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    I've just joined and taken a look around. Looks like there's a lot of good info here. Thanks in advance!

    The reason I signed up is because of an email I got the other day. I use an online product to store records of my home belongings online (for insurance, warranty, etc.) and they sent out an email saying that they are about to launch a referral program. The system seemed simple - if someone subscribes using your referral code then you'll get $25, if the same person renews in the following year then you get another $10. And so it goes.

    It all seems pretty straight forward to me and it seems you could make a bit of money out of it (not get rich quick but still). I like the sound of getting paid when people renew for years to come!

    Anyway, has anyone had any experience with this sort of setup? Being new to it I'm not sure if there's anything to look out for.

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    Try finding a good traffic source and scale it.
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    I've made money in the affiliate and free money niche for years. I think the key to any success online is getting quality traffic that turns into conversions. Things like SEO and SMM can help.
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    Hey I am also new to this forum. I'm glad that I found this place.
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