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  1. craigskinz21

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    Hi guys i am 23 years old my wife is 27 i was just diagnosed with grandmal siezures and epilepsy which my employer fired me cause i was a appliance repair man making like 50-60 thousand a year and she was diagnosed with blood clots in her lungs, we have a 5mnth old daughter and well i need some direction i do not have a upfront fee to be able to pay and well i am very good at computers have been doing typing,repair,troubleshooting 11 years it seems impossible to get a online job without being scammed or lied to someone please help and point me in the right direction. thanks
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome craigskinz21 - when one door closes, often another one opens and I can tell by your email that you are a man of God, is that correct?

    Then you know all that already - God cares for His own.[​IMG]

    There is so much to learn in the whole internet marketing arena and what a lot of us do is called affiliate marketing ( I talk some about it on my website below) so what I would advise you to do is do some research on that as once your brain is wrapped around the concept - there is no limit to what can be done with it.

    And don't be afraid to ask questions here on the forum - we will do our best to help you.

    Be blessed!
  3. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    I am one of the MLMers on this forum =]. In my mind it is a great way for beginners to take because you will generally see money faster with a smaller learning curve.

    Most MLMs out there have fees but there are a few free ones!. I got involved with a free one.

    In whatever path you decide to take (affiliate marketing or network marketing) you will find success if you stick with it and treat it like a business.

    If you want help choosing an MLM and learning how to build it quickly without upfront expenses I would be happy to help you.

    If you want help with affiliate marketing someone else would do the job better than me [​IMG].

    Whichever path you decide to take I wish you luck.

    Not that you need it!. Everything happens for a reason,

    Matthew Zenittini
  4. kennethemery

    kennethemery New Member

    Hi craigskinz21,

    Sorry to hear that. Network marketing makes such a great industry because anyone and everyone has the potential to really create income that is sustainable and live-able. How long will it takes depends upon a lot of things, but you say you are good at computers and it already seems like you have a good mindset as you sound determined to find a way to make it work.

    I choose to work with MLM/affiliate programs because there are some that exist, and that were created for ordinary people like you and me to benefit from. Know that there are many ways to make money online from Ebay to Referral Swaps, to Online Surveys, to Affiliate programs.

    Which you decide to take is entirely up to you, but if you really are looking to start making money and quicker than others, I would be happy to work with you and point you in the right direction... [​IMG]

    Best of luck to you craigskin21!

    P.S. Don't buy anything! You don't need any products or coaching/mentoring programs to start creating profit online. Get in touch with me and I can show you what I'm talking about.
  5. timbonderud

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    I am very sorry to here that, health is the most important factor in life, i wish you and your family well. Most importantly find something you will enjoy.
  6. happywife

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    Sorry to hear of your troubles. Sometimes life seems a bit overwhelming. I've recently suffered a tremendous loss and know I couldn't cope without the strength of the Lord.

    It's difficult to create a decent income online without some monetary investment. It doesn't have to be a lot, but most people never reach any measure of success trying to go the completely free route.

    I, too, would suggest that affiliate marketing is going to be a much more practical place for you to start. There is much less investment financially.

    Read and learn about affiliate marketing; there are free ebooks to help you get a good understanding so that you can make a wise decision before spending any money.

    I pray God comforts, strengthens, and guides you through this difficult time.

  7. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I totally agree that when one door closes, another one opens up.

    You really want to take care of your health before you do anything. Don't get stressed out. I know that it is easy to say it but don't. Keep a positive attitude no matter how bad the situation is.

    On a part time basis, I would suggest that you get into network marketing. If you do get into it offline, if you have all the time in the world then find a good company and a good mentor and do what ever it takes to succeed.

    There are many stories of people who lost their jobs and got into a network marketing opportunity and took massive action and within just a few months were able to make enough money for both husband and wife.

    Again, no matter what happens, keep a positive attitude.

  8. homeworkers

    homeworkers New Member

    Hi, craigskinz21

    I am new to this forum and there is some great advise for you here. I can help you in the right direction as well. First, you said you had no start up cost for start up cost for marketing online, there are ways to do that for free, but you will need to take some time to learn those techniques. I started 4 years ago with ebay. Ebay can be a fast way to start earning money as fast as the next 24hrs. I started with just a few items around the house and the next thing you know I made over a $1,000 in a weekend, After that people started asking me to sell things for them on ebay and I did for a fee (enough to cover ebay costs and listing fees and small commission for my time) After awhile you figure out what Items sell and what does not on ebay( best to find a niche) I still sale dvds on ebay. But, eventually had grown tired of going to the post office and wanted to do something else online. Well since I now had a Ebay biz within a short month, my brother in-law took it over ( after I trained him for a month) Now, a two years later he owns a We Sell Your Stuff on Ebay store. My point is it can be done, I am now involved in several things online including Affiliate marketing as well as a publisher, using clickbank and affiliate junction. I am involved in several ptc,ptr,ptp and a couple survey sites as well. I am also active in many forums like this one. Just from my first impression this form is for mainly for affiliate marketers. I can see there is some great advise here if you go that direction. Like using squidoo to monetize there ads ect. If you would like some advice in any of the areas I have mentioned please feel free to drop me a line.[​IMG] Best wishes to you and your new adventures.

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