Has Anyone heard of Thrive Learning Institute

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by Websahoy, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Taken4aride

    Taken4aride New Member

    Those devils! They work everyone the same way. We were told we would be making mega bucks as well.

    I had the same feeling when I looked on the net and found the complaints. I thought we were stuck! We tried to make it work even knowing they were scam artists but we did not make a dime.

    All we had was a verbal contract. They tried to tell us the same thing - they had a recorded contract. Did they tell you they were recording your transaction?

    Have you looked up the Utah Business codes?
    Here is the website:


    Why don't you email me at bendeceived@yahoo.com

    We can visit better. I understand the sleepless nights. Try not to let that happen. There are so many people out there who have been scammed by Thrive.

    Talk to you soon. Taken4aride
  2. ambrabbs

    ambrabbs New Member

    I would encourage people to avoid this institute at alll costs. Yeah they have the mentoring during their WORKING HOURS which never seemed to be when I was home from my regular job. The fact that they seem to base the initial investment on taking info from your re your current available balances on all your current credit cards should have made me balk. When they promised an initial return w/in 3 months ( and then tell you not to mention that part when they record your acceptance of the program--another red flag) My initial investment was over $6000 which Thrive will tell you can be charged to your current credit cards, then get new credit cards w/ 0% interest to pay it off. The only problem with this was there were no 0% interest cards out there at that time. I have been with Thrive for over ONE YEAR with NO income, but certainly more capital put into it than I ever imagined. SO do your research before you sign up with anyone. Another place which is certainly a scam is The Tax Club, which promises a personalized tax plan (which does contain some of your personal data plugged into a business format for a couple thousand dollars, when you can purchase the same business info at a local bookstore for approx $25.00. Also they put you in touch with other business mentors which are business partners or close associates only trying to get more money out of your. Ususally the mentors would miss their phone appts or never call in the first place. I could never get my money back when I complained and they would call my home phone when I told them to call my cell phone as I was at work. Nice way to document that they tried to get ahold of me. Ha!!! Good luck!!![​IMG]
  3. ambrabbs

    ambrabbs New Member

    The Tax Club is one of the biggest rip-offs. They try to sell you business income tax preparation along with a personal/business tax plan. The tax plan is nothing more than your personal info which you provide to them, which is plugged into a business plan for about $2000. Fortunately you can get the same business plan in an excellent book entitled "Start, Run & Grow a Successful Small Business" for about $25.00 from your local book store. I refused to purchase their tax preparation for additional money. They also set me up with business mentors, which I found after further research that some were business partners, not separate businesses, working out of the same offices. These "mentors" often did not keep their appts, would reschedule and never call back when they found I was not "buying" more products or services. When I complained and tried to get my money back, they refused. I plan to contact the Better Business Bureau re this and Thrive...The BBB can only do their job when people take the time to really let them know how businesses are treating the public. There appears to be a lot of scammers offering lots of promises for big money then not delivering.
  4. spode

    spode New Member

    Has anyone heard of "Let's Succeed Now"? That's who did our tax this past year and we still have no indication that our income tax was filed. Has anyone out there been in contact with them or had their income tax filed by them?
  5. takentoo

    takentoo New Member

    I can't get a hold of ANYONE at Thrive! This is ridiculous! I've sent in all my complaints (except to the AG of Utah. How did you others go about contacting them? Email? Phone?)
    Spode, hang in there! I hear ya about the sleepless nights! I watch TV to try and get my mind off of it and to help me fall back asleep. This forum has been a life saver! I felt completely lost and alone until I found this. I think it's best to just think positive and believe that you will get your money back, because we all will if we STICK TO IT! - or "stick it to 'em"!!!
    I signed a contract in March of 2009, so I hope that won't make it more difficult in getting my money back. I have re-read the contract though, and they have not upheld their end (as we all know). I can't even log in to Thrive anymore, nor can I get a hold of anyone. I haven't talked to anyone from there in months...
  6. Taken4aride

    Taken4aride New Member

    Hang in there everyone!!!

    Write your letter in a "To Whom It May Concern" style. Tell the truth about what happen. This letter is the one that will go to whomever you complain to.

    Your best bet may be through the Utah Department of Consumer Protection. It does take a month or more before they will contact you. If you have not heard from them - send an email inquiring about the status of your compliant. You will hear from them. I got an email telling me to be patient.


    All this takes time but remember Thrive has broken the Utah Business Opportunites Laws so your contracts (for those of you who have one) is not valid anyway.


    There have been many people who have signed contracts and still received a refund because of the business laws broken.

    Everyone - start blogging today!! There are blogs out there to help give you information. Check them out.

    We are waiting for papers to sign for our refund. It will happen. So do not give up. It is a full time job sometimes but keep helping and encouraging others. Pay it forward!! It will help you keep your sanity.

    Remember - when Thrive does call you to work out a resolution - they will offer you less than 100%. If you are lucky (60%). Tell them what you want (money figure) for your refund.

    You do not need to listen to anyone being rude to you or explain any details to them. Your letter should say it all. Just state what you want back. Stay calm! You are in the right! Remember that!!

    The Go Petition is down for now. Let me know if you want it going again and I will start it up.

    Good luck to all of you!!!!
  7. spode

    spode New Member

    Hello to Everyone

    Has anything been happening? Would like to hear from anyone. We are on hold, but will fax or phone Thrive sometime soon. I need to hear from someone.

    Please post your experiences.

  8. takentoo

    takentoo New Member

    I'm having trouble getting back on to my blog. Spode, have you started one yet? It's very easy and proven effective. Have you contacted anyone in Canada? I've sent a complaint to FTC and the DCP. I'm not sure all that I should have included in my complaint, but hopefully they will get back to me soon. I've been reading of lot of blogs and would recommend others doing so too. There are a lot of people that are in the same situation as we are. We need to stick together and help each other out. Everyone has been doing a great job of that so far! Thanks again.
  9. spode

    spode New Member


    I have started one and have gotten back to it, but can't seem to be able to make a new entry. Does anyone know how to do that?

    I have not contacted anyone in Canada. I'm not sure who to contact. Do you have any ideas?

    Seems like I'm at a standstill! I think I'm going to send Thrive another fax - maybe tomorrow to tell them I'm not giving up and to please refund me my money. I have contacted the BBB in Utah, but have not heard from anyone. Do they contact you?

    Just waiting, I guess!
  10. Taken4aride

    Taken4aride New Member

    The BBB of Utah will contact you by email if you have filed a complaint with them.

    Please make sure you have also filed with the Utah Dept of Consumer Protection. They will be your best help in getting a refund.


    I do not know who to contact in Canada. I am not sure if anyone there can help you. Perhaps there may be others from Canada that can help you there.

    Who are you contacting at Thrive? It should be Zach Bradshaw. If you have just started asking for a refund - you can be sure Thrive will not cave in right now.

    It has taken us over 5 months to get any results from the DCP. That is why you must be patient and keep working toward your refund goal.

    When Thrive does call you to work out a resolution - keep in mind they are scammers to the bitter end!

    They will offer you about 60%. You are entitled to a complete refund.

    Be sure to state the dollar amount you want back. That way there is no confusion.

    It does seem like everything is at a standstill - but things are at work that you cannot see.

    I do not know what you are using to create your blog. I used Google's. (blogspot) It was easy to get started. Perhaps you need to just post more information again.

    What is your blogs name? Have you published it yet?

    Hang in there. We all know what you are going through.
  11. cmlny

    cmlny New Member

    [Post deleted on user request - Admin]
  12. ellie mae

    ellie mae New Member

    just a warning don't get involed with thrive you put out alot of money and get nothing in return. Please just tell them you are not interested anymore. You will be thankful later.
  13. spode

    spode New Member

    ellie mae

    I wish I had known that when I started. At that time the reviews were not bad - there was only one bad review.
  14. spode

    spode New Member

    Just sent the following fax to Thrive; I wonder if I will hear from them:!!

    We are again sending this fax with a request to refund us our money.

    We have not heard from you for over a week now and we are desperately waiting to hear about the refund of our money that we paid to Thrive for services that we did not receive.

    We were smooth talked into this program and paid BIG money for a web site and a drop shipper and we never received anything. We were given access to webinars that didn't have any information. We participated in live chats that were nothing but a lot of "self-promotion" of themselves and their web sites.

    We signed up for big money; the Chief Executive spot (I am told). Nobody else paid for that spot. We were suppose to get service! Why weren't we given the choice to sign up for a lesser spot?? Why weren't we given the option to sign up for less money?? Why weren't we given a choice?? We paid for BIG service and we got none. We were told we would get TLC and we got a kick in the butt! You scammed us for $20,000.00 and we lost out! We gave you our Credit Card info and you saw that we had a good credit rating and you took that and destroyed it. Now we are left here with a huge debt and no means of paying for it. We are seniors and all we wanted was a little extra money to help us pay for our mortgage and get it paid off sooner.

    Please if you have a heart out there in Utah, please, PLEASE send us our money back.

    Thank you.
  15. cmlny

    cmlny New Member

    [Post deleted on user request - Admin]
  16. spode

    spode New Member

    I have started a blog, but it's not very visible! I don't have an e-mail address for Zach Bradshaw. If you have one can you kind of embed it in your message and then maybe it won't be deleted. Try and get a petition going - that would be good. I've checked it all out and print off all the stuff. Keep me posted as to what you are doing. Thanks.
  17. cmlny

    cmlny New Member

    [Post deleted on user request - Admin]
  18. cmlny

    cmlny New Member

    [Post deleted on user request - Admin]
  19. spode

    spode New Member


    Thanks so much for the wishes. Christmas has always been the happiest time of the year and this year is probably the worst Christmas I've experienced. We need to keep posting; it definitely encourages me in my pursuit of a refund. It's so hard to get my mind on something else.

    I sent another fax to Zach B yesterday. I'm hoping that he will call on Monday. I need to talk to him at least once more before Christmas. I understand now that we signed up for the Chief Executive spot and we didn't get any service at all like we were promised. We were made to believe that we had to pay that much in order to get service; that was the cost of education!!! The education was a sham and the services were nil. The promises didn't mean a thing. With all the money that we paid them and they wouldn't do anything for us.

    We are demanding that we get a full refund.
  20. takentoo

    takentoo New Member

    Hey all!! Happy Holidays! (well as happy as they can be) - let's all stay positive and use each other's support to get through this. I just got a phone message from a guy named Steve at Thrive. He said that he would be the one to talk to about getting a refund and to call him back ASAP. I'm so nervous to call him back... if I got smooth-talked into coughing up 8 grand then what will they suck me into this time?!?! I'm just afraid that he'll talk around everything I have to say... I'll keep you posted. I can get onto my blog at home so I'll be updatng that soon too. Try and enjoy this time of year as much as possible, we'll tackle them in the new year!!!

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