Have You Been Bitten By The Discouragement Bug?

Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by luvmyjob61, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. luvmyjob61

    luvmyjob61 New Member

    Sooner or later we all get discouraged with our home based biz. Here are some helpful tips:

    1. Realize this WILL happen to you. Don't take it too seriously.
    2. Take a day off and away from your biz ...you'll come back refreshed!
    3. DO NOT listen to negative people!
    4. Surround yourself with people who are motivators, good listeners, encouragers, etc.
    5. DON'T GIVE UP! Hang in there!
  2. dreed

    dreed New Member

    So far I think I am doing OK. Actually I am quite the opposite and wish I had more hours in a day to work at this since I am working on my own website. Sooner or later though I expect to feel a little of the burnout.
  3. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Good advice. I, too, feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. [​IMG] However, it can be a little disheartening in the beginning before you start seeing results. Once the results start coming in, you really get eager to put more time in and speed things up a bit. [​IMG]

    It was always refreshing for me to get away from it all for a bit and come back eager to get back at it. One of the most helpful (and challenging) things for me was when I started my second niche site. It was so completely different from the first, that I could get refreshed just by switching to the other subject matter.

    I'm going to be starting a third site in the coming months - now we are getting into the insane area for me - ha ha. I am really looking forward to it, though.

    Hanging in there really does pay off.
  4. aplina

    aplina New Member

    . am getting down as the hoilday seasons comes my traffic is also down.
  5. juno44444

    juno44444 New Member

    I found something to be successful.

    I took a day when I had lots of time to go through my emails.

    I looked at every promotional email or subscription I was receiving and unsubscribed all of the ones which I decided I didn't need. On those which I thought might be useful later but not now, I just marked them to go into my spam folder.

    Then I found the subscriptions from people who spoke logically and were giving me helpful information.

    I actually got time to read them.

    I wound up getting useful data which actually got things off the ground and now I feel, for the first time in a year, like I really know what to do. I even bought some things and they were actually good investments.

    The moral: Cut out the dispersal and focus on a plan. Find a couple of good mentors and follow their advice. Filter out the weeds of rararara and confusion.
  6. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Nice tips!
  7. dmitch31

    dmitch31 New Member

    You know, for me, some of the things that are intended to be encouraging actually wind up having the opposite effect.

    Example, when you're on internet marketing forums and you read people posting their "one year report". These are the really razzle-dazzle success stories where after one year the person is pulling in tens of thousands of dollars each month. Then there's the famous story circulating around the internet about the guy who three months into his IM project is pulling in $700 a day.

    I'm sorry, but one can't help but wonder:
    1. Are these stories legit?
    2. If so, what are they doing?
    3. Are these people just smarter than everybody else?

    These stories to me aren't actually that encouraging for people who after a year are making just a few hundred a month. I know all of you have seen this type of thing before. What do you think of it? I'm trying to figure out what to think of such stories...

  8. RayvinAndRob

    RayvinAndRob New Member

    Hi dmitch31,

    In nature, animals survive longer if they are sufficiently deceptive in their communications and behaviors. Some people prefer to pattern their business practices after these animals and some do it better than others.

    However, we are now finally beginning to see a positive trend towards transparency among business people. Many entrepreneurs are understanding the survival value of this and I predict it will soon reach critical mass.

    In the end, as long as enough people come to realize and practice transparency in their lives, things will start to look up again in the industry. Only the honest will survive by default.

    Always remain hopeful![​IMG]

    "The truth is more important than the facts."

    - Frank Lloyd Wright

    Rob Nyte
  9. dmitch31

    dmitch31 New Member

    For me, probably one of my main issues is time and energy. I'm still working a full time job. I certainly would like to be putting more effort into my online marketing, but sometimes I'm just tired. I guess it's just a sacrifice that I will have to work harder at making. I mean, after all, what I want to do is to be able to eventually quit my day job.
  10. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Quoting: dmitch31I mean, after all, what I want to do is to be able to eventually quit my day job.

    If your 'Why' and your dreams are big enough - it will happen!

  11. ArticleJunky

    ArticleJunky New Member

    Thanks for that, I feel that way from time to time when nothing is happening in my clickbank account. Those are good points though, thanks.
  12. tiagal

    tiagal New Member

    Good advice. I love what I am doing, but I have to admit I do get discouraged sometimes. I don't think it is really even about the business itself, it is more when something stumps me, or when I'm not picking up on something fast enough.

  13. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Quoting: tiagalit is more when something stumps me, or when I'm not picking up on something fast enough.

    Oh, that sounds so familiar - and we are always learning. We HAVE to keep learning to keep up with all the technology these days, it seems like.[​IMG]
  14. westfam11

    westfam11 Member

    I think as humans we all have times of discouragement. But the difference is we don't have to stay there. There are so many trainers out there, my favorite is DaniJohnson.com, that all I have to do is listen to a training call, learn something new and then take some action. It works every time for me.

    Becky West
  15. niqabi1

    niqabi1 New Member

    As a new non trying to work from home the sheer number of oppurtunities to comb through can be discouraging. Trying to seperate the scams from the legitamate oppurtunities can be hard work!
  16. seeyalater72

    seeyalater72 New Member

    Lots of good advise everyone. I think one of the best things we can do to combat discouragement is to write down clear goals. This helps us to keep in mind what we got into our respective businesses for. Everytime I feel like it's all to overwhelming I take a look at my goals and feel a renewed sense of encouragement. I also have pictures of things I want (house, car, etc) posted in places where I see them everyday as a reminder of where I'm trying to get to. I know to achieve my goals that I must remain focused and persistent.
  17. gamesofskill2

    gamesofskill2 New Member

    I think that it can be easy to be discouraged in the work at home business ecspecially if you are just beginning . I encourage all newbies to continue to believe in themselves and know without a shadow of a doubt that they will be successful in their business. And they will begin to see what actually works. But in the work at home business you have to encourage yourself because you are your main motivater. And your own boss. Just continue to believe and forget all those who say it can't be done. Stay Encouraged.
  18. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

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  19. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Also listen to The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale - it will change your life..[​IMG]

    I found it on Mark Victor Hansen dot com - you can download it off his site for free..

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