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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by Aimer Shama, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. Aimer Shama

    Aimer Shama New Member

    Hello, forum!
    This is my first post and want to very quickly share with everyone why I decided to join the community:
    1- Share my failures with everyone, so my mistakes are not repeated.
    2- Learn from everyone's success and mistakes, so that I do not stay a failure.
    3- Have a great time.

    About me:
    I am a 27 year old loser from Egypt. I like to blame my country a lot for my failure coz I still couldn't find a decent job in my industry since graduating in 2011. I got employed as a pharmacist, teacher, medical representative, writer and quality coordinator.

    I quit all these jobs because they did not cover my transportation expenses let alone family expenses. A month working at a pharmacy is about enough money to buy a pair of Nike shoes. I am a member of the fading Egyptian middle class who decided to do something with his time till he gets hired abroad like the rest of his class.

    I am easily excitable, childish, poor and a smoker, but I'm kind, generous and somehow also mature, married and happy. I like video games, TV and reading. All these hobbies probably helped make my English flawless (big whoop!). I don't like social media.

    That's all about me. Can't wait to start getting to know you all and hope we all have a great time together.

    - Aimer
  2. mellisalouise

    mellisalouise New Member

    Hello Aimer, welcome to the forum! It sounds like you've got tons of experience in your field but haven't found the right fit yet. I can't believe they don't pay pharmacists enough in your country. In Canada they make $50+ per hour! Good luck finding what you are looking for :) Your English is really good, maybe you can try working as a translator or something.
  3. Welcome to the forum!
  4. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Glad to have you with us, Aimer!

    I must admit that it was the shock value in the subject of your post that prompted me to click and read further.

    While I do applaud your courage to recognize and accept your shortcomings, there is a BIG difference between seeing yourself as a failure and adjusting your perspective to accept that you haven't yet accomplished what you would like.

    Words carry awesome power. The two words "I AM" in particular have a very significant and powerful esoteric influence of their own. Whatever expression follows those two words are steeped with their power. If you would reshape your point of view to accept your current state as only temporary, it would greatly impact your thoughts and the words you choose.

    So instead of declaring yourself a failure in the absolute way you did in the post title, try seeing yourself instead as a work in progress and your current state as simply a transition period. That will have a definite impact on your attitude, your thoughts, your expressions, your actions and subsequently your circumstances.

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  5. Aimer Shama

    Aimer Shama New Member

    Thanks Melissa. Your words really do encourage me to get back on track to qualify for working as a pharmacist in a fair-paying English speaking country. My problem is that I have to get an equivalency since my bachelor's degree isn't accredited except in "Egypt" (no surprise there). The Equivalency is basically one test in which you have to study all subject you took all five years. I'm the same guy who flunk 2 years in a row because of two subjects and seriously don't know about studying FORTY.
    But.... that will be a failure story turned to a success story to tell the whole world if it works, won't it?
  6. mellisalouise

    mellisalouise New Member

    Yes it is possible but sounds like a daunting task! Which subjects did you struggle with the most?
  7. Aimer Shama

    Aimer Shama New Member

    Brilliant, Hermas! What an incredibly inspirational piece of advice there. Are you a motivational speaker? You have to be if you're not.

    No matter what I do, my situation weighs a ton on me that all I can do is escape my reality. While others drink or do drugs, I preferred the nerdy kind of escape into an MMO world called Rift. It's a lot like World of Warcraft. Been doing that for a month now, living in this alternate reality... starting to feel very guilty about it, too.

    However, I'm starting to realize that my situation is a serious addiction, albeit not as harmful as drugs, sure, BUT the only way I can study is to give myself the illusion of job security by satisfying my basic human instinct of working and feeling useful to society.

    I am a failure because I am not. I will always be a failure till I am. That is my current reality, any other words would be sugar-coated lies.

    The good news is, blogging and doing online freelancing is starting to satisfy that work-need so much that I can study again!

    Anyway thanks for your kind words and please bear with me during this emotional explosion.
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  8. Aimer Shama

    Aimer Shama New Member

    @chris: Thank you how do you like it here so far?
    @Melissa: PHarmaceutical Chemistry/Medicinal Chemistry and some subjects that had terrible professors, rather than particularly hard subjects. This was the case in many, such as quality assurance and pharmaceutics. Pharmacology, the core of our profession, was luckily a breeze ^_^
  9. There is a lot of info here and a lot of people interested in Network Marketing.

    I mainly came here to promote my business, get any advice I can and to just chat with others that are working their businesses :)
  10. kingsway

    kingsway New Member

    Hi Aimer, no-one is a failure things might not have turned out the way you thought or you wanted it to and depending on our reaction we can label ourselves a failure but it's not necessarily true. When things go good for us we just carry on with it but when things don't work out that's the time most people sit down and start to think 'what's gone wrong?'

    It could be that this part of your life is coming to a close and a door is opening up in a new direction but because it might be a path that you're not familiar with the feelings of doubt can come and make us feel there's something wrong with me, one of the other posts mentioned about 'transition' going from one state of mind to another.

    When i have passed through similar experiences myself i used to fight against these things because i was going down a path that i hadn't been down before and the result was always a struggle because of the way i was looking at the situation, now i don't fight against change anymore i surrender to it and the way open up to me a lot more clearer and then i know what to do and make choices and decisions that help me get to where i'm being led...

    Hope this helps...
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  11. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member

    There is a simple concept that has proven to be 100% accurate.

    We speak our reality into existence.

    It is the core concept of "The Secret" ... "Law of Attraction" and anything else
    that basically explains why our life is ... what it is.

    Be very careful what you speak. Especially when it starts with "I am...."

    Or a BETTER approach to speaking and living would be:


    Never forget when you speak ... who hears what you're saying, even
    if no one is there or paying attention, other than you.

    YOU are hearing every word you say.
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