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    This has to be Christmas!! I emailed the GRN main office and asked them if there was any chance they could request an increase in Stateside Hotweek selections so it would be easier for us to just get in the car and go instead of fly out of the country. They were VERY quick with their response like always, but they said that they really had no control over that and I should email GCR support.

    I have emailed and talked to GCR support several times and always have been EXTREMELY impressed with their quickness to respond and helpfulness so I sent them an email. I asked them the same thing and to be honest I didn't expect anything to come of it. Well, that was this afternoon at 3:15. This is what I asked:

    The only complaint I hear about GCR from the members of GRN is that there aren't many "local" hotweeks available. Local meaning in the United States and within a few hours driving distance of most people. A new competing MLM company is sprouting up touting that they will have TONS of Stateside Hotweeks available for $149 to $199 because they recognized that GRN's selection of Hotweeks is mainly out of the country. Is there any way to get GCR to go after some more resorts in the US to supply more and less expensive Hotweeks so we can compete with this new company? I am totally loyal to GRN and GCR because I see the UNMATCHED customer service like you and the folks at GRN provide and that is the most important thing but being able to say w are getting more usable hotweeks would be a great tool when recruiting new members for GRN and GCR. What are your thoughts on this and do you think it is possible to do this?

    There response at 3:26 was:

    We will continue to search the USA and Europe for additional Hot Weeks, however we are highly unlikely to find the quality of properties we provide you below the $298 price. This will be forwarded to management to discuss and look over further.

    We are always happy to receive suggestions, and thank you for yours.

    If there is anything else we can do for you please let us know, as we are only a message away.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!

    Best Regards

    Marty Martinez

    I kinda thought in my mind "well, we have a great product anyway and I gave it a shot. Oh, well, let's keep pluggin along." Then, I get on the computer and see this email from Marty at 5:31pm :

    Hello Harold,

    I have spoken to Management, and we are going to expand our Hot Weeks in the USA. We have also uploaded inventory for $99 and $199 to our Specials section.

    We would greatly appreciate if you could suggest the most popular locations, as I want to give this information directly to the person responsible for our Hot Weeks.

    Once again we wish to thank you for your suggestions and hope you have a wonderful day!

    Best Regards

    Marty Martinez
    Customer Service

    MAN, is this service OR WHAT!!! We do have the best and most solid company and the BEST support. GRN ROCKS. The busy season is on top of us guys and gals. NOW is the time to promote, promote, promote! Don't worry about any other company. We have the best product with the best reputation and it's time to MAKE SOME MONEY AND TAKE SOME TRIPS!!

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