has anyone had success with shaklee??

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by livingtoxinfree, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. livingtoxinfree

    livingtoxinfree New Member

    I recently joined Shaklee and I love their products. I think this company is the top organic company as well. The have great beliefs and great values for health and the environment. I am trying to start the business end but need a little help. Anyone with a suggestion?? Thanks
  2. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Can you explain a little more about it?
  3. livingtoxinfree

    livingtoxinfree New Member

    I would love to explain it more. You can email me at rebsuchy16@yahoo.com and we can make arrangements to talk. I always feel like things get lost in these emails. Then I can answer any of your questions then. If that is not convenient just reply back here and I will go into more detail. Take care. I look forward to speaking with you soon.
  4. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member

    Shaklee is a well established MLM company. The only thing that I don't like about Shaklee is that it markets similar products to what so many other MLM companies are selling... example is vitamins. While Shaklee has some great vitamins, how do you sell all the competition that your vitamins are better than Usana's, Amway, Reliv, Mannatech, etc.?

    Shaklee can be done, but be prepared to have to have 150 or so people in your group before you see a check of $1000/month. If you are doing MLM, there are better companies out there.

    Best Wishes,
  5. livingtoxinfree

    livingtoxinfree New Member

    I disagree with you Top Mentor. Shaklee is at the front of the "Get Green" trend. They sell way more than vitamins. Their organic cleaners are top. I also disagree with your statement that you need 150 people under you to make money because that is not true. Shaklee is the way of the future and it is one of the best MLM companies out there. with only 8-10 people under you, you can make around $400 a month. It is fine for people to want to promote their business but don't put another down. Thank you.
  6. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member


    I am not here to put down anyone's business. I was simply stating that I believe there are better MLM opportunities out there for many reasons.

    Getting to your statement: "With only 8-10 people, you can earn $400 a month." How much product must each individual purchase and sell each month to make a $400 monthly residual income with Shaklee?

    Thanks for your response.

  7. happybrats3

    happybrats3 New Member

    I have been with Shaklee for 2 years and love it. Amazing company and way more than vitamins!
  8. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    Quoting: TopMentor
    Getting to your statement: "With only 8-10 people, you can earn $400 a month." How much product must each individual purchase and sell each month to make a $400 monthly residual income with Shaklee?

    I'd sure like to see an answer to such a question.
    But if after 6 months there's no response...
  9. lisasgreenlife

    lisasgreenlife New Member

    She's right. I have been in Shaklee only a few months now and only have about 11 active business partners that do only the minimum requirements and my last check was close to $700.

    So if I did have about 150 people in my group, I would be making a whole lot more than $1000. That is actually really exciting to think about. Maybe I will add that as one of my goals.
  10. mreyn

    mreyn New Member

    Hi, I just wanted to add that shaklee has a 50+yr reputation. They test their products safety rigorously. Combine that with the new global expansion and the streamline magic system and the car program and it's an amazing opportunity. The products have been all over the national media. I'm fortunate to have found such a wonderful company with a great compensation plan, and products I believe in. the streamlining combined with the gap lets you create some money now while you build your business longterm.
  11. ChocolateBiz

    ChocolateBiz New Member

    My parents have been in Shakalee for over 20 years.

    They have been awareded most of the trips, a few cars and enjoy using the products. MLM companies are principly responsible for marketing the best products in the world.

    Nevertheless, it is product sales intensive. There has to be a large learning curve for most people to climb before they become consistent customers. Most drop out because they don't understand why they should pay 3 X's more for a product they can buy off the local grocery store shelf for much less.

    Don't get me wrong here. I understand the quality of Shaklee. But there in lies the challange, there are many competing products that make similar claims and cost much less.

    Shaklee is a terrific product company with staying power.

    However, there are better income producing companies out there where it takes much less time to make an income.

    [​IMG] Jeff and Sandi
    [Link removed - Admin]
  12. bobullman

    bobullman New Member

    I have been buying healthy products for many years and honestly believe that Shaklee has the highest quality supplements and health personal care and cleaning products. I have been with them for about 5 months and am definitely on my way to a good residual income. I use the Streamline Magic system to promote Shaklee and I am also making money with that. They are coming out with a new movie (The Golden Ticket) and that will add another dimension to promoting this first rate company.

    Bob Ullman
  13. simapr

    simapr Member

    I have used Shaklee for 30 years. My mom started using it when I was a kid. I turned my nose up at the vitamins, but always used the skin care, because that's the only thing mom would provide for me. I'm glad now, because it's paid off.
    As I got older I finally broke in a used the vitamins. My life improved 110%.
    I've tried the different things Shaklee has and have been impressed with all of it. I don't believe in marketing something you don't believe in, and I certainly believe in their products.
    I tried other things over the years and there is no comparison.

    It can be difficult to find the right market for Shaklee, but with today's internet access, it's tons easier.

    If you wonder about them, just look at the amount of people who go to the Shaklee conventions as success stories. Companies don't stay in business for 50 years for no reason.
  14. megaonlinemoney

    megaonlinemoney New Member

    I've found that there is a special kind of person that is a shaklee person - me being one of them... who are sold on the products because they work for us.

    As with ANY biz opp out there, most people are NOT going to join yours, no matter how wonderful the comp plan or proucts may be....and that's ok. The world is abundantly vast and there's plenty for everyone.

    Enthusiasm for your business goes a long way in having success. A person could bring in 20-30 members and have a mostly dead downline because the majority of them aren't convinced or interested in the products all that much - not a priority for them or they don't see the value.

    On the other hand, if people come into your downline as enthusiastic users who can afford a few $100 a month on nutrition etc, then you could have as little as 10 or 20 couples consistently using just the basics - like the vitalizer packs with cinch or protein and you would be making well over a grand a month....month after month.... and that's assuming none of those people have an interest in referrals or doing a business themselves.
  15. simapr

    simapr Member

    I love being a part of Shaklee. They are serious about being a family.
    I get help from people who aren't even in my group.
    I met some people at the convention in New Orleans and have been receiving the most unbelievable help from them.
    Yes, Shaklee people are just good people. Maybe because they feel great all the time!
  16. gharris

    gharris New Member

    I have been involved with shaklee for 5 months now. the gold ambassador programme pays upfront bonuses and they have just introduced a new product that has a pay plan that goes to infinity.

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