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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by David Rolfe, May 23, 2014.

  1. David Rolfe

    David Rolfe New Member

    Hello from the Philippines ! I'm originally from the USA,but loving the weather here in the pacific. I'm new to MLM and wanting to build my business as best as one can. I joined a company called Royale Business Club, and I am amazed at how well they are doing in their 8th year. I really like the products because we promote health,well-being,and beauty,and wealth. The products are top of the line ,and have even helped me since I take them as well.
    I feel so green when I read posts here about capture pages,and funneling the right people to my website. I'm not even sure if I can post my website on here that I just created or I would ask for feedback on it.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Feel free to message me.
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  2. juansamsel

    juansamsel New Member

    Hi David Rolfe, Welcome to MLM and i wish you success you, your own business.

  3. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Welcome to the forum.

    I never heard of this company but if you are already in it and want success, find someone in your upline team who is already successful and learn from them. Become a student of theirs and never question what they tell you.

    Good luck.
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  4. Brandon Lukas

    Brandon Lukas New Member

    Hey there David and welcome!

    The best thing I can recommend to you is:

    #1. Don't use a company replicated website, unless you can customize it for yourself... With that being said I can't stress enough, to brand yourself

    "people don't join biz opps, they join people"

    #2. Model after 5 people that are leaders in your company or niche, learn, take action, and then share. That is attraction marketing..

    #3. TAKE ACTION EVERYDAY! Not, gain a ton of knowledge, but what you can do on a daily that helps grow your business... (connect with people on Facebook, build relationships, share what you've learned)

    To Your Unlimited Success!
  5. UltimateWingman

    UltimateWingman New Member

    Welcome to the industry!

    Everyone here is absolutely right!

    My advice to you is grow yourself and stretch your comforts. We all go through the trials and tribulations, but thats the fun part :)

    Earn as you learn! Good luck on your endeavor!
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  6. Syll Onajobi

    Syll Onajobi New Member

    Hi David,

    Helpful points of note from the replies you've already got.

    Here are 2 additions:
    - Try everyday to learn and as you continue to learn about what to do to move your business forward, you will discover that the first letter "l" of "learn" will disappear and you will be left with "earn". The more you learn, the more you earn!

    - Many still believe networking is about one person at a time. Rather than traditionally network from person to person , why not network the networks of many individuals who are already bonded together. So, find both Individuals and Network of individuals to network everyday, and your result will be exponential.

    Once again, accept the assurance of my best wishes!
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  7. Robin Bull

    Robin Bull Member

    Learn something new about your industry every day. Start a blog or write an article every day somewhere. Don't just sell. Offer information of value...such as business principles or best sales practices. Talk about developments in the entire industry that your business is in and not just your business.
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  8. Curtis Slone

    Curtis Slone New Member

    Wish you the best of luck! Remember to work on yourself first. David, the network marketing road is a long and arduous one. But the pay off I worth it.

    I'd suggest you learn about sales, marketing, and communication- but keep the growth small and incremental. The human can only handle like 2 to 3 new habits before it shuts down and puts up all it's resistance.
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  9. juansamsel

    juansamsel New Member

    Welcome to the world of MLM, If you really want to be successful, find someone who is successful in the industry and follow and learn from them , stay away from negative points.

    Watch motivation CD, DVD, regularly visit seminar without missing.
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  10. PeterMFL

    PeterMFL Active Member

    Wish you all the best! U can do it! :)
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  11. Tatyana

    Tatyana New Member

    Hey there David!! Welcome to the amazing world of network marketing/MLM! Here are a few tips I recommend:

    1. Create a PERSONAL capture page with Weebly. It's a FREE website. You can connect it to your site, or an email list. Always remember to brand yourself, so get a domain or a few that brand you.
    2. Add your link to your signature.
    3. ALWAYS build relationships and attract people to you, rather than being salesy and pushing products. :)
    4. Grow by learning. :)

    Best wishes. :)

  12. Lorraine Pierce

    Lorraine Pierce New Member

    1. Know your target market
    2. Find ways to connect with them, groups, forums, facebook, instagram
    3. Use opt in forms that offer value (free ebook, list, recipe, whatever)
    4. Use VIDEO!!!! people love it and if you are afraid to record yourself speaking, just put your picture up on the video and show slides while you do the voiceover.

    Best of luck to you!
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  13. mbasa

    mbasa Member

    I've learned one thing online...do not work for any company BUT for yourself. You list/leads are your only true asset. Work on that, generate leads, develop a relationship with your list. Let your main job be to generate leads (not selling).
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  14. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Words of wisdom.

    You motivate yourself.
  15. JelenaOstrovska

    JelenaOstrovska New Member

    Welcome to the Network Marketing Profession! You're in the right place!
    My personal suggestions for you::
    1). Create your own funnel (you need to capture leads and people's information), you can use LeadPages for that.
    2). Along with that, you are going to build your list. The money is in your list, and the money is in the follow up. So you wanna build relationships with your list. For that you need an autoresponder - I personally use AWeber (great service).
    3). Brand Yourself instead of your company's name. People will join YOU, not your company.
    4). And have fun :)
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  16. internetbizguy

    internetbizguy New Member


    Network marketing is a challenging industry, but well worthwhile once you learn what works best. I would suggest developing relationships with everyone you come in contact with. You need to first develop trust BEFORE trying to sell your company, so take time to get to know everyone who shows interest in your company. Treat them like a human, rather than a sale, and you will better off in the long run. Also, be well informed in every aspect of your company and its products so you can help potential customers who will have all kinds of questions. Best of luck!
  17. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    Great advice here.

    YAGOOFT Active Member


    That is the most amazing thing about some MLM companies, it opens up the whole world as your market, and given there are billions of customers out there, MLM makes more sense than ever. Old school MLM was limited to your local area in most cases, but the internet has changed everything. I Like having the whole world to market products to, sure makes it easier for those who prefer the multiple income streams as I do.

    Successt to all,
  19. shubha

    shubha New Member

    Great thread for newbies ...!!!
  20. Christopher Li

    Christopher Li New Member

    Hi David! Glad you can join us in this industry. First advice: Develop the mindset of having people chasing you instead of you chasing them. Learn how to give free VALUE to people regardless if they rip you off. Also, work on yourself. Never stop growing, because the moment that you do is the moment you die in this industry. Good luck my friend.

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