Greetins from singapore

Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by dannyw2r, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. dannyw2r

    dannyw2r New Member

    Hello All,
    I am newbie here....Hope you all are enjoy staying here!!I just want to say hello to all members here!!
  2. Adrian

    Adrian Member

    Hello to you too as well dannyw2r. Welcome to the Forum.
  3. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

  4. Hey there!

    I want to travel to Singapore. It's as big as my hometown.
    Very small, but proud country.

    I've seen photos and a good friend of mine has been there before.
    I've also met some people from Singapore last year, who run a big work from home business over there.
    Cool guys!

    Nice meeting you :)
  5. Winter

    Winter New Member

    Welcome to the forums! :)
  6. PeterMFL

    PeterMFL Active Member

    Welcome! I love Singapore!!!! Marina Bay Sand is amazing!
  7. aaronrod309

    aaronrod309 New Member

    Hi Danny, I am also newbie here. :)
    I want to say hello back, hope talking to members here.


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