Help for Cats Pooping!

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by mountainmom5, Nov 30, 2013.

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    Someone is making money selling a guide for 'Cat Poop Help' with a Squidoo page and probably some blogs- who knows! Carolina Robin was just telling us about it... haha.

    The moral is that you can absolutely make money off ANYthing.

    I personally have decided to go the route of network marketing and team building as I love helping people both physically and financially, but I did affiliate marketing for a number of years with pretty good success.

    (I will be adding a link in my siggy, to a guide I used that a friend of mine put together on how to use blogs, Squidoo and places like that for affiliate marketing) If you are into affiliate marketing this guide will be money WELL spent!

    I still have blogs and stuff floating out there that make me some money from time to time but I don't spend much time on them anymore to keep them updated - every so often Google changes their SEO rules and that's what happened at the height of my affiliate marketing days so I kinda gave up, sold my sites and moved on... but I know there are still a lot of people that make money that way and for those of you that are looking at that... remember, you can sell ANYthing online. [​IMG]

    Even how to deal with cats pooping! lol!
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    That's insane. The internet is literally just full of an abundance of opportunites. Too bad so many fail to see them as such! Just like, I seriously had my eyes opened to the same fact when I learned that you could make money by selling tangible items that you have no need to invest in, don't need to learn/know much about the product and still turn a profit. Insane. I love it!
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    Yes, the cat poop lens was eye opening. This woman was on the first page of Google for cat pooping in the bathtub, cat pooping on furniture, and cat pooping on the floor! She also had her own site up as well. She did a great job and I suspect it pays her well. There is an affiliate program out there to match about anything under the sun! Cat pooping issues included. The pet industry is huge and this woman proves that you can break into a highly competitive market.
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