Home Business Opportunities Are A Joke, Scams...I Quit

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by FreeCashMan, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    I go this response in an email the other day, "all these programs are a joke, I canceled my last 5 programs".

    I thought I'd share this to have all that have made any money working from home to come and testify to the truth.

    Whether you earned a little or a lot. Let people know that making money from home is very very real, and it's not a joke at all. I've had 5 years of making money specifically working from home using online marketing. I know I'm not alone.

    See most people quite simply are not succeeding because their marketing is what's a joke. I don't say that to be mean, I say that to say, stop always trying to blame the opportunity for your own short comings. I can't recall any opportunity that I have not referred new people, not existing people on a list.

    When I replied back asking about the marketing she'd be doing I got no response.

    Home business, like any business, is about marketing. Learn it, fail forward in applying it, and tweak as needed, and you'll find success. There isn't any one way to market your business, per se but there are certain effective ways of doing so. Also you want to apply multiple marketing methods, don't get stuck in a rut with one.

    So if your home business opportunity is NOT a joke, not a scam, and you've made money, let people know with your comment.

    All the best.
  2. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    FreeCashMan: See most people quite simply are not succeeding because their marketing is what's a joke.
    I totally agree! A home business opportunity is just that... an opportunity. It represents unrealized potential. A seed.

    Long before you can reap a harvest you must first plant the seed, water it, nurture and protect it as it grows into a sapling, then into a tree that bears fruit for many seasons.

    That means putting a lot of effort and dedication into making it happen. It doesn't happen overnight. If you give up too soon, you fail. And if your perspective is warped you'll look to blame something or somebody else for your failure.

    Usually that's an excuse, and a way to rationalize your own shortcomings, missteps and confusion, rather than take responsibility for the fiasco.

    You don't have to look any further than the person who is succeeding with the very same opportunity for proof that it is workable. The challenge is to figure out how to make it work for you and then focus on just doing it!!

    It took me four months of stumbling my way around the Internet terrain, learning, trying, failing and trying again and again, before I made my first dollar online. I can still remember the exhilaration I felt when I got that first check in the mail way back in 2001.

    The opportunities are real... for the most part. Some ARE scams, and that's the reality. But you can't allow that to discourage you. You simply must keep trying until you succeed!

  3. capitalj

    capitalj New Member

    I agree with both of you guys, i learned that failure is a good thing cause that's how you learn from your mistakes, you can't learn anything by quitting. It's just like trying to become an sports athlete, you have to play for years for free before the big payday comes... you can imply this in almost every aspect of life cause if you wanted to become a Doctor it's the same thing, want to become a Lawyer? Yep pretty much the same thing lol... i can go on and on but you guys see the point. Sad to say but people with that "run away from things mentality cause it's too hard" was not built to do this in the first place... probably was not built to become a Doctor or Lawyer too!
  4. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    When I look at people who join an online opportunity and see them promote in one place and get 1-3 opt ins per day I kind of know that they will not get massive results in the future.

    The one thing I learned over the years is that those who take the right actions and massive action at the same time, do succeed.

    You can be very positive and have positive affirmations and see yourself as a success just like the movie THE SECRET says, but if you are not writing goals and taking massive action then you are still not going to do well.

    And one more thing I want to mention is that my mentor, when I got started online, was right. IT TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

    It took me 5 years to make a full time income online. People usually quit within their first 2 weeks.
  5. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    He/She who markets well, consistently and effectively, never fails!

    talfighel: The one thing I learned over the years is that those who take the right actions and massive action at the same time, do succeed.
    The RIGHT ACTIONS: Effective marketing methods applied consistently = home business cashflow.
  6. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Great thread and conversation! I am right there with you guys. I think for most of us that make money from home, we all have one thing in common and that is that we 'failed forward'! [​IMG]

    After almost three years of internet marketing in various business ventures and using a variety of methods of marketing, I am so glad I didn't give up and quit! My checks keep increasing nicely and even though I still have to be consistent at it ( like in ANY successful business!) I am constantly finding ways to do more in less time, which is huge for me with 4 teens still at home. [​IMG]
  7. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    I talk with another young lady today that was struggling in her networking home business. Several opportunities without success. Again our discussion revealed ineffective marketing tactics and methods.

    Please check what you can do to improve your marketing methods before thinking it is network marketing that is the issue. Success is a matter of commitment to consistently effectively marketing.

    I was glad to be of service to her and hope to help her prosper in her home business success pursuits. Let's make sure we are providing our team members multiple methods that can help them succeed.
  8. drcharlie

    drcharlie New Member

    Yes, there are many home business opportunities that over-promise. But there are a number that are totally legitimate. Do your own due diligence--but the key to most is having a sponsor who is successful, and who will show you the way.

    Say what you will, the proper mindset is vital to success. The person who says that all ___businesses are scams is almost certain to fail in anything. S/he is looking for an excuse to self sabotage. People tend to find exactly what they are looking for to justify what they believe. Dr Charlie.
  9. starter

    starter New Member

    Hi everyone. I've just joined this forum and have enjoyed reading many of the posts. I'm new to internet marketing but I do have a website which was built for me by joining one of those adverts you get in your inbox eberyday. Goodness knows where it is on Google though. I can't find it. Probably on page 1,000,000 I suspect.

    I've bought all the usual Make Money Online stuff and have been refunded through Clickbank as all the ones I've tried really don't come up with the goods.

    Now I've learnt enough to know that making a six figure income overnight is just not going to happen. But can anyone help with a genuine way forward that can teach a newbie how to start and at least make a couple of pounds/dollars (wherever you happen to be reading this) online before I need to start investing a lot of money to get a website noticed and start making money.

    Thanks and hope to hear from someone soon.
  10. Epoltrack83

    Epoltrack83 New Member


    aw, don't quite. Internet marketing works. It does not matter what the program is, it's all done the same way! Do this correctly you could sell popsicle sticks to a examo online! If you could send them without them melting of course. My point is spend some time educating yourself on how marketing works and then you will understand it does not happen overnight. It really is simple once you understand!
  11. cgray

    cgray New Member

    Can you use a voicebroadcasting system to market your business and do very well in getting leads. I have not use one, but I hear it works well. Any comment on that
  12. cgray

    cgray New Member

    hey freecashman can you PM me, I would like to discuss one of your post with you, if you do not mind. I cannot PM, the system will not let at this time. Thank you in advance
  13. benjaminsoon

    benjaminsoon New Member

    I completely agree with you. Many get disappointed because they're looking for fast money. Like any other venture, hard work is definitely required. If you're not willing to put in the work, then don't expect for easy money. I've done my program now for about 5 months and FINALLY start to see some results! Like many here, I think what really motivated us was just to see that first sale. The idea that this could really work for us!
  14. To make a living online takes time and determination. You cannot learn how to make money in 2 weeks, 2 months or in some cases even 2 years.

    It is exactly the same thing as taking a college course. If the course is for 3 years, you cannot possibly think you are qualified after a few weeks or months.

    For some reason many people think they will start making money online straight away, even though they know nothing about building a business from scratch.

    People looking for easy money will give up because it does not exist.
  15. eabraha3

    eabraha3 New Member

    I must say I agree with you 100% here. One thing that happens, and I have definitely been guilty, is that we come online hoping that we can find something easy to get money with. We don't consider, "Hey, 10K/month is going to require some work," we just here work at home, and assume things will be easier. We often become so focused on getting on our money, we don't realize that in order to make money online, you will have to teach how to make money online.
    For example, I was on this forum earlier, looking at the My Free Cash Machine post. I joined this program, and it's the only program I have ever seen that cost nothing to do. However, many people are sitting here calling it a scam, even though these people are familiar with how you get paid with it. It uses freebies, and there are 5 HUGE forums online that are verified proof that the system works. Yet, people knowing that freebies work call it a scam. Why? Here goes few reasons:

    - Poor communication from system users
    - Bad sponsors
    - An optional (and I mean optional, you don't even need this) $10/month membership to GDI
    - Poor Training, which is kind of false, since they give you around 50+ classified ad sites to post in, and about 40 premade ads to use

    At the end of the day here, they call the system a scam when in fact, it is a problem with people they should be addressing. What it sounds like is that people want someone to hold them by the hand, tell them everything to do, and not have to think and create for yourself. Think about it, if you did this, wouldn't it eventually become unprofitable? If everyone was doing the same thing, wouldn't it eventually get outdated? Wouldn't you have to find a way to create something new anyway?
    I feel that if you are going to make substantial income online, you have to give what you plan to receive. If you want a million dollar income, you are going to have to do million dollar work. You will have to be an involved mentor, you will have to devote good time and energy to what you are doing, and you are going to have to be a leader.
    A lot of people aren't ready for that, I should know, because I should already be a millionaire. But my priorities were chasing girls, going out and getting drunk, smoking weed, and sitting on my butt. I did not have the person skills to get the job done, and likewise, the job never got done. However, after being so tired of failure, I had to realize that making the money required me to be a person that could do the things to make that money, which means being responsible, having priorities that involved building good works, and the like.
    Lately, I have seen a lot of things about "push-button" systems, "Make money with 5 minutes worth of work"... you guys know what I mean. Everyone has seen them, and it seems that the market for this type of things is getting larger and larger. Fact is, I don't even consider these a scam, but before looking at them, I have to realize, "Yea, the guy selling this probably can make $1000 in just 5 minutes. He also probably spent hours a day for years developing his skill, and it will probably take someone learning and mastering this skill in order to do this right." But most people, they will look and determine that their problems are over, and now they got a fast track to money they would probably throw away if they managed to get it.
    I feel that if you want to make money, think about how you are needing to make money. Did you want a helpful sponsor? Did you want to find a program that catered to your situation? Really understand what it is like to have those feelings, remember them, and go out and present a solution to that problem in the best way you can. Will you fail sometimes? Probably. Will it take some time? Most certainly. If you are patient, and continue to strive for the best, thinking about all people involved, and not just your checkbook, will you succeed. Most definitely.
    I believe I have a system that can help people make money in two weeks time, however, if I think about my life, I realize that it took me 7 years before I actually came up with it. Yea, I may not have spent 7 years working on it, but I did spend 7 years working on the personal qualities to thinking of a program to do so. I had to be patient, I had to make hundreds of life mistakes, and I had to be realistic with myself in knowing what type of work I would put in. So it may have taken me 2 weeks to think of the full training program that I am using with freebies once I put my mind to it, but it really took me my whole life to build up the mental prowess and discipline to think of it. And is my training going to be easy on me? Probably not, but it will be simple to understand, and people will enjoy it. Moreover, all the silliness I mentioned earlier will be worth it, and all the work I put into planning, and will put into training and guiding people to economic freedom will be worth it.
  16. segment

    segment New Member

    What doesn't help also is all the hype online, creating huge expectations to new to start netpreneurs. I see history repeat itself again with the programs that promise 2% daily for doing nothing and no sponsoring, to see them all vanish like 12daily a few years ago.

    I think it would help if for home business there was some kind of university to attend to. That is not a bad idea at all. I will be definitely working on that.
  17. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    There are marketing education "venues". However the fortitude to win is something a person has to develop within. It's easy to quit and blame the biz instead of oneself.

    Misery loves company, and unfortunately people let the barriers to success keep them from becoming companions of wealth and happiness.

    Mindset cannot be substituted. 17 years ago I started my journey, and it was by going to the library and reading and listening to audios of self made millionaires. Haven't been the same every since.

    Get your mind right and your marketing tight, and you'll have success.

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