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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by dbmoney306, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. dbmoney306

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    So I am in the process of writing an ebook. I am writing a "training manual" that will teach users about the car business and give them a step by step guide on getting a job and being successful by creating good habits over the first 90 days in the industry.

    I have 12 yrs experience in the industry and I am constantly working to improve my online image as an expert in my field.

    I plan on marketing through clickbank because it is easy to set up and provides the possibility of affiliate sales.

    My question is really this...How do I create enough hype around my new product to get affiliates to market it once it is available for sale. I plan on marketing the product myself, but I know to earn REAL money from this I am going to need at least a few good marketers promoting this for me.

    Does anyone have experience pre-marketing a clickbank product so that when it launches I can have a little bit of a following?

    I know that it will be very important to have a good sales page etc.

    It seems to me that the most successful clickbank product are the ones that focus on internet marketing, making money online etc. Can I be successful writing this product that isn't really IM related?

    My ultimate plan is to use this product to springboard myself into a consulting career that will allow me to increase my income and get me out of the long hours at the dealership...

    I eventually plan on doing sales training, recruiting, and motivational speaking for sales teams. I don't need to get rich off of this ebook, but I need to be able to sell enough copies to command some respect in my industry.

    Any advice?
  2. mountainmom5

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    I wouldn't know why you couldn't be successful at it. I rarely market IM or affiliate marketing ebooks in the clickbank products. I like to find products within my niche so I am sure there are others out there looking for something like that to market.

  3. onedumbaussie

    onedumbaussie New Member

    Hi Mate,

    I too am a Car Guy, I used to manage a VW dealership and also a very big used car yard.

    Your idea is excellent and is one I have had on my list for sometime.

    Having said that my main focus has been selling products and making my own for a while now.

    CB is not a bad place to sell though I can recommend better. CB is awash with crappy products and getting affiliates on there is very hard.

    My suggestion is to launch your product by yourself first, Make sure your systems are in place like affiliate recruitment and resources, mailing lists, follow up emails, graphics etc.

    Put all this on one site and password protect everything except your sales page, squeeze pages, legal stuff and affiliate sign up.

    Once an affiliate joins your list then give them access to the gear to promote, stay in touch with them and offer assistance as much as possible.

    I have had many affilaites join my network lately.

    I also pay my commissions INSTANTLY which is a massive incentive to join up and start selling immediately.

    Forums like this are very good as well to notify of product launches, there are 3 others I would use but I won't mention them here for obvious reasons.

    If your product is a book you can also launch it on amazon so keep that in mind mate.

    Please PM me if I can help in anyway, at least give me the link to become an affiliate as i will be selling your product if I can find it.

    Hope I have made some sense.

    Cheers and best wishes, Just a great Idea!

  4. dbmoney306

    dbmoney306 New Member

    Well in that case I guess I have another question.

    What is the best software/program/service for creating, monitoring tracking etc. an affiliate network?
  5. onedumbaussie

    onedumbaussie New Member

    Creating your product is all on your shoulders,
    Whatever you can't do outsource at fiverr or somewhere similar.

    I use:
    Wordpress heavily.
    Profits theme Paid theme. Heatmap Free theme
    Bz9 for Sales graphics, leads, Just about everything marketing
    Host gator and 3ix hosting
    camstudio free video recorder
    Windows movie maker for editing video and packaging
    Inno set up for creating the product files.

    With an ebook Open office works well.

    I use ewriterpro2

    Digiresults for product management, delivery etc
    They also pay commissions and handle all that. NO FEES Upfront.
    Loads of IM stuff bot don't that put you off.

    Use a form to get signups and direct them to digiresults
    page to get affiliate links.

    They'll show you how many clicks each affiliate gets etc.

    I like to watch that and if someone looks like they are struggling I personally contact them and offer assistance getting a sale.
    Often its those people that become the best performers overall.

    FULL SUPPORT for your affiliates and never discount your product without letting them know.

    For my autoresponder I self host with Infinite responder.
    That's Free and pretty cool.

    Normally I would package that into a product. In fact I think I will.

    Please pay me $37 at your leisure.


    I really hope that helps, Bz9.com and digiresults.com are affiliate links but they are both also their domain names so just type that in your address bar if you like.

    If I can help any further please PM Me mate.
    As I said I just want a link in the affiliate program and a heads up on release to attack the search engines. 2 weeks notice would be awesome.



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