Has anyone heard of Shop to Earn?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by smithc5892, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. smithc5892

    smithc5892 New Member

    I have recently signed up because a trusted friend is doing so well with it, but I don't have mlm experience. Has anyone heard of this company or know someone who is involved in it?
  2. ipodnano7

    ipodnano7 New Member

    Its legit, but you must understand you will not make money from continually buying products with them. Only buy things that you need. This way you will make extra money
  3. proson

    proson New Member

    I agree ipodnano.. apply what you have learned is the basis of success, jumping programs after programs will get nowhere but bankruptcy.. I used to do that but no more!!
  4. cupbucket

    cupbucket New Member

    As far as I can understand with my (limited) experience with these shop to earn things is that you just do shopping that you normally would do. And then maybe save money and perhaps get money for referring others to it through an affiliate link.

    If it feels like the right thing for you to do then great. Why not ask your friend for guidance in the area of marketing. If they're really a friend, surely they wont mind giving you some simple pointers.
  5. seeyalater72

    seeyalater72 New Member

    Haven't heard of this one but I'm involved with an online shopping mall. Ipodnano7 gave some good advice. Only shop for the things you need and don't just buy for the sake of making a few dollars back from your personal shopping. The key is to build a team of shoppers which allows you to make money from their shopping.
  6. Home Business

    Home Business New Member

    I have also heard of Shop To Earn and just recently became a broker myself.
    That's how I found this website, searching for people who know the ins and outs of working from home.
    What a great resource. I have been searching around the site and have already found lots of information that a newbie like me needs.

    This is what I know about it.
    It launched in March 2008.
    2 weeks ago there were 9,000 members, now it is at 12,000.
    It is an MLM type of business.
    Cupbucket, you are correct, "you just do shopping that you normally would do", but do it through your own website.

    You (and your group), do need to spend a minimum total of $100
    a month through your website. (I just buy a gift certificates to a store that I usually spend a $100,00 a week at anyway, so I am not buying just for the sake of buying).

    I've never tried anything like this before, so there will be a big learning curve for me.

    But it is for real. ( I also know someone who started from the beginning in March and he has already made into the 5 figures). One of the main reasons I got into it.

    The first thing I am researching, is how to market my website. I guess, as a newbie, it must be natural to try and "get the word out".

    I will be posting questions in the other forums on this site in regards to this.
    It all seems so confusing now.[​IMG]

    STEFORLIFE New Member

    You got that right,yes it is for real!!! But actually the company launched in 2006(the new website did launch this year) & the monthly requirement is $100.00 On[ shop to earth products, not on shop to earn stores. Just fyi[​IMG]
  8. teresagoodley

    teresagoodley New Member

    I have heard of it. I am in a MLM company and one of my friends tried to recruit me to this. It sounds good up front, but from what I understand the rules are still a little out there. Some people have to buy a minimum every month, but if you know someone high up in the company (my friend does) you don't. You can't research much about the company, meaning the founders etc. so my worry is you don't know how long they will be around and with rules for some, no rules for others, I am leary to explore this.
    It seems like the company is more out to do massive sign ups, but don't really have the assoicates best interest on their mind.

    STEFORLIFE New Member

    First of all, the rules are the same for everyone.I am a broker,and happen to know people in this business who are pretty "high" in the company. When the monthly requirement kicks in in September,everyone will have a min monthly requirement ($100.00,which you get 15-25% cash back on).There are a variety of earth friendly products to choose,from,from companies like Kiss my Face, Avalon Organics, Jason,Alba,Cliff Bar,& Aquasana, to name a few. This is unlike many other mlms, in that you have to purchase products from that company only. In addition,you can research the founder,president,etc online, but even better,spend a weekend with them, we just did, at a Shop To Earn business seminar.These guys are so genuine,from the heart,caring individuals,and in talking to them, directly,I can see that they do indeed have my & everyone in the company's best interest in mind,as well as Mother Earth's. It is not "massive sign ups that they advocate, but rather "building one person at a time". I feel blessed to have had this perfectly viable opportunity,fall into my lap,and to be involved with this caliber of people ,is the icing on the cake!
  10. DMD

    DMD New Member

    I have a question for the people who have already signed up...How long have you been affliated with this company, how many people have you recruited and how much money have you accrued thus far
  11. will

    will New Member

    I joined at the end of July. In only 18 days I have made $8,000 and it was fun and easy. This is a great company and the plan is solid. Check it out, it could work for you too.
  12. Joyceh

    Joyceh New Member

    I joined on June 4th and have been in the program since i've made over 2500 + so far and have 74 people in my network. I am totally happy with the bussiness. I recomend it to anyone who shops online and is interested in making risidual income. Another amuzing thisn for me has been that it is a environmentally conscious company. It is important for people to learn the value of saving the planet and how we can each contribute is doing so my switching our current product to earth friendly products. The $100 minimum is important so that everyone learns more about this value. Check it out it can work for all. Its simple and fun... Joyceh
  13. shoptoearnmiami

    shoptoearnmiami New Member

    I just joined Shoptoearn as a broker 2 days ago. To the ones that have had success with it, I am interested in finding out how you got your prospects. Did you use cold leads or did you use your warm market?


    [​IMG] I signed up 2 weeks ago, under an unbelievable line! I have 7 under me and shop my regular stores! Hard getting passed the "raised brow" of the new brokers, but it will all come through! will keep you posted!
  15. marly

    marly New Member

    I signed up 2 weeks and a half ago and we've made $2k so far.
    It does work. Yes you do have to spend $100, but this is your investment in your company. Works 24/7 and makes you money while you save money.
  16. ModernRock

    ModernRock New Member

    The bottom line is that ShopToEarn is a scam, a swindle, a fraud!

    If you've made any money on STE (like some people in this blog claim), it has been through signing others up.... period. That revenue source will quickly dry up. The underlying "business" is not going to make you enough money to even cover the Yearly/Monthly fees.

    And if suckering your friends and family makes you feel good, then I feel sorry for you.
  17. eliteshop

    eliteshop New Member

    I signed up for STE 2 weeks ago and I have make over $4400. I have signed up 11 people and I have 31 people on my team. This does work and I am proof of it. This company has done everything they can possibly do to help make it easy for you to be successful.

    If you have someone that is interested get them in front of their computer and send them to overviews. Once they are on that page they can watch a video of the CEO of STE tell them all about how it works. You don't have to do anything else except support them once they sign up. Once you become a Broker and you will have your virtual office. The company has placed educational tutorials and video's that make it very easy to understand everything. The person you signed up with is your support person. If they aren't supporting you ask me. I will be happy to help you. [Link removed - Admin]
  18. RBG

    RBG New Member

    I am in STE for 4 weeks,signed 12 people and made $2800.I am now slowing down to tain my team so they can make the kind of money I am enjoying.
  19. tonyangel

    tonyangel New Member

    I have joined and I am making money, no the 50,000 a month yet??
    but I just started out. Please call me at 516-241-1349, so we can speak.
    Good Luck in anything that you do,
  20. shoptoearnmiami

    shoptoearnmiami New Member

    Hi Tony. I am curious to know how you are building your shoptoearn business. I started using cold leads but I get a lot of no's. Are you just working your warm market? I wanted to have some people already signed up before going to my family, sort of to have some kind of proof that it works, but I don't have that yet. Can I pick your brain?

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