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Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Karina Rosas, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Karina Rosas

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    So in my adventures of PPC ads, I jumped right into Google Adwords. Reason being is that it was one of the first sites recommended to run PPC ads. As it turned out, before I could even blink, they disapproved my ad. Then while I was trying to figure out why, they suspended my account. Support didn't help much, they just asked me to review the guidelines (which I did). I was confused and a little frustrated. Upon further research, turns out Google Adwords is not a big fan of Network Marketing and MLM. More specifically, they don't like duplicating websites or anything similar. Unfortunately they don't clarify this to the first timers. Too bad because I was excited to work with Google Adwords. Anyone out there have a similar experience? Any tips on trying to use Google Adwords again? I know they aren't the only way to run PPC ads but I wanted to give it a shot. I would love your input folks! Thanks.
  2. Yeah, Google is becoming a pain in the butt if you want to make money. Same with Facebook. It's actually a reason why I haven't run any PPC campaigns for 6 months now.

    I let my blog work its magic. Search traffic is also much warmer and converts a lot better in my experience.
  3. mountainmom5

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    Yep - adwords and Google are not friendly with mlms or network marketing. I like what Dani Johnson says in her training... no matter what you DO or what your product is, PEOPLE are your business, so after loving Google for a few years and then fighting with them for another few, I am now back to connecting with people on a personal level ... and loving it.

    I still do blogs, websites, forums and all that stuff cause I love it but as far as making money, I am kinda stepping back to basics a bit.... back to what has always worked. :p
  4. Karina Rosas

    Karina Rosas New Member

    Interesting. I do agree having my blog and forums are waayy more fun and I get quality results! lol. Well, for now I'm running PPC on 7search to see if it's worth my far the ROI isn't too bad, broke even. Thanks for your help guys!
  5. payment proof

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    Google does not like any type of affiliate marketing, MLM, etc. They even started deleting make money type blogs on blogspot a few years back unless of course, those blogs just had AdSense on it and nothing else.

    Google is fine with people making money as long as people are using just Google's products to make money. ;)
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    What's sad is it was the mlm'ers and affiliate marketers that help put them on the map. To bad they won't work more to find a way to help them vs nearly disregarding them completely.
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  7. yahia

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    Google and MLM don't mix!

    7search and making money don't mix either, unless you track all the sources (ask your account manager to activate this tracking and give you the tockens to add to your url) and block the non-converting sources. Unfortunately most of the traffic you will get from 7search is from those fraud partners.

    For "make money" or "MLM" traffic it's better to stick to forums and articles. It's a lot of manual labour but it's the only way currently.

    If you get to open a new adwords account under a different name, with a different credit card, and a new address, don't advertise any thing related to making money. And don't do affiliate marketing either. If you can put your stuff in an ebook and write a sales page (or do a video) then you can use it to make money.

    Also it is a good idea to invest in Google's own crediting program and become a certified Google engage agent. This way you can run adwords campaigns for other businesses and charge them a monthly fee (which is cool, you don't have to accept a tiny commission and take all the risk), and at the same time your account will not be closed that easily.
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  8. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Absolutely. Any money making opportunity other than AdSense doesn't mix with Google, lol.
  9. talfighel

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    Back in the day when Google was pretty new to the MLM world online, they allowed almost everyone to promote their business because they knew that the more advertisers they got, the bigger the profits. Now that they are doing really well, they could care less about those who want to succeed in MLM and use their platform.

    There are other ways to promote your MLM business online. You just have to try all of the techniques and also see what others are currently using.
  10. Michael John

    Michael John New Member

    Yeah, so much has changed in MLM and Google Adwords. You barely can do the things that you can before with these marketing techniques. It goes to show how long we have come and how much we progressed. Things have gotten more complicated now but it's staying consistent that keeps us relevant.
  11. BizzieBee

    BizzieBee New Member

    I do find that marketing person to person through blogging rewarding, and letting people gradually find you, however it is not a get rich quick thing... and takes a lot of patience, and writing and finding content to write about. But we are all figuring it out in our own ways, the Internet is a rich training ground for creating relationships, just what type, how long will they last is the question, and can you get people to buy from you.
    Peace & Love
    Bizzie Bee

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