Has anyone heard of Cycler Passive?

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  1. TJamMoneyMan

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    Cyclerpassive.com pays you regularly via their ad shares and cyclically via cycle spots.

    To simplify:
    You first buy one ad share - they cost $10, $80 and $250.
    Then you buy one cycler position @ $10.

    That's all there is to it!

    From one $10 ad share you will automatically make about $.052 every half hour. That's about $.24 every day, $7.50 each month for 50 days.

    The $80 and $250 ad packs pay this way:
    $80 @ 3.0% = $2.40 per day
    $250 @ 3.5% = $8.75 per day

    Ad shares earn money daily and provide you with banner impressions and text ad views.

    Cycler spots pay when they cycle.

    The cycler spots earn $20,000 as they cycle through 10 levels.
    At level 10 you are paid $10,000 and another $5,000 is used to buy 500 $10 cycler spots that EACH cycle, earn and restart the same way - now multiplied by 500!

    This all comes from ONE $10 cycler spot.

    That's how it works - ad shares provide daily income, cycle spots provide income when they cycle.

    You can use the ad shares to promote whatever business you have banners and text ads for.

    You can buy as many ad shares and cycler spots as you like, multiplying your daily earnings and cycle earnings proportionately.

    You can withdraw your earnings at $10.


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  2. whitney black

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    I haven't heard of this one but many of these are scams so be careful!
  3. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    I could imagine!
    BUT... I've gotten paid every half hour for the duration of the ad share (55 days) and have pocketed the 150% proceeds, TWICE, so no scam complaint here!

    You are also buying advertising: Banner Impressions, Text Ad Views and Website Hits.
    So to get all that PLUS an extra 50% on your money seems like a plan to me!
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  4. TJamMoneyMan

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    Weeelll... DON'T do it!

    I got MY original money out, and a worthwhile profit.
    I even got leads through their advertising!
    But it seems like NOW there are people who are not getting their money out - stuck in "pending" withdrawal.

    Oh well, ez come, ez go...!

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