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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by mrzragz, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. mrzragz

    mrzragz New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I just recently joined online marketing. We (my husband and I) found some great websites and we decided to try them out. We researched them and from we found they are pretty good sites. I wanted to jump out here and start posting on forums and getting to know more people and just absorb as much information as I possibly can.

    We went with the site homecashcourse.com and it led me here. I would have never guessed forums were so powerful.
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome! Yes, you are right, forums are powerful if used in the right way... I have to admit that I am hopelessly addicted to this one... [​IMG]
  3. garygoh

    garygoh New Member


    Welcome to this forum. This is an active forum and I hope you will enjoy your stay here.
  4. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    If you plan to do affiliate marketing you might want to check out the 30 Day Challenge It's FREE and a great way to learn basics. Welcome to the forum. Just google it and you will find it.
  5. Desigirl

    Desigirl New Member

    Hi there.

    Welcome to this forum. This is one forum where u will get fast and genuine answers for question.

    All the best
  6. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member


    Welcome to the forum
    Most of the people are friendly and honest.
  7. johnjimat

    johnjimat New Member

    hi there,

    welcome to the forum
    me too newbie here [​IMG]
  8. danhenrique

    danhenrique New Member

    Welcome! [​IMG]
  9. jkmark

    jkmark New Member

    Welcome, mrzragz, I am on that quest too. take care
  10. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    Welcome, I am very new too. I am trying the 30 day challenge and have only gotten past day 3 and already have learned a lot. Its free. The people here are great and seem to all be friends. Hope to make some friends here too.
  11. waltgem

    waltgem New Member


    Forums are a good place to interact with other people and to learn about different business opportunities. You can not only learn about the good business opportunitis but also the ones that aren't so good.

    For new Internet marketers who have no product or service to market, starting with instant commission affiliate products may be a good wat to start. You can find these by going to Google and simply search the words "instant commission affiliate programs.

    Good Luck

    Walt Gemmell
    Home Based Big Money Business

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  12. jjdjt4

    jjdjt4 New Member

    Welcome! Nice to meet you out here... Jane
  13. urupanther

    urupanther Guest

    Welcome, mrzragz!

    This is GREAT forum, very friendly and helpful people all around.

    By the way, I'm not much into affiliate marketing, but... could anybody PM me a link to that free course (30 days challenge) which has been mentioned here? You have woken my curiosity.
    Thank you!
  14. paolo4

    paolo4 New Member

    Welcome to this forum.
    A lot of help is available with a great group of marketers behind the scenes. Just ask and they will help you.
  15. debbystewart

    debbystewart New Member

    Forums are a good way to network and meet people who share the same interest.
    I wish you the best in your endeavors. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask.
  16. onmyway

    onmyway New Member

    I am new here too. I have been doing alot of research on the internet, and have tried a few home businesses in the past, but this time I am trying to absorb all of the information that I can. This forum looks like it is full of caring, honest people, who are really out to help each other. After reading so many of the posts, I am off to google the 30 day challenge that so many of you have recommended.

    Good luck to everyone, and I hope to make many new friends here.
  17. kurtzilla

    kurtzilla New Member

    New to the forum myself. There are serveral ways to make money on line. Goodluck in your venture.

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  18. yasser

    yasser New Member

    This is an active forum and I hope you will enjoy your stay here. please ask freely.
  19. Dimasalang

    Dimasalang New Member


    Welcome to the forum. Feel free to post anything that bothers you and we'll do the answering for you. [​IMG]

    Good Luck in Making Money Online!!!
  20. ryanbiddulph

    ryanbiddulph New Member

    Welcome. I am new to the forum but not the work at home arena. Feel free to ask us any questions that you might have.

    All the best!

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