Has anyone heard of the European company called Lyoness?

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    A couple of months ago a friend of mine who had introduced me to ZeekRewards and BannersBroker told me about a cash rewards company called Lyoness. Since he had introduced me to ZR and BB which turned out to be a couple of "out of the ballpark" programs, I trusted his judgment enough to at least take a look at Lyoness and watched one of the company produced videos. I must say after watching the video I decided that I was not intelligent enough to grasp the way this company work and decided to put it aside.

    I understood the basic concept behind Lyoness, they were company offering cash back on purchases from member merchants, but their compensation program put my head in a tailspin, plus I had really not seen much potential in these types of companies because they seem to always fail to attract the larger retail stores. Anyway, my friend called me back a week or so later and asked me what I thought. When I told them about my hesitations he replied, "Did you know that Walmart, Safeway, and Lowe's are now Loyalty Merchants with Lyoness?" I said, "You're kidding?" He said, "Yeah, they showed up a few days ago in the loyalty merchants list." Being from a rural area, probably 70% of the tangible merchandise that I purchase in a month are purchased among these stores so getting cash back from these stores would definitely be worth my while...I needed to take a closer look at this.

    I did take a closer look. My friend provided me with some links to webinars put out by his up line, and while I didn't understand the company's confusing comp plan much better, I did understand this enough to realize that there is jaw dropping income potential with this company. You see, Lyoness' product is essentially a universal rewards card. Well, maybe not universal, but at least well accepted among a pretty broad spectrum of merchants, at last count I believe there were over 400 member merchants, however, most of the companies are European companies. This is understandable since they are a well-established, European country, having been in business there for over nine years.

    The potential that really caught my eye with this company is the fact that when Lyoness enters a country they temporarily launch what are called "Premium Memberships". In the US, when companies do this we usually call these type of memberships "Founders Positions". This is where the big money is with this company. It is the job of Premium Members to introduce this company to North America and when Lyoness closes the window to Premium Members. At that point the physical Lyoness cards will be released to the masses and as a reward for spreading the word, Lyoness will rotate these cards among all of the premium members who will in turn receive a percentage of all the purchases in a matrix style commission structure.

    There is much more to this, but this is enough I think to at least generate some discussion.

    The the company's website is http://www.lyoness.net. An introductory video is also on that site, but a little hard to find so I will post the URL here: http://www.lyoness.net/us/video/list/us/everything-about-lyoness-347.aspx
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    It seems that people still think this is just about cash back and friendship bonuses. Well, yes, that is ONE way of getting paid. But, there are TEN ways of getting paid NOW if you become a PREMIUM MEMBER. Like I said in my first post, this is like becoming a 'Founder' other companies and therefore your potential benefits are MUCH greater than what the regular 'shopper' member will receive. This PRESENT situation is TIME LIMITED and TIME SENSITIVE and will NOT be here forever. You either act in the next weeks and months or you may not have the opportunity again unless you join in a country that is still open for this opportunity. For example, in Austria this shut down at 25,000 Premiums in a I hope you have all had the chance to take a good look at this time limited opportunity.

    Lyoness will certainly be reporting hundreds of people with six and seven digit monthly incomes in the future for the first movers and visionaries here. If you 'snooze' you will 'lose' here. If this is of any interest I suggest you get focused, forget about all the non-important matters that demand your attention but produce zero results.
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    Hey, check out the newest addition to Lyoness' presence on the web: www.Lyoness.tv
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    Here is the latest from the Lyoness frontlines...

    Lyoness is launching in the nation of Brazil! Lyoness opened its doors Monday morning to accepting pre-payments on Loyalty Merchant purchases in the nation of Brazil. This is a passive income opportunity available to premium members only.

    Things are getting more and more exciting with Lyoness everyday!
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    Giving out this information is prohibited and clearly stated on the Cash Back Living site. We cannot share this on forums. I noticed you posted this on another forum as well, and someone in my upline mentioned that we cannot post this, and it is still displayed there. Possibly these two posts were made at the same time, so you did not realize it. This site is the only approved Lyoness team site and is not open for public viewing unless someone invites them personally on an individual basis.
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    I am a Premium member so was able to participate in the Brazil National Booking. I will be participating in the Asia National Booking program soon. I just saw a story that was rerun on 60 minutes a few days ago and it went over the booming economy in Brazil. After my husband saw that, he upgraded to a Premium member under me so he can participate in this as well, lol!!! However, the ability to participate in this for Premium members ends in 12/2012. Asia will be open for more than a year to come.
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    I am posting some pertinent information on this company that I do not see alot of in previous posts. I also see a thread on this in a different section of the forum, but this is the best place since it can be strictly shopping or it can be a business. People that really take the time to review and understand that you can join for free and earn 4 different ways. You do not have to join at Premium, or by purchasing any prepaid units. I was approached a number of times on Lyoness because I am very active in another company and I no longer work in corporate america because of that co. This does not conflict with it, but I did not take the time to really look at Lyoness until August. I did not look at it because there was so much information given to me all at once on this as regards all the ways to earn and details behind it that I just did not want to bother. Now I love it, I understand it, and I know it is much better to just start with the basics and let the rest come when and if people want to progress beyond the basic 4 ways of earning.

    Lyoness is a cash back company that gives you money back for shopping and gives you an incredible back-end reward for continued shopping. Here are points for simplification.

    *Lyoness is a 9 year old company headquartered in Austria.
    *They are debt free and located in over 35 countries and adding monthly.

    *Lyoness CashBack Card is not a credit card, but a free loyalty card.
    *They have over 2.4 million customers and affiliates in Europe and this number grows by approximately 40,000 a week.

    *They have over 24,000 businesses with over 150,000 points of purchase to use their Free Lyoness CashBack Card in Europe.

    *3 Billion in sales revenue generated in 2011.

    *Expanding in North America, South America, Asia, Australia and Africa

    *Charity programs for children around the world

    *Start FREE and shop

    *Activate your Free Lyoness CashBack account by shopping at merchants you're familiar with, not purchasing some product every month you probably don't want.

    *Option to make additional Gift Card partial payments on future shopping to qualify for more saving/earning power sooner but you do not need to do this.

    I like the fact that there is:
    *No sign up fee for new customers or members, just shop to qualify
    (referrer pays $1.50-3.00 to sign you up)

    *No monthly fees or subscriptions

    *No Website fees

    *No monthly autoship ​

    *Totally free if you want it to be, just earn by shopping at stores and stations like Walmart, Lowes, Sears, Kmart, Arco, Exxon, Mobil, BP, etc (you already do this anyway!) Right now we are saving 7-8 cents on every gallon of gas.

    *Buy one item you really need through Lyoness within 30 days and you are a qualified Member. Save on things you already buy and earn 4 ways by making one purchase of ANY amount. (Even $1)​
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    I see alot of promotion of Lyoness strictly from coming in with buying prepaid units at the highest level. I did that, but that is not required and is not what Lyoness is about for most people. This is the worlds largest shopping community. It is new to the USA and Canada but is really taking off now.

    I wish I'd see more emphasizing what this truly is - a company the average person can prosper with by performing an activity they are already doing with basic commodities. Continue to shop, do what you are already doing, suddenly you find you are making some extra money based on gas in your car and groceries you need to put food on the table. I know people that would love to just earn a little extra money and are not hunting for full time income. I love that there is no autoship, no minimum purchase, and it is free to join. The key is to shop through Lyoness for everything you possibly can, not just a couple of times here and there.

    You also can use your usual charge cards or debit cards that offer cashback or other bonus' and earn that on top of the Lyoness cashback.

    When my sister in law was done a few weeks ago Fed Ex came to the door with some gift cards I had ordered from Lyoness for Walmart, PB gas, Lowes and Outback Steakhouse. When she asked me about this, the first thing she said was she had several people in her congregation that were in dire straits that could use something like this and then others would sign up under her to get the .5% friendship bonus. The way this woman would do it would not make her alot of money, but she would love to end up with anything extra whether it ends up being $75 a month or $200 depending on who she tells and what they spend a month on the basics like gas and food, it is free money on purchases she and others would be making anyway. In the above scenerio of just doing this occasionally, you still earn an accounting unit whenever you hit $75 in loyalty bonus'. That will go through the system and you get $675 when it does, typically a few times a year if you buy all your gas, food and occasional other items you need through Lyoness.
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    Lyoness has been getting some attention. It looks to be a decent opportunity. Doing it as a biz seems like the better way for anyone wanting to really make some money. The cashback points on shopping overall may not be significant to make big waves in the networking industry. It does seem like their biz model works.
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    Working this as a business is extremely lucrative. It takes time to "get it", but it definitely is an exceptional co. with an exceptional payplan. There are a number of area's to earn in. But people don't have to go this route.

    Remember the cashback and the loyalty bonus leads to $675 repeatedly. Many people cannot afford to prepay for any units even though this is much less expensive than most companies requirements and has what I think is a very low cap on what you can prepay. Some people just want a little extra cash and could care less about the business side.

    Personally, I think EVERYONE should be in Lyoness, whether it is as a free shopper or as an IBR (Independent Business Representative). We all have to eat, and the majority of us have to buy gas, clothing, personal items, and many also buy computers, games, perfume, sports equipment, and car accessories as examples. There are hundreds of companies in Lyoness. The key is to always buy items you need through the Lyoness site. Then you will be getting more in loyalty bonus' which end up generating $675 in cashback, on top of the cashback discounts and referral bonus'. This is new to the USA and Canada, but Lyoness has been around 9.5 years.

    This is something anyone can get involved with and decide to just shop and get cashback on top of what they already get with credit cards and debit cards, and they also can use their discounts, coupons, etc. or they can decide to get involved in the business. I love to get cashback or frequent flyer miles on my charge cards, then getting Lyoness discounts on top of that, including being able to take advantage of sales and coupons is great, to me. I really like the fact that people have a choice with this.
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    One thing I should mention with Lyoness that is very important. Lyoness supports charities as well at a high level. I just got the below from Lyoness:

    The Lyoness Child & Family Foundation creates opportunities!

    Thanks to your help, a lot has been achieved in the last months and the CFF was able to complete the construction and renovation phases of the school projects in Honduras and in the Philippines. You support the projects of the CFF with every purchase you make. Those who would like to get more involved also have the opportunity to become a part of the CFF Team and actively participate in a project on-site as a Volunteer!

    Honduras – The very first Lyoness Foundation School of the world is ready
    The first Lyoness Foundation School, the Escuela Lyoness in Honduras has opened its doors. The building was inaugurated in August with a celebration.

    The over 12,000sf elementary school was equipped with a photovoltaic system of the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation. The school was launched with a pre-school and a first grade class. The Lyoness Education Program is based on the Honduras curriculum and prioritizes language, environment, health and technology.

    Philippines – A school shines again
    On the 2nd of August 2012, after nine months of extensive renovation work, the completion of the San Roque Elementary School was celebrated. The completely renovated school premises now offer additional space and new facilities. Each of the 400 school children received a CFF School Starter Kit for an optimal start of the school year.

    Team CFF – Volunteer assignment for the CFF
    Lyoness Members can now actively contribute to the Child & Family Foundation projects as a Volunteer. Workshops for teachers, work with parents, tutoring, crafts and IT work are examples of activities that can be undertaken by the Volunteers!

    This is a worldwide shopping community that helps others as well as helping us create additional income. If people would really look at Lyoness, between the cashback, the referral bonus and the loyalty bonus' alone, not even counting the 6 other ways to earn, everyone would be in Lyoness. I am very proud to be a part of this.
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    Lyoness just added Sears and Kmart today to the gift cards with a 2% cashback and a 4% loyalty bonus. This is great for the gift cards! I need a new refrigerator, stove and microwave (really just the frig, but I want them all to match) and was going to get it with Lowes gift cards. Now that Sears is added and offers a higher cashback and loyalty bonus, I'll get them there! I also need a new water softner that I was going to get at Walmart or Lowes. I'll get that at Sears or Kmart now. We are getting more choices every day here.
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    I've had some common questions asked of me that I am mentioning since they come up fairly often. I also am illustrating brloe domr personal experience on expenditures my husband Paul and I have. The key to Lyoness, which will keep you up at night once you really "get" it, is that you try to buy as much as you can through Lyoness. You tell others to do the same. Remember, this is free to join, no autoship, no minimums, so getting shoppers to sign up for what they are going to buy anyway is not hard, it is just a mindset to remember to order gift cards through Lyoness and shop online through the Lyoness website. We also can use our credit and debit cards with their cashback or loyalty offers on top of what we get with Lyoness.
    These cashbacks, referral bonus' and loyalty bonus' all adds up quickly. Initially, as regards strictly the shopping for cashback I thought it was not alot. My husband is a Parts Mgr. for a car dealership was quick to tell me all those little percentages add up quickly and is what he and his staff earn their commissions on. He is a numbers guy and between the cashback, the loyalty bonus, the referral bonus and then possibly the business side, Lyoness does it all.
    Then, if you can afford to, buy some prepaid units. This really moves your accounting units faster and increases income possibilities tremendously. But you can still earn well by shopping and referring some others to do the same, it just is not quite as instant, and many people want instant gratification. Also, if someone ever changes their mind and wants out, they can do something that will allow them to shop up and use what they put in as prepaids vs. waiting for the bigger payouts. You can't be "out" with Lyoness, we have to eat and most have to use gasoline. 90% of the countries in Europe are in Lyoness.
    All merchants offer either 1 or 2% cashback, whether they are through giftcards, which BP is, online shopping or cashback card.

    The loyalty bonus will vary from about 1-20%, it is up to the merchant. The gift cards are what are used to purchase prepaid units as well, to get more positions.
    When people buy gift cards to places like Walmart (good at Sam's club too), Sears, Lowes, BP and Exon/Mobil Gas, etc. they are shipped Fed Ex and you sign for them. There is no charge if all together they total $300. If it is less than $300 there is a $5 charge.

    The key is to buy everything you can through Lyoness, then it adds up. On an individual basis, it would be very small on a $50 BP gift card that a fellow from Australia used as an example when he first contacted me about Lyoness (BP does not have a card that low, they start at $100 but I'll use it as an example) that would be $1.00 since they are 1% cashback and 1% loyalty bonus. That is without any friendship bonus'. If you refer, you get .5% two levels down on someone purchasing this. These purchases you make and get the bonus on accrue until they hit $75. Then that $75 becomes an accounting unit and will eventually generate you $675 in cash, and you keep accruing more. So don't think in terms of earning $1.00, you need to look at the whole picture. Also, depending on where you are shopping through Lyoness, the cashback may be 2% and the bonus may be much higher than 1%.

    This is how you do well with Lyoness: We now use only gift cards for gas, food, cleaning products and personal items (through Walmart and Sam's club where I live, my son in CA has these plus Von's), home improvement at Lowes and now Sears, and we use the Outback Steakhouse cards good at Outback, Bonefish Grille, Carrabas, Roy's and Flemings. We spend alot more than $50 a month on gas. We spend alot on food and personal items monthly, we usually spend about $30-100 a month at Lowes, and we use the Outback at various restaurants at least twice a month. For us, all of that is about $1,200.00 a month. That does not include clothing, travel or extra gas when traveling out of town.

    If everyone bought items like the above, even without the restaurant and Lowes, they would probably be spending at least $700 a month.

    THEN, when you need new appliances, like I will be needing a new refrigerator very soon, which means I will replace the stove and microwave at the same time - I will go to Lowes or Sears and that will be a big spend of about $2,500 or more. We also are going to put wood on our two sets of stairs in a three story townhouse - we will buy that now at Lowes, Sears or Lumber Liquidators. That will be another $2000.

    When I run out of perfume and the kind of make up I use, I will now order it online at either Macy's, Sephora or perfume.com for the perfume. I don't go to Lord and Taylors, too expensive for me, but it was just added and has a nice loyalty bonus.

    My husband buys almost all of his clothes and shoes at Beall's. We will now do that online. I buy most of my clothing and shoes at a number of the online shops available.

    The above is just to show you that we can earn so much more than one would think at first glance. AND once you earn $75 in loyalty bonus' you get an accounting unit that enters the accounting program to eventually earn you $675!!!! This happens over and over again.
    I am very happy with the choices I have made for working at home. Now my husband can be involved too, with Lyoness. He already has referred people at work just because of the shopping - we all do it.
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    My husband and I were on vacation in Naples, FL last week and got to meet one of my upline, Feranc Suranyi , who is a Career Level 8, the highest we can get to, who goes by Frankie when in the USA. His sponsor is Antal Gergics, who is member #1 in Lyoness. Frankie lives in Naples only a few months of the year, so we were happy to get to meet with him.

    Frankie has 500,000 shoppers in his community and is at the highest career level in Lyoness. My husband and I met with Frankie and Steve, someone with him that helped with translating. Frankie speaks some English, but is not fluent. He gave us alot of great advise on growing our business and we had a great talk with Steve. The next day we spent alot of time with Heni, another Premium member of Lyoness who has referred 3 merchants.

    This post is really more about the business side of Lyoness. We can join as shoppers and earn and do just that and earn quite well, if we remember to shop through Lyoness for most of our consumer needs and do even better if we bring in some others to do the same. Lyoness is the world's largest shopping community. We can also grow this more actively and faster.

    Steve was an excellent example of someone who joined, only bought a few partially paid accounting units and mentioned to a few people the free shopping for cashback opportunity. In his first two months, he did ok but it was definitely not a big business. Frankie told him to upgrade to a premium member, bring his wife in as premium, and when he talked to others about Lyoness to also ask if they knew anyone who would be interested in cashback shopping and tell them briefly about the ability to come in buying partially paid accounting units, especially the benefits of coming in at premium. He has now been in Lyoness six months. Steve has now earned a number of bonus accounting units due to his growth. Keep in mind that Steve is not a network marketer, he owns a small sprinkler business in Naples and this was new to him. He also is not from the USA, so does not have a huge number of people he knows. Steve showed me his backoffice and his earnings for September. It was definitely a well paid full time job equivalent!

    The next day we met with Heni. Heni joined Lyoness in 2010. She joined in Hungary when home visiting and transferred her membership to the USA. She knows people in Lyoness in both Hungary and the USA. She joined as Premium, brought her boyfriend in as Premium and always participates in the optional offerings to Premium members which currently are Brazil and Asia. Heni has brought in three merchants. She was able to quit her job and is just involved with Lyoness. She has referred some others as well, but her business is built more on participating in the optional offerings and referring small merchants. We went to one of her merchants, talked to the owner, bought something at the shop and immediately got the text message with our cashback and loyalty bonus earnings. She has small Lyoness flags outside of her business and signage inside with the flyers available for customers to join.

    I have also had a couple of people contact me about Lyoness that did not realize I had already joined it. Some of them have decided to work this along with other business' so they decided to come in at Premium, purchase in the optional offerings like Brazil and Asia, and do all their shopping through Lyoness and only involve family and friends. We do not use the term "passive" at Lyoness, but they are doing this at a slower pace knowing they will earn well in the long run, but are not recruiting alot of shoppers and not signing up merchantes.

    Paul and I are quite happy with the number of ways people can choose to earn with Lyoness. You can come in and eventually earn some decent money by just shopping through Lyoness for most of your needs and referring some others to do the same, that then also tell others and so on, all the way to doing the complete business side of Lyoness or something between the two. We all should be telling people about the benefits of shopping for cashback and loyalty bonus' though! Remember, when shopping online you can also use your credit or debit card and take advantage of any offers that might have for casback, etc. as well.
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    Important - Big Discount for Merchants - between now and the end of 2012, new Loyalty Merchants can signup at a 70% discount.

    Premium members will pay only $171 (plus tax) normal price is $570
    Non-premium members will pay only $600 (plus tax) normal price is $1999
    Merchants with multiple locations receive the same 70% discount for each additional location

    This is a great time to get new merchants onboard. One person in my downline that owns a salon was debating on when to join as a merchant and has a friend with a nutritional she is going to approach with me assisting her. Now she will be doing this alot sooner with this great pricing!
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    You got to be kidding. isn't ther enough garbage out ther from the good ole U.S. Do you really have to go to Europe.

    The only way for an average person to make in network marketing is to stay far away from it.
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    This company is in numerous countries and is a 9.5 year old company. The offices in the USA are in the Empire State Bldg. and on Brickell Ave. in Miami, FL .

    This is free to join, you get cashback on your purchases, there is no autoship, no minimum requirements, no product.

    Most of the Lyoness members are strictly shoppers. We all need gas and food and other sundries. People who get in the habit of buying through Lyoness find it adds up and if they tell others they earn more. It's strictly present shopping and future shopping through Lyoness. Everything is funded through the merchants that get enormous advertising exposure through Lyoness.
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    Lyoness added many merchants for November including four major brands. Here they are:

    Home Depot, Chevron, Foot Locker, American Airlines.
    Pacsun, Gilt, Max Studio, Agent Provacatuer, Payless,
    Max & Chloe, Lindt's Chocolate, The Vitamin Shoppe,
    Capital Supply, Sears Outlet, Legal Seafoods, Marvel,
    Giggle, Summit Hut, Etnies, Kaspersky, Stila, Hoover,
    Joann's Fabric, Harbor Freight Tools, Best Price Photo,
    HBO Shop, Blue Man Group, Booking.com, Six Flaggs,
    Autozone and Nordstroms.

    Lyoness announced this yearend contest:

    You will earn your choice of one of the following four prizes:
    The new iPad 3 with 32GB Wifi + Cellular
    The new iPhone 5 with 32GB
    An Exclusive Invitation for one person to the Lyoness Management Americas Office Opening Event in Miami including 2 nights hotel stay, VIP Party and $400 towards airfare which will be booked on your purchase account
    A Lyoness Workshop Invitationfor one person to one of our new quarterly Lyoness America Workshops including 2 nights hotel stay, event fee and $400 towards airfare which will be booked on your purchase account

    How to qualify and make it to the finish line:
    Earn a combined 200 direct career points (special booking offers such as Asia and Brazil not included) with a minimum shopping volume of $4,000 (online shopping not included) generated by your direct referrals only
    Have 5 winners among all your directs and indirects in the same month

    The race is open to all Members for the production months of November (10/25 – 11/28/2012) and December (11/29 – 12/26/2012) or for a period of 30 days after activation for newly registered Members. You are eligible to win in each production month and earn a choice of two prizes!
    On your mark, get set, SHOP!!!

    "Together We Are Strong"
    ~Your Lyoness Team
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    That is what really got me hooked on Lyoness. There is no product and no required auto ship. I love earning from what I do anyway. Everyone buys groceries, gas and cleaning products. Then when you need something else, there are 100's of online stores and a number of stores with gift cards. We are getting new kitchen appliances in January or Feburary so are also accumulating a lot of Sears gift cards for that.

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