Have you tried Fiverr?

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Multimastery, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Multimastery

    Multimastery New Member

    Fiverr.com has become a popular way for people to make a quick buck on the web. It's real easy to slap up a gig and potentially make some money!

    Have you tried Fiverr? If so, have you gotten any sales? Also if you're still there please leave you username that you use there and I'll check out your service. I buy from time to time as well as sell and may need what you're offering sooner or later. BTW my username is the same as here.

    I have been using the Fiverr for spare-time income for less than a year and have made close to $1500 so far with no outside backlinking and promo of my gigs. Not too shabby being that I don't need to worry about advertising. This is the thing I like most about Fiverr, is that I can simply post gigs, let them send me traffic, and I get paid!
  2. amberjones1986

    amberjones1986 New Member

    I've used Fiverr to out source, but never on the gig side of it. It seems like a really cool way to expand your network.
  3. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I never used it myself but heard good things about them.
  4. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

  5. Jose Roman

    Jose Roman New Member

    I love fiverr, can actually be addictive. For $5 you gotta see the video intro's and logo work I got done, and a few banner ads. Definitely good stuff.
  6. Multimastery

    Multimastery New Member

    Jose Roman: you gotta see the video intro's and logo work I got done, and a few banner ads
    Yeah would love to see those sometime, feel free to pm me.
  7. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    Jose Roman: video intro's and logo work I got done
    Nice but I'd say you been busy creating content too these last few months.
    When I first "Liked" your page it was nothing compared to your site now.
    Way to go, Fiverr or not, but how much did you farm out if I may ask.

    P.S. Jose's link is to his FaceBook page which has a link to his website.
    I mean, wow, since he first came to this forum he has done a LOT of good work.
    Some people just "get it", and then they get the business they were hoping for.
    We can all learn from his example no matter how experienced we are.
  8. Jose Roman

    Jose Roman New Member


    The site was completely done by craig Webb. A local guy I found on Craigslist. It took about 7 months haha. But he interviewed me a ton of times and that's how we came up with the content. So I basically farmed it all out. But... he does no marketing, and I did that myself. I basically had the domain from 7th page to 3rd, then finally to 1st before the site even went up. I need to work on my Facebook page. I've seen a lot of nice ones out there. I also want to include an optin box and possibly give a free welding/ironwork newsletter in Exchange for the email. So hopefully I can build a list. Just looking for ways to monetize this. I believe I have found my niche. Which is basically other biz owners looking for more exposure. So let's see!
  9. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    You found Craig on Craigslist, now that's funny.
    A lot of folks advertise for web help on CL, or offer to help.
    Especially easy to find help if you live in a college town with hungry students.
    Jose Roman: my niche. Which is basically other biz owners looking for more exposure.
    That's mostly what I do around here, help bizs get on line and get found.
    Recommend they hire a kid off Craigslist if they are too busy to do it themselves.
    No shame is having it done for you, it's still your business and choices.
    It's not like Meg Whitman created eBay all by herself.
  10. amberjones1986

    amberjones1986 New Member

    I think Fiverr is a great way to start outsourcing. Kinda like outsourcing for beginners.

    To be effective at outsourcing, you have to know how to give proper instruction. fiverr provides a way for you to get services, yet with little risk as one can learn how to communicate which will help the become a better leader / manager of your business.
  11. Multimastery

    Multimastery New Member

    amberjones1986: I think Fiverr is a great way to start outsourcing.
    Yes actually this is where I have started doing the majority of my outsourcing. Lots of great stuff on there for $5. It's like shopping at the dollar store of something lol...but you have to be careful not to get carried away spending too much on stuff you don't need.

    Jose Roman: I believe I have found my niche. Which is basically other biz owners looking for more exposure.
    Great for you, saw your logo too and it's cool!
  12. selfpaid

    selfpaid New Member

    I tried it. I need to find something cool to use. I made about $100 doing something I thought was simple, but turned into something ridiculously tedious.

    Do you still have to wait 14 days to cash out?
  13. Multimastery

    Multimastery New Member

    @Selfpaid: Yes you still need to wait about 15dys for cashout, but that a shorter time than most other programs on the web.
  14. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    I've had a few graphics and articles done from Fiverr and felt it was money well spent. I'll definitely go there again when I have a specific need. The loss is so little if it doesn't work out that it's certainly worth the effort.
  15. dosil

    dosil New Member

    I'm considering to outsource some back link gigs in there. And if find somebody who can rewrite articles, so much the better.
  16. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    I finally took the plunge last night hiring a fiverr to tweet.
    Spent days looking over different offers, most I consider grey areas like EDU backlinks.
    As much value as they may have I'll take mine organically not by spamming.
    BUT Tweeting, that's another story. I could write a book but not a short tweet.
    Well that's only partially true, I wrote exactly 140 characters which was the limit (with disclaimer).
    Have several offers that had good feedback but one in particular got my money.
    A Tweeter with 150,000 followers in several niches, 10 tweets over 2 weeks for $5.
    Guaranteed at least 500 click thrus and his feedback says he delivers them plus more.
    One sale would more than double my $5 investment and saves me 10x that in time.
    1% click through would almost double the traffic to my new site for the first month.
    (1,800 unique visitors in the first month ain't too shabby from just SEO.)
    Next Tweeter has 40,000 network marketing followers.
    I'm afraid I'm hooked of fiverr now.
  17. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Congrats on getting your feet wet. [​IMG] Let us know if you do end up making some sales as the result of that tweeting campaign. It will be interesting to hear how it plays out for you.

  18. forstine

    forstine New Member

    I've only been a member of Fiverr for about 2 months....I've ordered two gigs so far and was happy with one...I guess its not for everybody, its a take a chance sort of thing
  19. I have used Fiverr many times for a variety of gigs.

    Most have been very good with only a couple of dodgy ones.

    Though I must say I was almost scammed by one gig, who advertised a link on a high traffic website. After I purchased the gig the link on that website was nowhere to be seen and he didn't even own the website! I ended up getting my money back.

    I have since purchased an ebook on recommended Fiverr gigs.
  20. forstine

    forstine New Member

    Yeah that last one I wasn't happy with... I ordered the 9000 tweets from a guys twitter page.. and received no results for the five bucks i spent.. I guess thats a lesson learned.. never purchase tweets...

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