Has Anyone heard of Thrive Learning Institute

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  1. takentoo

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    Hi all! Well here's to a better year!!!
    cmlny, I can still get to their website (it was probably your computer) but I couldn't sign in a while back and when I emailed them to say that I couldn't log on (and I was using the same username and password that I had used all along) they sent back my username and a different password saying "it's the same it's always been"... So I don't know what's going on there... weird. So what did Glen say about your refund when you talked to him? Does it sound promising? I think I'll wait another week or so before I call because I didn't put my complaint in until the middle of December.
    In other news, I returned the phone call from Thrive and - shocking - no response back. I haven't heard anything from the DCP either, but completely understand how busy they must be - too many of these scammers out there!!!
    How's everyone doing? Hopefully you all enjoyed the holiday's... despite our crappy situations! Let's all hang in there!
  2. spode

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    Have you heard from the Utah BBB. We sent our response to them on December 29. Who is your floor sales company; the company that took your money listed on the credit card invoice? Ours was Prosperity Learning, so according to the BBB we are dealing with Prosperity Learning not Thrive. I can't wait to hear whether they will respond to our response to them. Let's keep talking and helping each other out. This has been such a great help to me. We will all 'hang in there' together.
  3. takentoo

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    Spode, when I tried to file with the Utah BBB, it directed me to contact one of four suggested agencies. I then completely forgot to write them as I was busy trying to file with the DCP as well. Do you think it's worth my time to contact one of the other agencies? Were you able to file with the BBB?
  4. spode

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    I would file with whoever I can. I didn't get a response from anyone yet, except with the Utah BBB. It took a while for them to respond, but I think that I would contact as many agencies as I can. I heard that the DCP is swamped with complaints, so I guess it takes a while. Now that I have sent my response back to the BBB, I'm not sure what to do next.

    Make sure that you send something to the Utah BBB. All the best.
  5. Saundrak

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    It is never to late to file the complaints about these companies.
    The thing is that if you don't file the complaints you will not get the help from DCP and agencies too get your money back.
    I would keep fighting till you get your money back.
    Don't let them keep your money.
    I would take time out of your busy day to do what is needed to
    get the complaints filed.
    The BBB and rip-off is a joke they will not help you, but I still would file complaints with them.
    Don't give up because that is what these companies want so they can keep your money.
    It will take time for Attorney General and other agencies to get back with you.
  6. Mad_as_hell

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    well I did check the rip off thing and it looked good for this thrive people so I gave them my money too...............I can't believe these crooks. How can they sleep at night. So any news on how we get our money back. I am in Canada
  7. spode

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    Keep contacting them and keep on their tail. I am from Canada as well and I haven't given up yet! (and probably won't give up). I gave them thousands of dollars and can't believe how stupid I was. They promised to get my investment back in 6 months and get a 6 figure income. When we signed up all we wanted was to sell our stuff on Ebay! Then they got us into the web site thing! What a laugh! All they wanted was more money. I've gotten a response from the Utah BBB, but also have filed a complaint to the Utah Department of Consumer Protection, but didn't get a reply or any response from them. Also tried the Attorney General, but been told they are swamped so I will have to wait longer for them to respond. I'm not sure what to do next, except keep bugging Thrive. Just wondering if Prosperity Learning was the floor sales that took your money? The one that is listed on your credit card bill. I have heard no one who has had contact with them. That is who took our money; the one listed on our credit card statement. Keep talking and we will work together to help each other get our money back. Good luck.
  8. Taken4aride

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    Hello - What has happened to cmlny?
    I see her blog and her postings here have been taken down?
    Did she get a refund?

    We are still waiting for ours. I don't think they will honor that agreement so I am going to continue to tell everyone about how Thrive, IIS victimizes the American public and couldn't care less!

    Thrive contacted me to work out a resolution. IIS sent an email stating they sent the refund to our credit card.

    I emailed them back to let them know because Thrive was making unauthorized charges to that card - it was cancelled. We have a new number.

    IIS just said they would have to verify that account was closed and start the refund request for our check and they were within the 30 days.

    Those 30 days are up!!

    If you are a "professional" company, wouldn't you take the time to verify the credit card account BEFORE you supposedly credited back any amount of money??

    Thrive told us we would receive a check as soon as they got the paperwork back. More lies. IIS says they knew nothing about that.

    It appears Zach Bradshaw speaks from both sides of his mouth!! Is that a surprise to anyone? Just read about the results from all the people in this forum alone who have spoken with him.

    So in the meantime - all of you who are Thrive's victims - KEEP blogging, KEEP complaining, KEEP talking to everyone!!

    Good Luck to all of you!!
  9. stoppingscams

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    The real scammers and bad guys behind selling Thrives program are the call centers that do the actually calling and taking of your credit card information. I will write a new post with more details.

    One of the main Telemarketing companys operating these schemes through a large Call Center in Florida is Impulse Marketing LLC. They sell many other get rich quick schemes and Acia Berry Detox, Colon Cleanse and a hundred other products. This company is run by some guys with a long history of failed businesses. I found out some of the owners or operators of Impulse are Joseph A. Montalbano in Trinity FL, Jason Peterson from Utah now living there in Tampa FL, and Matthew Argall in Palm Harbor FL.
    "Joey" Montalbano comes off as some kinda washed up mob guy, not sure if he is really connected to the Mob or just pretends to scare people from looking into him.
    Maybe he is washing Mob money through his call center? those businesses are known for really shady money practices and off shore banking!

    Impulse Marketing LLC Headquarters:
    3985 Gateway Centre Blvd
    Suite 200
    Pinellas Park, FL 33782
    Telephone: (727) 210-4715
    Fax: (727) 210-4721
    Email: info at impulseteam.com
  10. spode

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    I wonder what happened to her as well. I wish she/he would let us know what happened. We need to keep standing together to get these companies stopped. I can't believe how many companies they are working with. I thought I was working with Thrive and now I'm suppose to deal with Prosperity Learning in getting my money back. I have no information about them and it seems like no one has had any dealings with them. I'm going to keep bugging Thrive for my refund and won't stop. Can anyone still get their status on the Utah BBB? I can't seem to get them on their site. They are probably dealing with so many complaints that because they are not accredited with the BBB that they don't care to deal with them all!! Don't blame them, but we still need to get our refunds and so I will continue to give my complaints even to the BBB.

    Lets keep letting each other know what we are doing, because it does encourage me and help to keep my attitude positive.
  11. Taken4aride

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    I know she had been talking with Zach Bradshaw concerning a refund so perhaps they came through but she had to take down all her negative postings about Thrive.

    That is usually the deal when and if someone gets a refund.

    I checked and Thrive's rating is still a C+. 38 complaints. All resolved, except one was administratively closed. Yeah, right.

    We all know how they work, don't we?
  12. Taken4aride

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  13. spode

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    Thanks Taken4aride for setting up this petition.
  14. takentoo

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    MaH, hang in there (with the rest of us)! It's best to re-read some of the posts on here, taken4aride has a lot of good advice as well as a few others. When I first started looking into this stuff it was suggested to go a read page 7 posts ??“ "used and abused" and "joeblow2009" have some great advice. The next step would be contacting DCP (they will be the biggest help), AG of Utah (and AG of your state), FBI and the BBB. Also start blogging! It's easy to do and will help inform others too. We're all going through the same thing and we'll help each other along the way. Spode and I are from Canada as well so we'll keep you posted with anything we figure out too. Don't give up! We're here for ya!
  15. spode

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    We got a call from Thrive yesterday from the Accounts Department!! They realized that we had not signed the contract with them and wondered if they could e-mail it to us and we could sign it now. We signed up with Thrive at the beginning for February 2009 - now they want us to sign the contract. HaHaHa!!! Do we want to sign a contract??? I think not!! I'm surprised that she didn't know that we were trying to get our money back! But when we told her, she was really surprised; we will be giving them a call next week!! With all the faxes that we have been sending Thrive and the Accounts Department doesn't know that we want our money back????
  16. spode

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    We need to hear from "stoppingscams". Where is your information? How can we get some help to get our money back from Thrive or other such companies?
  17. spode

    spode New Member

    We have not heard from Thrive or Zach Bradshaw for some time now, dispite all the faxes we have sent to them. Today we tried to call and the answering service only responded to "You have reached the corporate offices; enter the number of the person you wish to speak too" Enter 135 and Zach Bradshaw answers the phone with "you have reached the office of customer relations; please leave your message and we will get back to you as soon as possible." Well, we waited all day and never got a return call. Bye the way, I called twice and left 2 messages. So much for customer relations!!!

    [ Continued at Has Anyone heard of Thrive Learning Institute continued... ]
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    I toyed around with network marketing and affiliate marking since 1999 without much success because I treated like a hobby. All of these opportunities are what you make of it. In 2005, I decided to make it my passion and had some phenomenal success to the tune of $10,000 to $72,000 in a month and ended up as a speaker at one of the company events where I was awarded a "Rising Star" award. However, that success lasted a little less than a year. The business dies out and I just did not like the inner workings of how I got there. The long and the short of it is, I made it my passion because I lost my 6 figure job and all I wanted to do was stay home with my children. Things got really bad financially after that and I lost my family which resulted in a divorce. I eventually went back to a fail safe job that paid me $2000 to $3000 per week while I was working. It is good job in a clean environment and I only work for a few months in the spring and a couple months in the fall and therefore it gives me time freedom to spend with my children.

    I know that big ticket opportunities can be attractive to the eye, but if you are not an advanced marketer you are better off keeping your job until the opportunity can replace your monthly income on a consistent business.

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