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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by Websahoy, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Websahoy

    Websahoy New Member

    Curious about credentials and effectivenss of heavily mentored program from Thrive Learning. http://www.thriveli.com/

    Offers two-phase One-year program of mentored web business development from scratch. Lots of personal time, many different styles and techniqeus to web businesses by their description.

    Program is fairly expensive though and calls for 10-12 hour per week on 4 per week phone & networked computer instruction...

    I just can't find much of anything out there that gives an unbiased track-record or accouning of their succes with the "students".

    They approached me 4 days after I bought Rachel Ryans $50.00 kit as a little bit of reasearch into Net Business oportunities..

    I would really appreciate some first (or second) hand impressions of this Thrive Learning Institute intensive program.
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  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    There is a lot of free stuff out there on learning internet marketing - so be careful about paying for stuff. Unless it is for web designing etc.... then that may be different.

    I have learned a lot over the past year for almost nothing and a friend of mine has spent thousands in getting himself educated...

    I am out there DOING it with what I pick up here and there and he has yet to get started - [​IMG]
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  3. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    I suppose it depends on how much time and money you have. With a coach you will probably learn the ropes faster and spend a good bit of money, I believe if you can afford it and you know they're credible then use the mentor/coach. I have spent just 2 weeks researching on my own and have learned A LOT. If I had money to spend on a great coach, not just a good one, I'd do it. Right now I'm learning on my own with help from people in here and others who I've met out there in cyberspace. You do what is best for you but do the research BEFORE you make decisions.
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  4. Websahoy

    Websahoy New Member

    If receiving 4-5 Months of menotoring 4 x a week for 1.5 hours plus nightly video seminars for an hour plus site design, multi-angled marketing instructions, digital products to sell, and reportedly full marketing budget to promote.....What Would This Be Worth???

    I,m still tring to get a feeling if Thrive Learning Institute is worth several Thousand in "Tuition"???
  5. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    If you have several thousand to spare - you might as well go for it. It will probably shorten your learning curve as someone else had mentioned - it must be a new company as no one seems to be aware of them.

    Or perhaps they are all busy building websites now..[​IMG]
  6. iprofits

    iprofits New Member

  7. Bloink86

    Bloink86 New Member

    Thrive Learning is a great company. They have helped me start making money online. Once you start working with them you can really tell the wealth of knowledge that they have. One of the best decisions I have made to start working with Thrive.
  8. bobullman

    bobullman New Member

    What business are you in?
    How long have you been with Thrive. They approached me yesterday and are calling back tomorrow.
    I have been presented this same type of pitch 3 other times and I tried Jeff Paul for $4k. That was a waste of money and my lawyer got $3k back to me.
  9. drp

    drp New Member

    Thrive Learning is great, I signed up with them a few years back. The reason they don't have any BBB complaints since opening in 2001 is because they have satisfied clients. I would not be where I am if I didn't start with Thrive.
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  10. ipodnano7

    ipodnano7 New Member

    I was going to have a go at Thrive learning, but it takes too long to learn [​IMG]
  11. drp

    drp New Member

    ipodnano7: I was going to have a go at Thrive learning, but it takes too long to learn ????

    Don't quite understand what you mean? If you haven't tried it, why do you think it takes too long? When I started with them it was really fast in getting started. I think the only thing that took me time was actually doing some of the marketing, mainly my fault because I have a normal 40/week job. But they were really helping me to get it done fast so I could get out of the job and go part time.

    Its really relative to how much time you have. They are on the ball when it comes to training and making sure I was doing it right.
  12. bobullman

    bobullman New Member

    Along the lines of mentoring I have also looked at Jaguar Marketing. They also want $4k but now have a money back guarantee for 45 days if you don't make $4k. I saw some old posts on Jaguar/Predator but nothing recent. They definitely look interesting.

    Bob Ullman
  13. trevorlover

    trevorlover New Member

    I signed up with Thrive about 6 months ago. They have been AMAZING! They have been so on top of things with helping me and answering my questions and teaching me things. I have a website up now and it's making sales and I couldn't have done it without Thrive! They even contacted me if I got lost on things and didn't call for a while to make sure I was doing okay! They know what they're talking about. I love them!
  14. rob19

    rob19 New Member

    Hey, if Thrive have built you a site would you mind sharing your url with us so we can see their work. They approached me today and I am not convinced that there work is anything more than average. I challenge you to prove me wrong....
  15. drp

    drp New Member

    Thrive doesn't actually build the site for you, they teach you how to build a site and market it.
  16. jor_neu

    jor_neu New Member

    I signed up with Thrive about a month ago, they have been great, with owning one other business I cant afford to loose alot of time trying to research on my own, I need someone who knows what where and when, and I can trust. So far so good, I have lost more money not getting the right help then it will cost me for Thrive to teach me the right way the first time.
    I am new to this forum and hope to learn from all of you, thanks
  17. austin

    austin New Member

    Has anyone taken the domain processing course from Thrive? It's pretty expensive. I see that the posts all speak of web site design work. I think I understand the concept but is it viable and are the money potential claims for real? How quickly (if for real) can you reach the several thousand dollar a month claims? Can you REALLY buy and sell for profit domains?
  18. N Harpest

    N Harpest New Member

    Ms. Nuemiller, It is good to hear you are having a great experience with Thrive. Would you be willing to indicate how much you had to pay (I am wondering if it is consistant person to person?) and how much you are earning after a month? It is feeling very risky with such a high price tag.
    Thanks so much!
  19. ursulasaulie

    ursulasaulie Guest

    I just signed up with the Thrive Institute for $2100. I am glad to hear that people like it since i lost $7000 with the Wealth Institute
  20. eurika

    eurika New Member

    Whoa! 2k, 4k, 7k?!

    I got a call from Vanuity aka the Thrive Learning Institute after purchasing My Online Income System and here were my qualms

    1. They presented themselves as though they were a part of the program I had purchased when in fact they are an independent third party. Why?

    The story was that they were selecting thirty people out of thousands that had signed up for the program I purchased.

    2. They asked me questions about my credit rating which was really uncomfortable and made me suspicious.

    3. The minimum they would except to start was nearly $1900 and when I said I didn't want to spend that much I no longer 'qualified' and i must not be serious about making money online.

    4. They tell me to think of it as an investment like an education but let me tell ya you can by a lot of books for that money.

    To each his own of course. I've read multiple reports of people feeling they were ripped off and occasionally people really like it.

    personal mentors and consultants are fabulous but I prefer to approach them and request their services rather than receiving an all or nothing 'qualifying' phone call.

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