Has anyone tried the Cash Leveraging System?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by hsimpsonjr, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    I got an email about it. I have always been scared of gifting but this one is only $25 to get into instead of the minimum $500 with some of the others. Has anyone tried it?
  2. ezsuccess

    ezsuccess New Member

    Yes, I am using the Cash Leveraging System (TCLS). It is brand new and was just launched on July 28th. They have designed a terrific website and an innovative cash generating activity.

    I joined two days ago, so it is too early for me to provide a testimonial. But I'm anticipating some great results. And the one time $25 entry fee makes it a no-brainer.

    EZ Success
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  3. ezsuccess

    ezsuccess New Member

    I have been a member of the Cash Leveraging System (TCLS) for 1 week now and I can assure everyone that it works as advertised. Because of the one time cost of $25, it is a great way for anyone to receive a sizeable amount of cash.
  4. BeAChampion

    BeAChampion Member

    Hi guys, I joined the "Cash Leveraging Network" or also called "Cash Leveraging System" or as I see in these posts abbreviated as TCLS.

    I joined and made $90 in my first day using only Free Text Ad Exchanges.

    I love the website and how clean and simple everythig is laid out.
  5. newpage

    newpage New Member


    I actually just signed up on the 9th of August and haven't heard back from the site with the information to the backoffice. But I did send them an email and hopefully going to hear back real soon. Let's keep in touch and I'll let you know how things are going.

  6. deloons

    deloons New Member

    ezsuccess, thechampion, newpage,

    Any feedback as to how much money you guys have earned?

    Is there a monthly fee for this program? Sounds interesting...

  7. BeAChampion

    BeAChampion Member

    Hi deloons,

    There are no monthly fees.

    I am only using Free Text Ad exchanges and I have gotten 33 $5 gifts in 3 days.

    So that's $165 in 3 days using only free ad sources.

    Easy and fun and has potential to really explode virally.

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  8. teydean

    teydean New Member

    TheChampion: Easy and fun and has potential to really explode virally.

    It has the potential to go viral, but I think they may run into problems using Paypal to send the "GIFTS"
  9. ezsuccess

    ezsuccess New Member

    The Cash Leveraging System Admin announced today that they will be transitioning from PayPal to Moneybookers and AlertPay this Friday. A wise move. [​IMG]
  10. BeAChampion

    BeAChampion Member

    I hate PayPal, and yes teydean we are switching over to use MoneyBookers and AlertPay both at the same time tomorrow.

    We are not violating PayPal's policies but I know from personal experience PayPal likes to be a bully.
  11. BeAChampion

    BeAChampion Member

    Update: 47 $5 payments in 4 days using only free ad sources.
  12. Talontid26

    Talontid26 New Member

    I joined thursday night, sent my 5 $5 gifts but i used paypal, I havent heard from them yet. Hopefully I'll hear from them on monday. Does alertpay charge you? Thanks
  13. BeAChampion

    BeAChampion Member

    Hey Guys,

    I have been a member of TCLS for 1 week and I have now received 71, $5 gifts for a total of $355 using only Free Ad Sources.

    $355 Gross in one week with nothing spent on advertising is awesome.

    ...And it's going to keep growing exponentially.

  14. BeAChampion

    BeAChampion Member

    Hi Talontid26,

    Remember after you pay, you need to copy and paste the confirmation receipts from AlertPay and submit that as proof as sending your gifts so that no one cheats the system.

    Then after you do that you should get a confirmation email from TCLS telling you to wait about 24 hrs. to receive your next email with your site and login info etc.

    And they also tell you if 24 hrs have gone by and you haven't received that second email with your site and login info, to contact TCLS support and let them know.

  15. jlynch401

    jlynch401 New Member


    This system is in it's infancy and growing at a ridiculous raete daily. Using free advertising sites alone I have taken in $300+ in 2 weeks.

    I plan on using adwords shortly but the web address and landing page seem to be an issue and I need to investigate more....

    Will update when I have it all down.


  16. tmorrison

    tmorrison Member

    I am happy to be a part of "Cash Leveraging Systems'...It is doing wonders in short period of time...
  17. tmorrison

    tmorrison Member

    Cash Leveraging Systems uses Alertpay and MoneyBookers for your one-time transaction of $25 to leverage $75,000 or more...Remarkable and easy program to share with others...
  18. jltp18

    jltp18 New Member

    Hey TheChampion, can you give us some tips on the marketing you implemented for this system? thanks.[​IMG]
  19. CashLeveraging

    CashLeveraging New Member

    What kind of free advertising?
  20. mycats

    mycats New Member

    I am interested in joining this but it is a one time $25 pay and then you get $5 for referral. Where does other $20 go, random payments, upline sponsor, admin. I would like to know a little more before joining.

    Nice to see people are making money with this one.

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