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  1. You may have heard this morning that the group you belong to will no longer be marketing the Coastal Vacations membership.
    You may have thought to yourself " What happens now?"
    "Shouldnt they have mentioned this to me?" "How can they make a decision about my business without my consent?"

    All valid questions. I was on that call and was wondering the same thing. I am not a part of that group but was at one time.
    I left that group for my own reasons. I still market Coastal and will continue to do so. I am a very successful Level 3 Director
    It seems to me that this group, rather than truly help others market Coastal, has instead decided FOR YOU to change the product not to mention charge you even more than you have already paid.

    They have decided FOR YOU that all that you know, all that you have learned, all that you have created is now gone and you MUST be part of this new program.

    Let me share a truth here folks. You are Coastal associates or directors and it is your choice to continue or not. They have told you since the beginning that this is YOUR Business to run the way you choose. Now is the time to make some serious business decisions.
    Ask Yourself
    Am I going to reinvest in this new endeavor and trust that I can make money at it?
    Personally, I trusted them before and was dissapointed when I found out that they had their best interests at heart, Not Mine. How about you?

    As I said you are members of Coastal right this second.....Today. If this is your product and you would like to continue marketing it you are going to need to find a new marketing system. A new director and new support and training. They have left you to find this for yourself.

    Not a great feeling.

    I sell Coastal. I will continue to sell Coastal. And I help others do the same. There are many systems out there to help you market the amazing coastal opportunity. You just need to choose one if you are going to continue. I have researched and work with people from all groups. I can share with you what I know, what I use, and what others use to be successful with coastal.

    I will add that I only share the truth so if you are looking for someone to lie to you, look somewhere else.

    But....If you are looking for someone to help. Truly help you with this decision then you are in the right place. I make myself available to each of you to help. I will share the truth about the systems available to you. Mine and all the others.

    You can also find some incredible directors here in this forum who DO have YOUR Best interests at heart. Directors who can truly help you to succeed.
    You are free to contact me or choose the director here that is "Singing your Song" The one who resonates on your frequency.
    Read the posts. Contact the ones you can relate to.

    Coastal is an incredible business opportunity and an amazing product. It has been for many years and will continue to be.
    Are you going to let your group leaders tell you that you dont have a choice? Or are you going to treat your business like a business and make that choice yourself?

    Message me if you need some assistance.

    Sean Keely
    Level 3 Director CV
    Expect Your Success Marketing
  2. emmjay

    emmjay New Member

    What exactly was announced on this call and are we able to hear a recording somewhere.
  3. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    Here is the great thing about Coastal Vacations. It is VERY Versatile. There are basic guidelines to follow but, for the most part, you run it how you want to run it.

    Let CSG do what it wants to do. Each current CSG member is a Coastal Vacations member and can use another group or the official system to run their business. If you are "orphaned" then, by all means, find a new director to work with. This business works and you can be succesful with it. My team uses the WCYS Call center which really helps, especially if you have a current fulltime job because they take the calls for us, present the business and close the sale and then send us the check. The call center is definitely my pick but there are also many other teams like CWB, DFI who will teach you how to be successful.

    The main thing here is to NOT GIVE UP!!!! If you are looking to get into Coastal then NOW is the time to join. Don't wait any longer because that just adds to the length of time leading up to your first sale. You need to make a change and if you are ready then start making that change TODAY!
  4. Sorry Mike

    The csg announced today that they are no longer part of Coastal vacations. They will now be marketing a completely new product and business plan. There was one presenation today and will be one tonight 7:30 EST.
    You will need to have a csg member invite you.
    Alot of information to absorb....And a very big decision to make afterwards..

    If I can help you further let me know

    Sean Keely
    Level 3 Director CV
    FTV SE Distributor
    Expect Your Success Marketing
  5. I couldnt agree more Harold.

    The best benefit of Coastal is that anyone can do it. And there are systems in place to serve every individuals needs. You through WCYS. Myself through the COA. I also have associates in other programs. Why? because those programs are right for them.

    As leaders in this forum and Coastal vacations we owe it to all the people, who may feel lost and alone over this announcement, to share other options with them.

    Thank you for you post Harold

    Sean Keely
    Level 3 Director CV
    FTV SE Distributor
    Expect Your Success Marketing
  6. emmjay

    emmjay New Member

    Thanks for the info Sean.Any Csg members out there willing to send out an invite to the 7:30 presentation.
  7. matiasmommy

    matiasmommy New Member

    I don't know about anyone else with the CSG but I will most certainly STILL be a CV director to anyone on my team wishing to stay with CV.

    Sean, if you were being upfront, you would tell people that choice is available to all of us. I can tell you that my team members, after viewing the presentation are 100% onboard with the new systems and programmes. It is so MUCH better for them! No one is saying ANYTHING negative about Coastal over at CSG leadership. I was told by my director before seeing the information that she would support me NO MATTER WHICH decision I made, and I have told my team members the very same. Thankfully, my team members have good heads on their shoulders and see why these changes are SO much better for them. I foresee many unhappy Coastal associates, members AND especiallly package users coming our way in the New Year.

    emmjay, again this is ONLY for CURRENT csg members... it will be public on Dec 30. The deals that exist right now are ONLY for csg members, no one else.

    Cheers and again, no one needs to worry

  8. I do offer the choice to anyone Jani and thank you for your input,...The fact remains that anyone that wishes to continue with Coastal will need a new system to do it. Plain and simple..I am always upfront Jani and and do extend that invitation to anyone who needs my assistance.
    I am surprised that Nitsa didnt say what you are saying now on the call today.

    If any of you still needs assistance with your coastal marketing system. I am always up front and available.

    I wish the csg the best in their new endeavor.
    I have a great deal of respect for the people I have connected with through that group. I do have to make it clear though.....I sell Coastal and will continue to do so.

    Sean Keely
    Level 3 Director CV
    FTV SE Distributor
    Expect Your Success Marketing
  9. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    The truth always comes out. It always does. I appreciate that now everyone has the info and can make a decision that is best for them and their family. As I have stated numerous times im not here to bash or talk bad about anyone im here to get the fact and share my input.

    Now the decision is up to you all. You have the facts. This is a new opportunity outside of CV. As a CV member you have a lifetime membership and have already made an investment. If you can financially afford to invest in somthing new then do so but if you are a member trying to get your feet wet in CV then dont change your focus and jump ship. Stick with what you have and learn from myself and all of the other successful directors here that can train you to market CV.

    As always I offer my services and assistance to those in need. I post regularly in a thread called Adam's Advantage and lend tips and strategies. Yes I have other opportunities im involved in as im a internet marketer but understand ive been in the home based business arena for 20 years and have experience in sales and marketing. Ive also made a great living in CV so I can afford to try other things as they come out. Dont feel obligated to switch as others switch. Your directors when they got you in CV and showed you how to come up with your investment promised to train you in CV. They talked about support and training. That was the mantra of certain groups. Now many feel left in the cold. Well I assure you that you arent. There is a wealth of info on this forum as well as very good directors here that still market CV so use this resource and be successful.

    Happy Holiday to you all. As always im open to questions if you need assistance.

    Adam Frederick
    Coastal Level III Director
    Founder of A-Team CV FREE Apprentice Program
    302 327 6263
  10. victorious

    victorious New Member

    I know there are a lot of CSG members out there that believe in Coastal and do not want to move on with the group's leaders to anything else. The WCYS Sales Center welcomes those who are in need of a reliable system and great training. We just signed a contract with a great tech company; our group is adding several tools that will give us incredible advantage in the biz opp industry.
    I cannot reveal the details yet, but it's coming very, very, VERY soon!

    Matt & Catherine Willis
    The Christian Marketers

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