Home Cash Course or My Online Income System?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Flyp, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Flyp

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    I've been spending a lot of today looking at all the income systems available only to find 90% of them to be scams. After doing a lot of research, I have found Home Cash Course and My Online Income System to be 2 of the most legitimate and credible systems available. I am most definitely going to try one of these out in 2 weeks when I get back from vacation in Florida, and would like to know which of the two you would recommend. Currently, I am leaning more toward My Online Income System. I'm hoping for answers from people who have tried either system out.

    Thank you for your time,
  2. 040107

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  3. eurika

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    I've been working with My Online Income System for a while now and have found it to have a lot of information and good support through the step by step action plan and the group forum.
  4. joeangela

    joeangela New Member

    Read through this page thoroughly and you will find a lot of the answers you seek regarding "My Online Income System". They're not a scam but it's not a typical and stable way of making money online.
  5. gradyp

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    I've been using the MOIS system for about 3 weeks now. I haven't made any sales yet, but some of the others have.

    MOIS does have a lot of great information. However, I think the one flaw in it is the focus on the "make money online" niche. For someone who has no experience in network marketing, this can not only be a difficult niche to break into, but can leave you feeling awkward about "promoting" something when you have yet to see it work.

    That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if you took the ideas from MOIS and applied it to a different niche, that you might have more success, particularly initially.

    I'm still trying to give them a chance, because it does have a 60 day action plan. I'm really comfortable online, so I'm about twice to three times as far along in the plan as I am on actual "days" doing it. Like anything, it takes time to work.

    If it doesn't work for me, I already know which one I'm going to try next -- and it's from someone I've learned knows what he's talking about!

  6. Elljay

    Elljay New Member

    Hi there

    I have been using MOIS for a couple weeks now and it is going well. There is loads of information and support in the program and it is very easy to follow as everything is detailed step by step.
    I am not sure yet if this is going to make me a substantial amount of money but it definately provides you with the building blocks to start something[​IMG]
  7. jjc68

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    I must agree with the last two posts. I have been doing it for a couple of weeks. It does provide a good deal of information for someone that is just getting started in this business. I agree with grady in that it starts you in the money making niche and that can be difficult to do and leave you a little awkward. I know I feel awkward promoting things. But I am pretty sure that you can use some of the information that you are given and apply it to other things. Its been good so far even though I have not made anything yet I am going to keep plugging away.
  8. harrymurry

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    Okay, I'm a bit confused here. I bought MyOnlineIncomeSystem and HomeCashCourse. I followed the steps in the email from Mackenzie Lee that directed me to free-money-making-website and followed the steps to setup my site.

    I noticed in Paypal that I paid Dot Com Creations, LLC for My Online Income System Membership, Domain Name, and Hosting.

    Are My Online Income System and Home Cash Course one in the same? I see others stating that there is a step by step program for My Online Income System. All I have access to is a bunch of ebooks (no step by step guides) when I access free-money-making-website/trainingguide. Please help
  9. Jacquilee19

    Jacquilee19 New Member

    I cannot comment on Home Cash course, but i CAN however comment on My Online Income System. I've been using the course now for about a little over a month, and there is a step by step 60 day action plan that you are to follow. It was started by a former waitress named Kimberly Hoffman, and the nice thing is she seemed really down to earth and her methods logical. She gives you a day by day action plan, (that you can complete at your own pace) and gives you assignments each day to complete. The plan is very well thought, and laid out in a way which is very easy to follow. However, that being said, I'm a complete novice at this, so i'm constantly asking questions and getting stuck from time to time, so that's where the members forum comes in. There are many wonderful people in the forum who are willing to help and share their thoughts and ideas. I think once you have a good foundation with something, then practice makes perfect! This program can be used by both the novice and experienced internet marketer, although it's probably geared more for the novice. This program is a good place to start, because it really is full of valuable information on internet marketing that would take forever to research on your own. Before i joined this program i spent two full days doing research on Home Based Businesses, and this one seemed to "fit the bill". I don't know where this will take me, but i'm along for the ride! Hopefully it will pave a way for a better future! I personally haven't made any sales yet, but i am getting some traffic to my website, so i will keep trying. Internet marketing is a world all in it's own, and i feel i've just "tipped the iceberg", just trying to get as much valuable information as possible and put it to good use. I will say this as well, it is VERY time consuming. Anyone who thinks they're going to get a Home Based Business for a "free ride" is seriously mistaken. It is a lot of time and hard work, but if you dedicate yourself, you will be successful!

    I hope some of this info helps![​IMG]
  10. ronkusoke

    ronkusoke New Member

    hi harry, when you log on to the members page of my online income system, click on action plan, and there lies a 60 days step by step action plan for you to follow.

    as far as i know, mois & HCC are 2 different programs. pls let me know if you have more questions
  11. harrymurry

    harrymurry New Member

    I figured it out (user error), paypal showed transaction completed for mois but my cc was expired so I guess it didn't process. I got both systems and I have to say I'm very impressed with mois, it really is easy to follow. Not as satisfied with hcc, got a website and access to some ebook, no real good organization or plan to follow. I also got a call from hcc, they wanted to "interview" me to see if I'd be a good fit for a coaching program. I went through the steps and got a call from a "senior director", he went through his spill, and then told me it would cost 4-8k for the basic program, 8-15k for intermediate, and 15-25k for the advanced. I told him that I wasn't going to spend that kind of money right now, he told me "I guess you aren't serious about making money" and hung up. Very impressive sales pitch ... beware if you get a call for a "interview", this is what it's all about ...
  12. theonlykings

    theonlykings New Member

    hi harryi also purchased the hcc as well. i think i ran into the same problem as you did i followed everything to the t and directly after i paid it sent me to the web site adinistration page. well i tried to logg in with my user name and password but it wouldnt let me.i dont know why and am hoping we can be able to either help each other in some way or maybe somone out there can help us.i used my username and password from the free website form and even when that didnt work i went ahead and said forgot my password and put in my emailaddress and it said your account is not active .please anyone out there no how to help us get to our websites please get back to us
  13. volybal3

    volybal3 New Member

    I can't really speak for the Home Cash course, as many others on this forum, however I will give you my opinion of My Online Income System. I've doing this program for about 2 weeks and I have not made any $$$ yet, however, I do think is my own fault. I would say I was in a bit of a rush when I first started and I thought I knew more than I really did, which only caused me to overlook some very important parts in the program. Ultimately, I think that if you take your time, understand all the material and put some work into it, it will reward you. Another thing, like many people already mentioned, there is an Action Plan that sort of guides you through... try to follow it.

    Other than that, there is a lot of things you have to find out for yourself, but I would say that not only this program, but also many others, will work if you keep at them. Good luck and take care.

  14. kevlan

    kevlan New Member

    Hi Kings, I am going thru the same garbage with HCC right now. I paid for that DotComCreations LLC program, And they took my money REAL FAST And when I tried to contact them to find out whats going on I find out the telephone number and the EMail address that they gave to PAYPAL are no good. If you have overcome your problems with HCC Icould sure use some advice. You can EMail me at kevlan@comcast.net. Good Luck, Kevin
  15. wahl2008

    wahl2008 New Member

    I've heard bad thing about HCC. Mostly the same stuff that Kings and Kevin are going through.

    I haven't heard anything bad about MOIS, but I haven't heard much good either.

    Good luck with it!
  16. fmccompany

    fmccompany New Member

    Hello all,

    I have been working online longer than I have been using MOIS Course and I had a hard time making money online until I started using the MOIS Course.

    The thing is with any program or system you have to build a solid foundation for your business first and that is what MIOS does. Then you use the same steps and build another business with any other product or service that you want to promote.

    And if you don't try to breeze through it you will notice that you have to massively promote your business or people wont know about your products.

    Anything you do online to make money is a #'s game. He who has the most links to their product out there wins. its that simple.

    MOIS shows you how to do that and gives you a solid foundation for your first online venture. The other ventures you do should be based on MOIS Plan of action or something close to it and you will succeed.

    It's that simple. But it is a lot of work at first. After that it is just maintaining it and continued advertising.

    Then you can move on to other products, services, etc.

    I am already making about $450 a day and starting on my second venture.

    Good luck to you and I hope this helps
  17. bham30

    bham30 New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I'm from Manila Philippines and one of those desperate people who are looking for an extra income job online. I had been bumping with several site concerning online opportunities for several weeks now. I even visited or invited with an online MLM company. What really caught my attention is MIOS. Honestly, I was amazed with Kimberly Hoffman's story but don't know if she really exists.

    Is there any one out there who knows if MIOS will also work with us here in ASIA Pacific? All of you here are American's or Canadian's and I cannot locate around the net who actually uses MIOS or a testimonial of a successful ASIAN MIOS users.

    As I search online, I found that most online opportunities work for USA or Canada residence only. Do you now some one from the other side of the globe who is very successful with this kind of home business? MIOS to be specific.

  18. dawnmartin

    dawnmartin Guest

    i just signed up for the home cash course. you pay the $39 and you get started. there is a lot of good information for beginners. this is my first attempt at trying to make money online. havent made anything yet but it is still early. i realize your not going to get rich overnight and that it takes a lot of work. Im not afaid of hard work. if anyone has any advice for beginners like me it would be greatly appreciated. right now i have the free web site in which you dont choose what to promote. is the paid web site the way to go.

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  19. gridellas

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    I have been with MOIS for a while and in their forum there are people from all over the place. Um just a couple I can think of off the top of my head are Uk, Australia. But the advantage is, it's the World Wide web so this program can be used for anyone anywhere that has access to a internet.
  20. gridellas

    gridellas New Member


    It really doesn't matter if you go paid site or not. The main reason why they provide the website is for teaching purposes. To get you familiar with navigating back and forth from and to a website and other places. If you have the money to use, you can pay for it to give a more professional look, but once again, it is not a neccesity. You can even decide to put it off for now and change it down the road. It doesn't really matter when you get down to it.

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