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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Morticia, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Morticia

    Morticia New Member

    They have a website online. I posted this e-mail because I'm a bit unsure of this and wondered if anyone else knew anything about it? I couldn't find anything about scam connected with their name. Here's the e-mail:

    This is Home Mailing Solutions,Inc HR Team and my name is Sarah
    Powellson responsible for your employment application. You get this
    message as a reply to your interest in our job opportunity.

    Currently we offer one available position 'Logistics Coordinator'. Our
    team has decided to speak with you closely as we see that you might be
    the right one for this job.

    You may wish to open 'About' file attached to this message to find out
    some information about Home Mailing Solutions, Inc or you can visit
    our official site www.homemailingsolutions.com to take a closer look
    at the company.

    As Logistics Coordinator, you will rule the delivery department from
    your home. Your responsibilities will consist of fulfilling of the
    following tasks - control over movement of internal mail and postage.
    To complete this task we need an employee whose responsibilities will
    include control over movement of our internal mail. This mail will
    consists of letters with different kinds of documents which cannot be
    sent over by fax or other means where such documents may become
    disclosed to the external party due to their strictly confidential
    nature. Also, as we use rewards system for our more than 6000
    employees to reward them for their achievements, you will be
    responsible for forwarding our employees' presents of a weight not
    more than 18 lbs. And also forwarding of the previously lost letters
    and packages of a weight not more than 42 lbs. Our practice shows that
    nearly 90 of the mail and postage which was declared lost in transit
    is being recovered at a later stage. And, as our company is
    maintaining high standards of quality of our services, we are paying
    great attention to establish good relationship with our customers.
    With this in mind we are trying to deliver every recovered item to its
    owner straight after it has been recovered. This task will involve you
    in forwarding of such packages to their owners or further in our
    delivery chain. To make the long story short I should admit that your
    part will consist of receiving all postage mentioned above, repack
    them with wrapping paper if necessary and ship them out to the correct
    receiver. This position doesn't require any investments from your
    pocket. Mail shipment is pre-paid and you get pre-paid shipping labels
    for every package. We also provide you with wrapping material and
    supplies before you get the first 'wrapping' task. Everything you need
    is a computer with Internet connection, ability to use Microsoft Excel
    2000 or higher, storage place for up to 8 boxes (wght.42 lbs max).

    In general you will have to process 10-15 pieces of mail a week. Your
    monthly remuneration for this position will be $2650.00 + bonuses for
    processing greater quantities of mail at busier times. You will pass
    the necessary briefing during the first 2 weeks of the job. Our
    company pays in advance after 2 weeks and also have opportunities to
    improve your income for doing business with Home Mailing Solutions,
    Inc. The work requires 10-15 hours of your free time a week. You must
    have fluent English and be 21+ to join our team. When you are
    interested in the position, please find an Application Form attached
    to this letter, fill it in right on your computer and email it to
    *@***********.com. References details are required to set
    up an interview.

    Our constant object is to be the best in sphere of freight and
    delivery and that's why we are looking for positive, energetic and
    sociable people able to work in our team. Working with us, you have
    prospects of career growth, so you will always have possibility to
    move up, constantly perfecting yourself together with us. We perform
    complete training of each candidate, that's why all you need for
    trying yourself is only your desire and belief in yourself. You don't
    need any special knowledge or skills.

    We are sure that after trying yourself on the proposed post, you'll be
    never burdened by the job search. Try yourself in our company and you
    won't regret! Our team will obligatory help you in everything and
    you'll feel our support.

    (!) To follow up with this job opportunity you should fill out the
    Application form and email it to our HR team at:

    Please make sure you change your spam folder to avoid lost messages

    Thank you for your time and attention and I hope to see you among our
    employees soon!


    Sarah Powellson
    HR Team
    Home Mailing Solutions, Inc
    HR Team : +1 (231) 577 4111

    On Wednesday, April 18, 2012 you wrote, 1:41:17 PM:

    > You have my e-mail address. That is all the contact information I am willing
    > to give at this point because people have been receiving my telephone number
    > under false pretenses and my phone is ringing enough these days with things
    > that were never legitimate job offers. If this is a real job you will please
    > do me the favor of telling me more about it through e-mail.

    > Thank you

    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: Jessica Wallens
    > Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 1:11 PM
    > To: *@***********.com
    > Subject: Job 1334779883

    > Hello!

    > You have received this e-mail because you appear to be searching for
    > employment in your area. HMSolutions Inc. is currently hiring for a
    > part-time vacancy at U.S.A market - Logistics Coordinator.

    > To apply for this offer you just need to have Internet ready PC, be 18+ and
    > have work permit in U.S.A or citizenship. You can start work immediately!

    > If you have an interest in, please reply us to
    > *@***********.com with your contact information.

    > Have a bless day!
    > Jessica Wallens
    > HMSolutions, Inc

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  2. Morticia

    Morticia New Member

    Anyone? Now I have received another e-mail answering my response to the same e-mail but coming from someone else. I smell a rat. I saw franchise on the website, no doubt they would want me to pay some sort of money up front. I also have a hard time believing anyone is going to pay me $2650.00 a month for 10-15 hours of work a week.
  3. gregorydearth

    gregorydearth New Member

    Just got the email myself. Several indicators of a scam here. Bad grammar throughout the email is unlikely from a real HR representative whom would typically use a preformed email for such contact ("our constant object is to be the best"). Secondly, the income is unrealistic. Also I trace routed the email and it stops at the yahoo server meaning the sender is blocking their origin ip from being viewable. Even scammers are not usually smart enough to do that (some emails trace to Nigeria for example) but no professional company would have blocked this intentionally. Finally, they want your contact info but are offering you a job without an interview. Finally, just look up their website. It is under construction! I checked into it deeper and it has not been updated since 2005. This is a red flag as any company should have an existing website period. Websites are free to build in many cases and even a good fake can be constructed in a few hours. I am confident that this is a scam. The scammer did a good job hiding their origin ip address but forgot to finish building a good website to make them look legit. I would ask them for their business address just to be sure by email. Then you can google map it and see if the location actually exists (you can go to street view in most places and even check the signs on the building to see if they match the company name.

    Learning to traceroute an ip is easy and online sites offer the tracing for free. All the info is in the header of the email (you may have to select 'show original' in your email to show all the gibberish).

    As I have been unemployed for over two months I am getting good at scanning any email where they want my data up front by email. Never fill out a paper app and fax it to a contact like this. If they are legit, they would have an online app system or at least a way to send your resume to them.

    Create a safe resume for such contacts: one that lacks your phone number, address and just has your first initial and last name with your email on it (since they already have the email). If a job offer is legit, they will schedule an interview and give you a specific number and extension to call.
  4. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    There have been similar scams discussed here before.
    First question: is it legal to ship the goods where they want them shipped?
    They likely are trying to avoid customs at the least, if not outright scam you.
    Demand details before you provide any information to unknown parties.
    You seem to be skeptical enough to avoid being scammed.
  5. llucas30

    llucas30 New Member

    Hey, I received the exact same email and something does not seem right, I called the number and it rang about 8 times and a man answered using the business name, but the number is a michigan landline. the numbers on the site are out of new york. One goes straight to voice mail and the other one fast busy: I called the number back where the guy answered and of course Sarah was not available, plus I did not pronounce her name correctly and he said nothing. I am not feeling all warm and fuzzy about this so I am not going to mess with it.

    Sarah Powellson s******@yahoo.com
    5:36 PM (2 hours ago)

    to me
    Dear Candidate,

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  6. jeanney

    jeanney New Member

    I have been working with this company as coordinator for 4 months now and I'm more than happy. Sometimes it takes more than 15 hours a week, sometimes I have much things to do with them, but in general i get my payment every month without any delays and will continue to work from my home.
  7. GINA7171

    GINA7171 New Member

    I too was sent the same email!! I too smell a rat! A really stinky one! I researched their company but just because you cant find anything wrong doesn't mean they're legit. It just means they haven'[​IMG]t been caught yet. I believe this to be a scam because for one thing they said they only had "one" position and they felt we would both be "right" for the job? Hmm... Sounds fishy to me. I cant get a straight answer either so Im not going to risk it. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is right!! [​IMG]
  8. Toya1983

    Toya1983 New Member


    Wat method do they use to pay you? Cbeck, direct deposit or PayPal
  9. tiredofscams

    tiredofscams New Member

    I got the same email and have been trying to find information about the company. I believe this is a scam. If not why cant you just call the number and they have a regular vm. There are two numbers in on the web site and they both have the same vm. No one ever picks up. I did get a guy to call back. He was not very professional and did not sound like he was from the states. I am sick of people running these stupid scams. I sat up tonight to looking for this company. Bing is really the only search engine that I found then in more than one time. And this is where I found you all. They are not registered with the BBB, Not on Rip Off. com or hardly anywhere. I was weary when I could not find any information. @ Jenney I believe that you are apart of there circle. It is mighty funny that you are the only one that is working with the company.
  10. kellerbrianw

    kellerbrianw Member

    Usually, if something smells like a rat...it probably is. There are so many people looking for desperate people in this shaky economy.

    Due your own personal search on scam search sites, rip-off reports, and other type of sites. Research thoroughly, as there are many folks out there who have drank the Koolaide!

    Here's to your success!

  11. ChristinaM

    ChristinaM New Member

    I've never found mailers to be all that effective. The total number it requires to see a small percentage of return is so high that the costs outweigh the net profit. Word of mouth and promotional offerings is a much less expensive form of networking and it is more reliable because you can always inquire with the people who are doing the recomending.
  12. amberd78

    amberd78 New Member

    How do they pay you? I just received a contract to sign with them and under my name they are wanting my SSN#??? Im not comfortable giving this out!

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