HELP How do I get a new assignment LNS/LNE has so few hrs.

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by Ineedmorehours, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Ineedmorehours

    Ineedmorehours New Member

    I am so frustrated. I am paying for a new seperate phone line to work for west but have had ZERO hours this past month. Is there anyway of applying for another assignment to fill in the zero pay?
    Currently I do LNE and LNS even when a half hour appears on the spectrum as soon as I click to grab it it says it is no longer available.
  2. bratjeannie

    bratjeannie New Member

    Been there, tried that. They won't make any exceptions besides them inviting you. I usually can squirm around things and get my way, but not with West. LOL.
  3. lakewoodgirl

    lakewoodgirl New Member

    I resigned from vm, my one and only skill since i've been with west-- (2 years now) a month ago and have yet to hear anything. but i see they keep hiring new people.
  4. CharHypes

    CharHypes New Member

    What is LNS/LNE? I'm sorry it's taking so long for some of you guys to get hours, is this with all skills?
  5. vixenella

    vixenella New Member

    I was told you would need to first resign from the skill you are on,and there are no guarantees after you give in your resignation you can be placed on another skill-I have asked 4 different PAL's,and have gotten the same answer.

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