Help with moving my Hoplink to Twitter!!

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by trippleb, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. trippleb

    trippleb New Member

    Hey everyone,I'm right now the most confused person alive.I know that this is probally something very simple but I can't figure it out.I joined clickbank went to vender clicked promote item and it pulled up 2 hoplinks.Nether link had my ID in it.OK,I copied the first link and pasted it on twitter.When I checked my tweet it was there but you could not click on it to be directed to the venders page.Please someone tell me what I'm doing wrong.I can copy and paste to my browser and it takes me to the sight.Help!!!!!
  2. Hello Patricia,

    I have just copied a clickbank hoplink and pasted it on twitter. It works fine, so I don't really know what's wrong.

    I'm not a twitter expert. Maybe someone on here can shed more light.

  3. kenwrites

    kenwrites New Member

    Shortcode the link with
  4. PeterFrosen

    PeterFrosen New Member

    usually twitter shortlinks it for you after you tweet it. Just post the link with your affiliate ID as is and it should be fine.

    Just go to your stats page on ClickBank and make sure that you're getting tracked clicks form that link.
  5. trippleb

    trippleb New Member

    Thanks Peter for the info really appreciated but I'm not having a problem with shortlinks.The problem is ,you no when you read someones tweet and in the hoplink it says click.Thats the problem,you can't click on where it says click and go to the ad page.You would have to copy and paste my hop link put in browser and then be taken to ad.Can't do it from my tweet.I know I'm not makeing good sence but am so new to this.I click on peoples ad all the time and am taken to add.No ones going to take the time on my tweet to copy and paste in order to see my ad.Please help a newby!!!!
  6. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    3B, are you starting them with http:// ?
    And you shouldn't need to say "Click" at all.
    Twitter makes any http:// a clickable link, shortened when necessary.
    Can you post a FAKE link here for us to see what you are doing?
  7. dann

    dann New Member

    Use a link shortener to make it less likely they'd know you're an affiliate marketer before they click on it.

    Click the order page after clicking the hop link, and go to the bottom to make sure your affiliate ID is there.

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