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Discussion in 'Work at Home Moms' started by jl folks, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Hello all,
    My name is JL. I am a Mom of 3 wonderful kiddos ages 11, 12 and 14 who are involved in everything under the sun (or so it seems). I have been working at home since my oldest daughter was born and she will be 15 next month. Yikes....I guess I just aged myself:) Even though I have been at this for a while, I still don't have this juggling act of a work at home mom down or know if I ever will. I look forward to visiting with other Moms and Dads out there trying to do the same.
    Happy Day,
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    I'm not sure that any work-at-home mom or dad ever reaches a place of smug complacency when it comes to 'this juggling act' as you call it. But the work-at-home environment, especially when there are kids involved, is a microcosm of life in the broader sense, isn't it.

    While it may challenge our sanity sometimes, at least (hopefully) it helps to keeps us sharp and on our toes.

    Welcome to the forum, JL!

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    Hello JL and welcome to the forum.
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    Hi welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome JL! Yep, I am another mom in the same boat. Am down to 2 at home now and when I first found this forum I think I was still homeschooling them all. :)

    I have traveled some interesting paths thru the last 15 years, and burnt a few bridges ( so that I am not tempted to go back, lol!) ... but it's been a worthwhile journey and a good life, plus I have made some awesome friends on the forums.

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