Has anyone heard of EPXbody

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  1. Randolph Ellis

    Randolph Ellis New Member

    Hey has anyone heard of EPXbody? I just signed up last week but havent done much yet. They kind remind me of Beachbody without the workout videos and they don't cost as much. They will do all the marketing for you ( for a price) or if you savvy you can do it on your own. Google it and let me know what you guys think. I didnt put a link in because I am really not trying to promote it....just want an honest opinion


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  2. Yes, I've heard about them. A Empower Network team member of mine used to do business with them and originally came to Empower to give her EPX Body biz a boost. She made more money with Empower Network, so she quit EPX Body all together and focused on Empower. :ROFLMAO:
  3. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Empower Network is an amazing business opportunity and is the best out there for people who want to make BIG money fast.

    I have been online since late 2002 and can tell you that Empower Network is very legitimate and works for many people.

    The nice thing is that many people are making money. Most opportunities, only 1%-5% of the members are making real money. With Empower Network, it is more like 90%+ of the people who are making money.

    Love them and the 2 Dave's are great leaders.
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  4. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Empower Network has and does make many people a good income. I'm not sure there is evidence to support its the best for big money fast, but there's good direct income for those that are able to build it. However, Epxbody has more of the traditional mlm comp plan structure and is over better for team network building.

    Epxbody has started to really make some waves lately and has over the past year created some nice income stories.

    While they do have the "recruit for you" option, I think too many depending on such to grow their business will be disappointed. However, they're 4x5 forcematrix pay plan is cool and is a doable model for one to have a legitimate chance for home biz success.
  5. Randolph Ellis

    Randolph Ellis New Member

    I have been seeing a lot about Empower Network. Is it really that good? Isnt it just blogging?EPXbody is pretty good IMO. I am just not a good marketer.
  6. It's way more than just blogging. :)

    Actually there are quite a few people who are having a lot of success in Empower and have never written one single blog post.
  7. Randolph Ellis

    Randolph Ellis New Member

  8. There are plenty ways of marketing and driving traffic.
    That's one benefit of being part of Empower Network: Access to the best online marketing training.

    Blogging done right is just one way to generate leads, sales and thus a nice residual income.

    I don't want to hijack this thread, but you are free to start a private conversation with me about that topic. :)
  9. Randolph Ellis

    Randolph Ellis New Member

    EPXbody seems to being dpoing well for me so far...at least product wise. I think this has potential to be pretty good
  10. annadenise

    annadenise Active Member

    Wow! This is an unusual thread. It went from asking about EPXBody to Empower somehow then stopped. I am assuming this thread is really supposed to be on EPXBody which now also has an offshoot, EPX180.

    This program has changed a lot since it was launched as EPXBody. I was approached numerous times to join EPXBody and did not join until recently with their newer EPX180. Now we can purchase customers that are on autoship. We get commissions on the first purchase (I am in another co. where we do not get commissions until 2nd purchase). The customers are in a discount co. called VIP Deals. I am very impressed with this program so far. I have ordered 30 customers for my position and my husband purchased 15. What is great is this is a forced 4x10 matrix, so customers and referrals will spillover and the people they land under will earn on them too!!! That was one thing I had an issue with in another co. I have been very loyal to. It was not forced, so customers went on the buyer's 1st level, and no one else earned on them except the person purchasing the customer.

    I am very particular about what I join and it took me a while to be convinced to jump in. I was approached a number of times to join this. The way this is set up now is great. When you combine the ability to buy paying customers, then once we get 4 customers we are guaranteed a minimum of $25 a month while building our business even if we don't earn it that month, and the autoship we must have is only $24.95 a month with no shipping charges, the autoship never costs more than that regardless of what you earn, and we have a product on our autoship where we can request one restaurant certificate for $25 every month along with the Taxbot product for the self employed, we get quite a bit for the autoship. This is very affordable and has the ability to earn well.

    A lot has happened this past week in EPXBody / EPX180. For those already in EPX180, customers are going to start arriving any day now starting with the customers purchased 3 weeks ago when this venue launched. I normally do not EVER mention spillover potential, but it will happen here because of so many buying customers that are not yet in our matrix. It is brand new, so starts from the top going down. I also have already seen this with affiliates referring others. I REALLY like it when everyone can get something from the co. and since this is set up with a forced matrix, it makes it possible for so many more people to earn. My pet peeve is to to see only a few earn. I do believe everyone has to contribute and not just think they will earn from others with doing nothing, BUT some have more money and contacts than others. So this gives everyone a chance to earn on their various budgets and advertising skills. I like that.

    Everyone already in EPX180 should have received an email that they are now in VIP Deals. There are instructions in the back office to load it on your mobile phone if you like.

    Everyone must have 1 personally sponsored to earn. You can get all the spillover in the world, but if you have not referred one distributor or bought customers, which DO count as your personal referrals, you will not earn.

    Note: For those who can get 4 referrals or buy 4 customers, the co. pays you $25 a month to cover your monthly autoship. Customers do count as personal referrals.

    Make sure you are set on monthly autoship. You will be dropped from the matrix if you do not pay your autoship. Make sure to have it set by around the 25th of the month to give you time to fix a problem you could possibly have with your charge card.

    People can buy the nutritional products or the 180 product. With either one you can buy customers

    Also, EPXBody / EPX180 is updating the site and we are going to have a marketing system in our back office at EPX180 soon as well.
  11. annadenise

    annadenise Active Member

    This thread is supposed to be on EPXBody. There is a completely separate link and different payments and a lower autoship with EPX180. Possibly it needs to be listed in a different area since people think they are one and the same. They are not. In EPXBody your customers are NOT in your matrix. In EPX180 any customers you purchase that are on autoship are placed in your matrix and count as your personal referrals.

    I have been asked if you are allowed to put in your spouse, kids, mother, father, etc. Yes, you can, but need to use a different charge card for each, or a prepaid card or debit card. Children have to be 18 or older.

    I have also been asked that if you are signed up for EPX180 at $24.95 a month and someone underneath you joins with a product for $40.00 or more a month, do we get paid the higher amounts. Yes, we do. It doesn't matter what you order, you are always paid on THEIR volume.
  12. annadenise

    annadenise Active Member

    FYI - now that everyone has been switched to VIP Deals that is in EPX180 you can get the $25 restaurant certificate. It will be in our back office in the next few days. I have an email address to get it earlier if someone needs it. I used the email address and it pulled up a number of good restaurants I already go to in my area. One is a few blocks from my home.

    I am mentioning some things about the pay plan here in one place since there are a lot of questions I am asked on this everyday. Do remember that everyone can see the pay plan details online at the site people sign up for EPX180 under "How to Earn".

    You get a 30% fast start bonus the first month when you refer someone or purchase a customer. Plus, you get 20% paid up 10 levels.

    If you happen to refer a customer yourself buying a nutritional product rather than the EPX180 product, you will earn 30% on them every month they purchase product. They are not in your EPX180 matrix. You also earn the 20% 10 levels up on them. Again, customers on the nutritional products are not in our matrix. Distributors buying nutritional products are in our matrix.

    To earn matrix pay we need 1 personally sponsored to earn. It can be a distributor or a customer we buy in EPX180. The customers are in VIP Deals.

    The matrix pay: Levels 1 and 2 we earn 2.5%, levels 3 and 4 we earn 5%, level 5 we earn 10%, levels 6-10 we earn 2%.

    Everyone should have no trouble between either referring or purchasing the buying rights to customers getting a decent income through the matrix pay above over time because of it's nature of being forced and everyone earns on the spillover. I don't promote spillover, but since the customers have not yet been put into our matrix that have been ordered over the last several weeks, and it is a new feature, there is definitely spillover. I see it already just with folks promoting EPX180 in a couple of legs under me, because this is forced. The key is to refer or purchase 4. The customers are $45 each.

    The levels of pay I mention below are in the pay plan so I am mentioning them here, but I don't want people to think they are going to be able to achieve all these levels. A good number will be able to achieve the Matching Bonus part below, if they buy or refer 4 and tell people under them to do the same. The ability to purchase customers that are placed in our matrix in EPX180, not EpxBody, is what makes this attainable for more people. However, the other ways of earning are something I personally think are not typically achievable for the majority of people. So don't count on hitting all these levels, in my opinion.

    There is the Matching Bonus. This is a 20% match on what any of your personal referrals earn, wherever they are under you. There is a 10% matching bonus on 4 generations of executives under your personal referrals. This goes down 4 generations no matter how deep they are under you.

    Then there is the Generational Infinity Bonus once you hit Regional Executive. This means you have personally sponsored 4 people and have $5,000 in group volume. You get 2% on levels 6 and downward through 5 generations of Regional Executives regardless of how far down they are beneath you. Also, say on level 6 you do not have a Regional Executive. You can still get paid the 2% if you have one on level 7 or 8, etc.

    There is the Global Bonus Pool. This is where you are high up in earnings. You get part of the entire companies sales regardless of who is in your upline. Note: this is where you cannot have more than 60% of your volume in any one leg. This is the only bonus pool that the 60% limitation applies.
  13. annadenise

    annadenise Active Member

    Great updates on the corporate call for EPXBody and EPX180. For those in this program you can listen in your backoffice in the epxnews.

    Customers from the guaranteed marketing coop will start being delivered on Friday Aug 8, 2014. Not everyone will see one tomorrow but they will be starting! More will be delivered to us starting M-F next week and we should all be caught up within 2-3 weeks and then delivered within 72 hours or less for new orders thereafter.

    There is a new management team that has taken over EPX! Make sure you listen to this call to hear where this company is headed! They both spoke. The new president has alot of experience in owning and running a number of restaurants in a chain and in the network marketing world.
  14. annadenise

    annadenise Active Member

    Wow! We got some updates on where EPXBody / EPX180 is headed after leaders attended a 2 day meeting last week. This is just some information I am paraphrasing from what several of the leaders discussed. The EPX website is in the process of being updated so we should see within the next week or so information on the new mgt. team. On another note, over 1000 customers have now been fulfilled and are being manually loaded into the EPX180 matrix so those who ordered customers the first day they were available should be seeing them very soon. An official EPX update also came out discussing that these were audited, etc. to make sure everything goes smoothly.

    As made known by the program founder, the reason there is a new management team is the program founder, Dan, recognized his strength is getting a program off the ground and building teams (he has 24 years' experience) but not managing the growth. So he reached out to several very experienced people, they spent months reviewing EPX (and more than 70 other companies worldwide in the question for an acquisition), and chose EPX because they believed the model made sense.

    Then they assembled their team of genuine heavyweights - one sold his company for more than $500 million, another is the former head of a known, long running network company, another a former senior exec with FedEx, another a Wall Street Financial expert, another sold a chain of restaurants, and, well, you get the picture; they are NOT picking up a bunch of mlm recruiters with no management experience. The team also includes experts in various countries to facilitate international growth. Several of the management team are very experienced and known mlm veterans who have built huge success in the US and overseas. One for example, was responsible for $595 million of his company's $695 million production.

    In other words, this is a management team with strength, experience and an inside feel. Equally importantly, they have involved a public company to provide deep pockets and they have already filled important posts including IT, customer service management, national and international marketing.

    The new president, Zan, has a wealth of experience but a belief in service, integrity and delivering on promises made. As an aside, I actually had something I wanted discussed at the leaders meeting and I got an email from Zan quickly wanting to know how to help me. He since has responded as has one of the other new business managers.

    There are now three legs to EPX - The public company, the marketing entity and EPX - with each filling a special need.

    Details will be released in coming weeks - public companies have strict rules about what can and cannot be said and when - the changes you will see will make so much sense you will be very pleased, the accessibility and assistance from the management team will be very visible and a couple of very unique advantages mean some members will do well from a benefit outside recruiting.

    EPX has individual products that, by themselves, have been and are 100 million dollar products with more being developed by a Nobel Prize winning doctor; EPX has a management team unsurpassed; EPX has an opportunity, especially with the new customer acquisition model (this will be expanded). It took me a long time to join this. I am quite pleased with all the things going on in this co. now.
  15. annadenise

    annadenise Active Member

    I certainly am pleased with EPXBody / EPX180. The fact that the company is also going public in the next couple of weeks is great too. I ordered 40 customers from the marketing coop to be placed in my EPX Body / EPX180 matrix. I received 32 of them last night. A few folks have been worried that we would not be getting these. We are, and they are on autoship. Folks in my matrix will be quite pleased too since this is a forced matrix and they will be earning from these customers too.
  16. Richard Uriegas

    Richard Uriegas New Member

    Hi Annadenise,

    My name is Richard Uriegas, I'm new to this forum, but I was reading your forum post about EPX, I've been with EPX for 4 months and have not received anything from them. But I keep reading about members that are receiving their customers. I ordered 10 members, & 4 VIP's . Can you tell me what is going on maybe you know something I don't.

    Thank You
    Richard Uriegas
  17. They all sound good. It is really more about what you can do for them than what they can do for you. If you can make it work, any opportunity has potential.

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Sadly, you probably won't get an answer for these buy your customer deals rarely pay off given you don't know who they are, so there is no personal contact and repore built, not good. The attrition rate is impossible to keep up with in my experience. Besides, when I tried EPX, and the hype of getting paid to lose weight, well, product didn't work for me, or anyone else I referred, and no refund as promoted, totally lost respect for company, and I expect this is why they changed name and focus away from weight loss. Good luck, but if you get your 4 VIP's, let us know, I know several who have not gotten anything to date, so I wondered if others were like you and not getting anything for their money.

    Success to all,
  19. annadenise

    annadenise Active Member

    Sorry I have not been around for a while. My father in law died and my mother in law has severe dementia so there has been a lot going on the past five months with moving her, selling their house, etc. My own mother also has severe dementia and is crippled so my personal life has been taking up a lot of my time. (This is not a pity party, but I have not been around for a while for those reasons.)

    You can have contact with customers if you choose to call or email them. Or if you are in a company that does a lot of follow up with the customers. Another company, Trivita, follows up with two catalogs a month and a magazine once a month, and emails with special sales, so the customers do better there than the ones with EPX body since it is something that comes to their mail box several times a month. Sadly, I joined EPXbody at a time when Trivita had to temporarily stop the customer program due to affiliates making false advertising claims. I joined this since the customers you could purchase were not buying a health related product. They have a small autoship program for virtual products which included Taxbot. The customers were also inexpensive. They started their customer purchasing program very well, then EPXBody got sold, the sale went bad and the original owner bought it back. Then they had a long backlog of people ordering customers and not getting them. They should not have charged people's cards until they were delivering. I got my customers but I also asked for a refund for my husband's position since it took too much time to work both and got the refund. One fellow under me has done very well buying large numbers of customers continually. HOWEVER, recently they are not having these customers available with no explanation regarding it, so unless someone is promoting the health products this company offers in lieu of the smaller autoship for the virtual products it is difficult to build it at this time. Also, the customers were originally placed in the company matrix along with distributors, which was a main reason I had joined. The customers were removed from the matrix so people were no longer earning as much. I had a number of people asking me to join this for a very long time before I did join. I have not lost any money here, but am not earning that much and as a result of things mentioned in this post do not expect to since I will not promote the health products since it conflicts with my interests in Trivita.

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Hi Denise,

    Sorry to hear about your loss and health issues with family. It sure can throw us a curve in life, so understandable. Thanks for your honest overview and experience. Glad you got your hushands position refunded, you are the first I have heard from who got any refunds. At least you didn't lose any money like most had, with few exceptions which can be verified. I know I asked for proof from a couple, both in Trivita as well as EPX deal, so heresay is worthless in my experience. Hope your Trivita success continues, I know you have been with them for many years now.

    Success to all,

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