Has anyone worked/heard of OOKII Financial Group?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by LauraS93, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. LauraS93

    LauraS93 New Member

    I put my CV on an online data base last week and the next day had received an email from a recruiter saying I was being offered the position of Administrative Assistant for a company called OOKI Financial Group.

    I checked out the website:


    In the email the recruiter said that the starting salary was 1,200 every month plus commision. But as this is a part time, work from home role, and they said you only needed 3 hours spare it seems odd that the wages are so high [​IMG]

    So does anyone know anything about this company?
    Have you used them and are they legit?

    Thank You
  2. tantricyogi

    tantricyogi New Member

    They have contacted me also. I also have my doubts like youre the very high wage for so little hours but the application does not request bank details etc. so I am going to fill it in & see what happens whilst trying to research them further.
  3. fawsiya

    fawsiya New Member

    Dear Laura

    I'm in the same scenario. I actually went through the 'registration/verification' stage and was gullible enough to send a copy of my drivers licence before i clocked on. I was sent a contract to sign just today and after reading through it i became suspicious and found your post.

    1) The quality of english in correspondences was deteriorating, but i just it was human error at first.
    2) Website has button that don't work, they have no company info, eg.companies house reg no/vat no. so it's basically a dummy site
    3) customer testimonials were either faked or lifted from another site bc they mention the team at BROADSTAIR or the team at MORGAN JONES.
    4) Checked on the REC company directory, home jobs agency don't exist but MORGAN JONES do so i went to their website and notice any similaries?: Yep word for word a copy.

    5) What the contract stipulated was that you would open a bank account or use an existing one and accept money from OOKII which they would then require you to sen via WESTERN UNION to a specific recipient. So you will be the middle man and have to pay for these transaction fees under the premise that you will be eventually reimbursed once appropriate receipts are provided to the employer.

    All in all this is just another scheme to take advantage of honest jobseekers.

  4. Prad_KD

    Prad_KD New Member

    Hey Laura,
    Even I have got a similar mail stating exactly the same things that you have mentioned and even I have the same doubts as you have. Any information regarding the company will be much appreciated.
  5. la106

    la106 New Member

    I received the same email but there is many red flag. The scam can be that you are informed to transfer money from your bank account to an account after receiving a sum of money from the 'Ookii' group. But after you transfer your money, the Ookii's payment is cancelled and now you have transferred your own money to the fake account --> Detail of similar scam is here from a scammer name Terry Binger (in Australia) http://antifraudintl.org/showthread.php?s=c307616607bc43ec89f362a0ac275846&t=52407&page=2
  6. londonhome

    londonhome New Member

    eagerly waiting to see all pending approvals
  7. hayleyf123

    hayleyf123 New Member

    I have also received this email and am a little uncertain of it. When i reply to ask questions i don't get a reply back i just get more information about the business. I have recently got an email from megan mason asking for verification by emailing scanned images of my passport and or driving license which i obviously haven't done. Can anyone help
  8. Vikki

    Vikki New Member

    i recieved the same email of them, and i filled in the application form and now they are asking to see my driving license, i personally think it is a scam because i googled it and a frigate thing popped up not the financial side infact nothing of the financial side at all i have just emailed them back to see if they reply though.
  9. londonhome

    londonhome New Member

    they usually are very quick in replying and when i sent this email to both recruiter agency and manager from OOKII, none responded yet:

    1. May i know where is your office location as i cannot trace it via the website www.homerecruiter.co.uk ?

    2. May i have your phone number please?

    3. Do you perform a background check on the companies you advertise for?

    4. The webisite of the company OOKII Financial Group has been updated/formed 5 days back while the candidates on this webiste claim to be working for the company for more than 10 years.

    5. There is no histrory/reviews of this organisation anywhere, which should not be the case if it is more than 10 years old.

    6. There is no trace for Genro Fx

    7. It claims to be world's largest no-bank forex institution. It is not registered with FSA or atleast i am not able to see.

    8. If it is as big as it claims, why am i being asked to provide my personal account details for company business related money transfer?

    9. How do they verify if it is legal money and where it is going to?

    I am sure this is fake.
  10. schierling

    schierling New Member

    Sounds a little scammy. Never gotten a call for admin without an interview.[​IMG]
  11. tantricyogi

    tantricyogi New Member

    I became immediately suspicious when they asked for my passport/drivers licence on the application.

    Am also sure it is fake.
  12. treasure

    treasure New Member

    I am just coming across different posts about this fake admin assistant vacancy , but unfortunately i have gone far by signing their contract and sending in my scanned passport,please any advice as i am scared they might use my details for their fraudulent deals, sure they are fake .
  13. chadarcy

    chadarcy Member

    I would definately not give any personal information such as a driver license or passport. Why would a company be after information of that kind for filling a position. They should easily be answering questions if truly looking to hire.
  14. londonhome

    londonhome New Member

    No need to worry even if you have submitted your scanned documents. This type of information can be easily extracted from internet.
    Contracts matter in legitimate world.
    Unless you yourself are not using it for a fraud, no harm!

    You can report the fraud at https://reportfraud.actionfraud.police.uk/fraudreport/
  15. rawr77

    rawr77 New Member

    This is difinitely fake.

    1. I went through the whole approval stage, and they "accepted me"

    2. When the manager called me, his number was that of one in Denmark.. he called me a second time, the number switched to an area code located in Australia. Very suspicious already.

    3. A man called "Parker" sent me 600 GBP last night, however, my available funds are still the same (40 GBP, moved all my money to a savings account in case something happens with it). I called up my bank, they said it has to be approved... so that's making me very suspicious as well.

    4. The fact that this company somehow makes profit by paying us 3.75% of the amount, plus take in the fee etc... sounds a bit strange.

    5. I emailed the manager asking about the approved amount, and for once, the reply hasn't come yet, when usually they reply quite fast.

    So yea .......... really doubt this is real, definitely a scam! Don't trust them :p
  16. treasure

    treasure New Member

  17. treasure

    treasure New Member

    Thanks a lot london home ,a much more relieved by your post. I am a legal person. Cheers!
  18. rawr77

    rawr77 New Member

    About my original post,

    The 600 GBP did eventually go through after a day, probably because I started to question him and he wanted to cover up or something and have me complete one job, then ignore me. However, I just kept the 600 GBP there and waited to see if he would contact me again; I asked him a few questions about his phone, his location in the UK and how I know it's not fraud and this was his reply:

    Hello Violett,

    - our contact address is available at our website and within your contract.
    - i will update you later with our UK landline number that would be forwarded to our Tokyo office when it would be available, but currently I am using other regional lines from other countries (i'm not sure how this work but if you want i could ask our technichians regarding that)
    - all transfers are being carefully checked by our security department so there could be no fraud transfers, so you should not be aware of that.

    Please submit the status of your transfer.

    I never replied to that, and hours later when I go in and check my bank account, someone tried to access telephone banking however failed the security part and thus locked my account.


    Not sure what I should do with the money; I may keep it and see what happens, then after a while just give it to the police and explain the situation as I don'T want to be part of any kind of fraud.

    I hope this is helping you people out.
  19. londonhome

    londonhome New Member


    [​IMG] this is too good. Don't give their money back. Enjoy or charity! this is what these scamsters deserve.
  20. gurusaver

    gurusaver New Member

    It's fake. It's is a scam. Someone contacted my wife from homerecruiter.co.uk and offered her a role at ookiigroup.com. She submitted her scanned passport and signed contract. In the last email FAKE Japanese guy was asking about the account number. We immediately stopped the process. You can't find any UK contact details on both website. Better to stay away from them.

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