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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by bethb1003, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. bethb1003

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    I am new to all of this and I am wondering what program is the best for someone starting out? I moved to Hawaii about a year and a half ago with my husband for his job. I have been on the hunt for a good job since we got here with no luck. With the health insurance laws here, employers only want to hire part time and getting 2 part times is tough because they won't work with each other on schedules (been through this 3 times) so i am mostly stuck with one part time job and i get BORED!!! Being a beach bum just isn't cutting it for me so i decided if there are no opportunities for me here, i need to create one for myself.

    I want to work and i am willing to put in the time, i just want to make sure if i am investing $$, i am investing that $$ in the best system.
    I am looking at My Online Income System, Wealthy Affiliates and One Week Marketing by potpiegirl. I know there are threads on some of these but there really was no follow up. It is all people who are still in 60 days, beginning of the programs, etc and I don't know how it worked for them say, 6 months or a year down the road.
    I am open to suggestions, also and would appreciate any help.
    Thank you,
  2. loganquinn

    loganquinn New Member

    Hey Beth,

    My advice: Ignore all those so-called "push button" money making solutions. The truth is, making money online is hard and all those programs that promise instant incomes are completely BS.

    There are lots of free ways to get started online. I remember when I first started out I used to buy poorly listed items on Ebay and relist them properly for a profit.

    I still recommend this technique to anyone just getting started online. I recommend you try it.

  3. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Hi Beth,

    I started with no online experience 4 years ago and I went with the SBI program. I still use it and love it. I absolutely recommend it without reservation.

    You won't make money fast with SBI, but it's a proven online business building program that takes you from zero knowledge to successful business.

    I make a full time income now and it's been well worth the effort.

  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Hi Beth,
    I have used SBI, One Week Marketing and a few others, but SBI is hands down the best program for someone just starting out.

    Angie nailed it above. NOTHING happens quickly as far as making money on the internet unless you find some good yard sale goodies to sell on Ebay.[​IMG]

    Enjoy the sunshine - it is snowing where I am at. [​IMG]
  5. bethb1003

    bethb1003 New Member

    Thank you for your replies! I wish I had seen them earlier. I guess it took a few hours for my post to get approved and in the meantime, i bought MOIS. I looked at your SBI links and I think once i can invest in it (the $ I spent on MOIS is all I have to invest at the moment), I will do that as well. I like the website formats and it is more what I want to do in the long run. I am going to continue to work MOIS right now an will probably end up doing both once I can.

    This i a long term goal for me. I really really need something to focus my energy on and feel like I am working towards a goal. My whole life, i have had a goal and this past year, I have just been floating, working meaningless jobs that will go nowhere and it is just not my character.

    My husband is in the skydiving business. This is the first move that I made with him but not his first and the probability of moving again or several more times is high. In the past year, I have learned from "The Tandem Wives Club" that my job search that I have been on for the past year is just a part of this life and I just don't want to always be worrying about whether I will have a job or not. I would like to build something up that is my own that I can take with me wherever and whenever we move and not having to looking for a meaningless job every few years.

    Plus, if I can get it to 500-600 a month, that will be equal to the amount I am able to make working the part time jobs I can get right now so even that would double my income! I hope that I can get to that in about a years time. I don't know if that is feasable but I am going to work my butt off to get there!

    I am enjoying rain right now!! But i am still wearing shorts [​IMG]
  6. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Hi Beth,

    Sorry to hear we replied too late to catch you in time! Do they happen to have a money back return policy? [​IMG]

    It would be a shame to waste your time doing something that isn't really going to get you where you want to be in the long run. From what I've seen of MOIS that may be what you'll be doing.

    Your decision, of course, I just hate to see people get started off on the wrong foot.

    Anyway, my husband would probably get on well with yours. His not into skydiving (yet!), but he does enjoy his adrenaline sports. He's favorite for the last several years is powered paragliding. He'd much rather be in the air than on the ground. [​IMG]

    You are definitely thinking the right way about building yourself a mobile and stable business that can travel with you wherever you go. My husband and I are currently serving as missionaries in Australia. We are from the US so we are back and forth fairly regularly and never know for sure where the Lord will lead us next.

    It's nice that I can work on my websites wherever I am and take a break when needed from them and still have the income rolling in.

    With diligent work (and the right niche topic), you can get to $500+ per month in a year. What's great is that it starts to snowball and tends to double or triple in the first few years, so it just keeps getting better and better.

    The first year is the hardest because you are putting in a ton of work and the rewards are very slow in coming. Once the ball starts rolling though, you know every moment was worth it.

  7. Shanec

    Shanec New Member

    Sometimes when first starting out, you will have several little projects at the same time to provide you some capital to invest in better things. Logans idea above seems very logical and easy to do. I also routinely use stock photo websites as a way to make some extra spending cash.

    Good Luck!

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Wish you the best bethb1003. It will take time to see if it is actually the right fit for you but you seem to be off to a good start. Joining this forum was a step in the right direction so welcome.
  9. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    bethb1003: I moved to Hawaii about a year and a half ago with my husband for his job.

    That is one BEE-you-tiful state!

    Good luck!

    That would be a great place to work online from.

    My advice is to get SERIOUS, and actively INVESTIGATE the many opportunities out there.
    Good forums like these are great ways to find opportunities to pursue.

    Lock on to one and see what it's all about by DOING the hell out of it.
    If it really isn't right (for you, or just another scam), pick yourself up and try again.
    Your experiences will make you a valuable member of any forum or blog.
    You'll find the right, non-scam fit after a while, for sure.

    When you can flash some of those HAWAII pix on your sites you'll be the one people search out!

    Good luck 2u!

    Wish I were THERE!!!
  10. bethb1003

    bethb1003 New Member

    Thank you all. I am plugging away at it. The more I do MOIS and the more I read about SBI, the more I think SBI is a better fit for me in the long run. But I am going to give MOIS a chance for a little while longer to see where it goes ... Not so much the $$ (I know this will take time) but the look & feel of my sites and what it has taught me. So far, I'm not liking the sites and the templates are very limited as to what I can change, but we will see. Good thing is, I am way ahead in the 60 day plan [​IMG]

    And yes, Hawaii is probably the best place to be. I love that I can look up from my laptop and see that beautiful ocean [​IMG] I'm not complaining.
  11. yahia

    yahia Member

    Hi Beth

    Hello moutainmom and happywife, how are you doing ladies?[​IMG]

    Beth ...

    I reviewed MOIS and One Week Marketing and I wrote about them on one of my websites.

    First of all One week marketing works as it is, as opposed to MOIS where you learn the principals and apply them to something else if you want to make money. I tried it with one campaign and it's made $124 in 2010 alone without touching it again since march 2009 and without spending a penny. Make a 100 of those and you're done with your goal to replace a part time job.

    I should be charging Jennifer for this [​IMG].

    Second, potpie girl is a real person (Jennifer) and she loves to communicate with her list (even if you don't buy it), while Kim persona behind MOIS is not real, he's a guy and he is having a new launch as week speak.

    SBI is great, and learn while you make money, but you have to invest money to make any.

    If it's not too late, please consider getting refund for the MOIS and stick with OWM, they both sell at the same price point.

    Another advantage of OWM is that it is scalable. Once you have a profitable campaign buy a domain and build a niche site around it then point all links to it.

    The disadvantage of all of the above (MOIS, OWM, and SBI) is that you need to research and write a lot, but I guess it's OK with you as I understand you have more time than money to invest at this point.
  12. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Hi Yahia,

    Doing great! Thanks for asking. We've had several "dramas" around here recently with a humongous cyclone (Yasi) last week, and a few other interesting adventures this week, but the Lord has kept us safe through it all.

    Hope you are doing well, too.

    You mentioned that you made $124 from one of your OWM campaigns last year and suggested that someone do that 100 times. I was just wondering if you have had similar results with your other OWM campaigns and how many you have actually done?

    I've heard other people suggest doing smaller projects 100 times, but I haven't had the opportunity to actually speak to someone one-on-one who has done that successfully to see how practical it really is. I'd love to hear your experiences.

  13. bethb1003

    bethb1003 New Member

    Well, I've made it to day 30 of the plan and the information stops there. And let me just say, that day 20-30 (maybe even more) were all things that I had already done. Sign up for this forum, build a blog, sign up for ezinearticles, etc.

    The information how to utilize these tools in the best way (which is what i wanted) is very lacking and most of what is provided is by refering you to someone else's articles ebook or bum marketing. I did find those things useful but they were all things that I had already found for free as well by the time I did it in this course so there was really no new information as far that goes.

    I am asking for a refund and will go from there. I feel like I could've spent this time writing 5 articles a day instead of wasting it reading basically the same useless stuff over & over so I will stop now and start doing just that. Try to create traffic for myself and get on to building a website about something I love instead of random clickbank products every day.

    Yahia, thank you. You say OWM works as it is? What are you promoting? Do you still pick clickbank products? I do eventually want a website and I kind of view the articles thing as a start for me until I can afford to actually invest in something like SBI to build my sites.

    @happywife - Yikes!! a cyclone doesn't sound like fun. We've had bad weather lately, too but no big storms like that yet this year. I remember last year at this time, we were constantly on watches... and then even a tsunami warning (which turned out to just be a baby tsunami for us, others weren't so lucky.) this winter has been fairly quiet so far. I hope no more big storms come your way.
  14. yahia

    yahia Member

    Thank God you're Safe Angie, anything else can be overcome.

    It's very wise advice to make a small project a hundred times so that if you lose one you still have 99 working for you until you make up the loss.

    About my OWM campaign, it's only one that I was testing before I promote it to my list, although I should have done some more because it's kind of a one time work and money comes on it's own. The only thing holding me back is that I need money now not later, and a campaign that takes one week of work produces after a couple of months. Besides, Google changes the algorithms frequently and I don't want my family's income to be under the mercy of Google. I pay for traffic and I can predict to some extent what to expect.

    Squidoo is also changing their rules and deleting lenses accordingly, I don't want squidoo to decide my income either.

    If my daughter is a little bit older I would have given her this business because she is annoying me with "I want to have my own business" every time she sees me working [​IMG] (she's 4 and a half).


    My campaign is about a baby product and is not from clickbank. It's from Commission Junction (It's not easy to join now as they ask for a website with 50,000 views per month). But I don't see why it doesn't work for a clickbank product as well. I actually had a squidoo lens with back-links just as Jennifer describes that made a couple of sales for a clickbank product, that's one tenth of a OWM campaign. Squidoo deleted it for me though.

    Just stay away from making money online (hard to compete), weight loss, and ex back products.
  15. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Hi Yahia,

    Thanks for responding. The cyclone did cause a lot of loss and damage for many people, but very little loss of life, so we are thankful. We ended up with very little loss ourselves, but we do share in the sadness of others who have greater challenges.

    It's possible that method may be wise advice for some, but I don't really see the value in it. Not just for all the reasons you've listed (the chance of being de-listed or dropped all the time), but I guess it doesn't appeal to me because it doesn't really add "value" to the online world.

    It's no wonder that Google, Squidoo, etc., are changing and adapting to weed out this type of marketing. Google and the other major search engines are looking for the best material to list in their search results and they don't seem to want a bunch of mini-sites with the same material over and over again for the top results with no substance behind it.

    In the long run, I believe that building a quality solid niche website, owned by you, is always going to be the cream that rises to the top of the search results, no matter how many changes to algorithms are made.

    How sweet and adorable that your little daughter wants to get involved and have her own business, too. Hope she keeps that mindset as she gets older. Sure wish I had the opportunity to start this when I was "young."

    On a really funny note... I read your last sentence and I kept thinking what is "ex back?" I'm trying to think of various back problems, etc., and then it finally dawned on me that you must be referring to getting your ex-spouse, etc., back! [​IMG] I really had to chuckle at myself and my confusion.

    @Beth You sound like you really are getting a good grasp and understanding of things very quickly. You are so far ahead of where I was when I started out that I can see you lapping me very easily in future! [​IMG] Good for you.

  16. yahia

    yahia Member

    I do agree with everything you said above, but there is no reason for not providing value while building mini campaigns. My point was to spread the income sources allover the place to avoid huge losses at a time and have the time to cope with algorithm changes. My point was not to rely on something not reliable. That's way I prefer paid advertising.

    For example, the squidoo lens that has been deleted was 99% unique content spreading the awareness of the anonymity of the internet community and how this could be a source of real danger to minors. The lens was at the top of Google search results for the keyword for about 6 months and was getting thousands of views every week. A community has also developed around it and people kept coming to participate in the pols and the discussion and argued with each other, and myself, around the topic and the freedom of the kids and strict parenting ... until squidoo decided this topic is not to accepted anymore and deleted the lens.

    The lens was mainly for spreading the awareness and helping parents be prepared for the worse, and since the content is mine I felt free to add a link to a clickbank product and it made a couple of sales.

    That was an example of a real value that didn't appeal to the owners of squidoo.
  17. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    yahia: For example, the squidoo lens that has been deleted was 99% unique content spreading the awareness of the anonymity of the internet community and how this could be a source of real danger to minors. The lens was at the top of Google search results for the keyword for about 6 months and was getting thousands of views every week. A community has also developed around it and people kept coming to participate in the pols and the discussion and argued with each other, and myself, around the topic and the freedom of the kids and strict parenting ... until squidoo decided this topic is not to accepted anymore and deleted the lens.
    Ugh! What a shame. Too bad you hadn't built that content and community on a domain that YOU owned. That's one of the main reasons I prefer to create content for myself rather than for all of these other outside sources. You are at their mercy.

  18. yahia

    yahia Member

    Actually I did, that's why I still dominate the first page on Google with 4-5 results out of 10 for that term. There is an option in squidoo to download your lens as an .xml file, which I do every time I make a lens. I used that to publish the same content on one of my general audience websites.

    But still, there wasn't anything wrong with the lens, it was making money and helping the community at the same time, and overnight it disappeared. This is the weakness in OWM or any similar marketing method.
  19. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    How funny! Then why recommend something like OWM in the first place? It seems contradictory when you end up saying that it really isn't the best way to go in the long run, anyway.

    Why not just tell people the best methods to begin with and save them all the potential headaches and loss of inferior marketing methods?
  20. yahia

    yahia Member

    The best for me is not the best for every one. I have the budget to buy traffic, the experience to write ad copies with high CTRs, had success with building engaging landing pages, tracking and split testing became second nature to me ... a newbie can not get to that point right off the bat. I also must put at least $500 for experimenting with new copies, landing pages, and traffic sources every month, and sometimes more than once a month. That's why I don't come here very often [​IMG].

    OWM is good for newbies and kids (sorry Jennifer if you are reading this [​IMG]). It can make you money but this is not a business to rely on for feeding your kids and paying your mortgage.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that It's not easy for newbies to get accepted with the affiliate networks I work with. They require referrals now to accept new publishers and expect a certain level of experience, which means it's not likely they'll accept newbies unless they know they are working under someone they trust.

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