Has Anyone Heard Of Daily Money Team/DMT? (A review)

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    Not many have heard of this opportunity, despite them having been around since 2011; but if you are familiar with other opportunities such as Project Payday, ZipNadaZilch, and Zero2Wealth, you are familiar with the core income earner.

    While you may find many posts across the internet that the opportunities I just mentioned are scams and you can never earn money with them, I am here to tell you this is not the case. As I said before, all of these opportunities, including DMT, use Incentivized Freebie Websites (IFWs) to drive the commissions earned by their members.

    For those who aren't aware of these, IFWs are sites that display several companies that offer free trials for their products and services. You qualify to receive your commissions by completing the amount of trial offers required by the site, and you get paid by getting others to do the same. Its an industry that has been around for over 10 years.

    This is why none of the opportunities mentioned are scams. They are legitimate in concept. So why do so many people fail while using these systems? LACK OF SUPPORT. The problem that happened with each of these opportunities is that many people found themselves stranded with no support once they've completed their offer.

    They were set up to earn, but they did not know how to drive traffic to get the leads necessary for them to earn money. Yes there were message boards and support tickets and emails; but when you advertise to a wide section of the population on how easy it is to earn money with this, you have to expect a good number of those people needing a warm, live human being to talk to and be in contact with to help.

    This is the simple thing that Daily Money Team has done where the others fell short. I personally have known about IFWs since 2007, and April of this year is the very first time that I have ever seen a system using these sites that is almost foolproof!

    CEOs Brent Miller and Will Sanders have set up a wonderful training that will drive interested leads to anyone in the opportunity once the system is set up. Within the Agent Training Center, new candidates are walked through a step by step process in getting their home office set up to receive these leads, placing ads (including where to place them), and exactly what to say to these leads as they call in.

    Also, in the Agent Training Center you have a live chat where you can talk with the over 14,000 DMT Agent within the opportunity. So you are never left in the wilderness on your own. All you have to do is complete offers, follow the steps, and make money.

    Still confused? Surprisingly a lot are. Luckily Brent and Will aren't the type of owners that you never hear from. They do a once a week free Orientation and Training Conference, where you can ask questions directly of them during the Q&A Session where NO QUESTION IS REFUSED. You also get a mentor (like myself lol) who you will be in direct contact with and that basically has your back.

    So what is the real difference between Daily Money Team and the other sites? Well, like I said before I've known about IFWs since 2007...I've made a few dollars here and there, maybe $100 in a month. Within my first month of using the DMT system I've earned a total of $942!!! The system and the support is definitely a factor, and the system and support that Daily Money Team has is AWESOME!!!!

    If you have ever been interested in IFWs or have used them in the past...you definitely owe it to yourself to take a look at Daily Money Team.


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