the lottery because they know only a handful of people will come out with enough to retire, the other 50.000.000 will be back to work on Monday, that would have to be the biggest scam on the face of this planet... John
  15. ipromoteu

    ipromoteu New Member

    How is it that Golden Panda is being targeted when it hasn't even been in business for 5 days. Funds tied up due to ASD, and they made so much about it being a separate company??

    It is a sad day, so many people have been hurt, myself included. I had made my deposit on Wednesday, and it was shut down on Friday. It hadn't even been posted.

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  16. nkelly

    nkelly New Member

    EnjoyingItAll: ASD is a great company and Andy seems to be a very faithful person with much integrity and much support behind him.
    That's a joke, right?

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