Has anyone heard of The Vemma Builder or The Traffic Broker System?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by NewatIM, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. NewatIM

    NewatIM New Member

    Hi All,

    I am the newest Newbie on the planet at this internet & work at home business. For over 2 weeks now, I have been searching the internet, read every forum I can lay my eyes on & read every income opportunity emails I get to find something suitable to start. I am now more confused than ever.

    Most of the opportunities I received via email I have managed to find reviews or messages on forums but I cannot find any reviews or forum which discuss these 2 businesses, The Vemma Builder & The Traffic Broker System. So if anyone knows anything about them please let me know, since there is not much about them on the net, I thought they could be fairly new & might be a good time to get in.

    Also if anyone has any advice for a Newbie from Australia like me, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  2. BeAChampion

    BeAChampion Member


    I actually do know a lot about Vemma Builder.

    The sales floor where I used to work tried to sell Vemma Builder
    as another product to our clients if they decided they didn't want
    our main product.

    Matt Morrow, who is making over $60,000 a month and is a millionaire from doing NuSkin and other MLM introduced us to Vemma Builder.

    Although Vemma is a great product, we were not successful with Vemma Builder because the people that joined usually quit within 30-90 days.

    I wish you the BEST as you find the right business for yourself,

  3. LuckyRon

    LuckyRon New Member

    Wow thanks champ. I've been getting interested in Vemma myself. I think i'm going to focus on selling stuff people already buy everyday. They have a new energy drink coming out and the website is beautiful. I didn't see prices though.
  4. hotmomof2

    hotmomof2 New Member

    Hi, I have checked into Vemma Builder and searched them on the BBB and they check out good. Is anyone actually doing the Vemma Builder system or tried it? I signed up as a pre enrollee and they email me when someone upgrades and they tell me I have money coming if I sign up before the end of payperiod which is every Thursday. If anyone has any info for me please share! Thanx[​IMG]
  5. kfree2006

    kfree2006 New Member

    I suggest you make sure this is what you want to do.
    Make sure you talk to someone who is active in vemma
    I'm a tell you I won't get into nothing unless I can
    benefit from the product so before I get started with
    anything I'm going to find at least 3 to 4 people who
    is involved in the business.
  6. EthosKeeper

    EthosKeeper New Member

    Hello all,

    All I know is the Vemma Builder marketer who targeted my email, filled my box with emails promoting his success, but never responded once, despite me emailing him several times, at 3 different email addresses, as I had some questions.

    I understand, some emails have auto-reply, and it would be nice if people signed up without having to do any real work, other then sending emails, but communication in any successful business is essential.

    I too am new to marketing, but not to doing business, and I was turned off, by the fact the person never contacted me. That plus the fact they kept sending me congrats, like; "1500 people are on your downline, you have money waiting, etc"... I like straight forward, honest approaches. I don't know that Vemma's not a good co., but they failed to prove it to me as an individual.

    My personal analogy is the "product" is us (people), after all is said and done you are looking to join a group of people who are driven to succeed, and have the plan, the tools, and the consistency to produce success. I think any one who is centrally focused on the specific product or item the "group" uses to attract new prospects, is missing the bigger picture in multi-level marketing.

    You could be selling "anything" and be successful, so long as you understand the greater importance is maintaining the intrest of the downline, and assiting them to stay focused, and understand the importance of sharing a like minded vision.

    With that being said, I believe any business you choose to join has the ability to produce success, that however, is entirely up to you, and how you maintain your crop!

    It's my philosophy, by leveraging the power of numbers, people, money, time, and resources creates success. But first you need to determine if you are a predator or a cultavator?

    The predators prey on the weak, while the cultivators contribute, and share their crop with others.

    I simply choose to be a cultivator, despite the fact it requires more effort!

  7. timflowers

    timflowers New Member

    I was once in Vemma and it's a solid company but they don't seem too concerned about their distributors. They set the rules and either you abide by them or you leave. (or get kicked out.) For example, I added some text to my Vemma replicated website. The text was sent to me from my upline. Vemma's legal department suspended my website until I brought it into compliance, but I couldn't do that because they also locked me out of my back office. I couldn't change my site, my autoship, or view my genealogy. I complained and they corrected it but never apologized.

    I also had sent some emails to member support that were never answered.

    As for VemmaBuilder, I can't recommend them. I tried calling them and emailing them and never once got a reply from them. Non-existent customer service, in my experience.

    Good luck!
    Tim Flowers
    Greensboro NC USA
  8. BeAChampion

    BeAChampion Member

    Vemma is a solid company but they do not train or teach you how to properly build your Vemma business.

    This is why when the sales floor I used to work on couldn't sponsor anyone who didn't quit in 30-90 days because 99% of the people we sponsored as a sales floor didn't have the knowledge of how to build their business.

    So of course they are going to quit when they are losing money and not making money and don't know how to make it work.

    I since left that sales floor a long time ago and decided to get into Network Marketing and Internet Marketing myself and stop working for other people and making them rich.

    The main thing you must do if you want to achieve financial freedom
    is you need to:

    #1 Don't try yo convince and 'sell' your business opportunity to other up-front.

    Because most people absolutely don't care about your business opportunity because they are trying to make their current opportunity work and the last thing they want to do is start over in another company.

    And 97% of people currently in a network marketing business are failing and it makes no sense for them to go to another one and fail in that one too.


    Instead of trying to convince or 'sell' your business opportunity directly HELP your prospects build their current business.

    Whatever it is that they doing, help them. Train them. Give them real knowledge.

    Once they implement the things you teach and get strong results and know what you teach works, they will trust you because you are making them money and they will want to work with you on more things that are going to make them even more money.

    "If you want to get the results that almost no one else gets, then you must do the things that almost no one else does." -Tim McGaffin

    Do the Opposite!

    Stop 'selling'

    Start teaching, start helping....

    And those who take action on what you teach will make money as long as you are really teaching them things to help them and not you.

    But the thing is that if you are truly focusing on helping others and forget about yourself, you'll be amazed at how you will receive their help in return and build your business on the back-end and have the money start to roll in from the back end.

    Never give up! You're closer to success than you think!


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