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    I am currently enrolled in the YMCA Fitness Instructor Training(F.I.T) program. As a matter of fact my first day of class was yesterday Tuesday January 7 2014. I have been consistently watching what I eat and exercising since 1999 and I really enjoy it. It is truly a way of life for me.

    For the past 14 years I've always wondered why it was so hard for individuals to schedule an hour of their day to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. The first day of class...MY VERY FIRST DAY and lesson has help me understand why. I've come to realize that there are many factors that influence our health. These factors according to the Public Health Agency of Canada(yes I live in Canada. Montreal to be exact) are called social determinants of health. And they include:

    • Income and social status
    • Social support network
    • Education
    • Employment and working conditions
    • Social environments
    • Physical environments
    • Personal Health practices and coping skills
    • Healthy child development
    • Biology and genetic endowment
    • Health services
    • Gender
    • Culture
    These determinants according to PHAC "have an impact on our health throughout life."

    So as you can see it's not that simple. The very life that we lead may cause us to think that we don't have time to exercise. This knowledge right here will allow me to have a better approach when dealing with someone who says they don't have time.

    References : YMCA Fitness Basic Theory. Page 1.3-1.4

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