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  1. sathya

    sathya New Member

    i am from south india and i have the following doubts regarding googlejunction.... plz reply me
    1. Do i need my own website? or else can i have URL sharing? if it so whom will allow for URL sharing?

    2. Do i need to pay any amount for keeping my add in the website?

    3. Whether the commission from will be in Indian money or in US $?

    4. Is there any indian government formalities for getting income in US $? (Say for example IT clearance, Business license)

    5. To whom i have enquire if there is any problem in financial transaction after setting up the advertisement?
  2. Seek

    Seek New Member

    Sorry to dissapoint you but Google Junction is a scam. I can't post a link here otherwise I would have given you proof that sites like Google Junction just scam you and you will not earn anything if you join such sites.

    Send me a message if you need more info.

  3. sri0108

    sri0108 New Member

    dude Seek are u sure tht googlejunction is fake??........i today visited their office in goregaon(e),mumbai.......i enquired and they said tht googlejunction cd does nt offer any software or anything special it just has instructions as to how to make money thru teaches u how to do it without a site and teaches u d various ways available to earn thru CJ.........they however do not guarantee that u'll earn 4 sure but say tht they have customers who are happily using their instructions to make money on a regular basis........thts it.......and thay r legitimate in terms of giving u wht they r promising.......for Rs1200/- + Rs 50/- postal charges they r givin u a cd tht has all d instructions 4 earning money thru CJ......thts it

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