Has anyone had any dealings with Forevergreen

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by nemo, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. nemo

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    Hi all this is my first posting on this board (so please go easy on me). Has anyone on here ever had any dealings with an MLM company named Evergreen. I really do want to get involved with a MLM company and this paticular companies product line looks both 'very topical' and also 'very current' but their prices do seem very high? plus their marketing seems rather 'vague'...any comments or observations on this company would be most appreciated, regards Nemo.
  2. mountainmom5

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    Welcome Nemo - is that frequensea or something like that? I think my friend did that for awhile....

    There are quite a few companies that are marketing supplemental drinks like that and there are very successful people in ALL of them.

    What I would encourage you to do your due diligence on is how they are promoting their porducts and if they have good support for you in the ways that you want to market it...

    Some encourage and train on how to online marketing and others are still doing home presentations etc...

    I have personally tasted quite a few of these drinks and they are very tasty and of good quality.[​IMG]
  3. happywife

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    Hi Nemo,

    Welcome to the forum. I agree with mountain mom. Be sure to check into the company thoroughly before you decide to join, especially if you plan to promote the products online.

    A LOT of MLM companies are very restrictive when it comes to what they will allow you to do by way of online marketing. If they will only let you use one of their replicated sites and not have a site of your own, that may be a good warning sign.

    Many MLM products are very high priced. If you think it is too high priced yourself, it will be hard to encourage others to purchase it. You will most likely have to purchase product every month yourself to stay active and earn commissions. Compare it to other similar products on the market. If it is competitive, you may do okay. If it is much higher, you could struggle.

    I'd want to be REALLY confident that the product delivered what it claimed before I got involved. Try it out for yourself first and see if you are helped by it. That will be your best selling point if you are.



    Yes, I have been with them for serveral months, and I am impressed with the research that went into this new product line, so yes, it is a sound company, has been even before introducing FrequenSea line, so if nothing else, people should watch the video on site, a real eye opener about proper nutrition. Not the usual me too noni, acai, mangosteen, and all the other juice deals.

    Good luck to all, Mike
  5. IraqiVetWife

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    You mean ForeverGreen?

    I marketed and used their O3 World weight loss, absolutely amazing. I lost 20 pounds in 1 month not even trying.

    I love that its (FORM) safe for anyone to use, its even safer and purer than water.

    The shake gives amazingenergy and helps you feel full even longer.

    I use it every time after I have a baby. Top notch products.
  6. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Good company.

    Their Frequensea juice is the only "healing" juice I've come across on the market compared to any other juice company mlm network. I haven't had anything better.

    I got in for the product(s) but I would venture to say they are a solid mlm company as well.

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