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    Hi Gene, I have no clue about them other than the disclosure:

    "The price of registration is a one time fee of $97 dollars. The registration fee will grant you 30 days of access to the education area and materials. After registration an optional Web builder is available for $77 dollars. The Web builder is a tool that builds a customizable e-commerce website quickly and easily. An optional membership to DROPSHIP SUPPLY FLOOR is available for $47 dollars and it includes access to a database of dropshipping products that can easily be listed and sold. An optional Home Profit Masters SEO Marketing Guide is available for a one time fee of $9.95 and is instantly available via download..."

    Yup, that pretty well sums it up for me.
    Well that and the "Limited Availability so act fast" and 3 exit pop-ups.
    Oh, and this: http://www.workathometruth.com/home-profit-masters-scam-analysis/
    Ouch! (Scroll down to the ad comparisons)

    Best of luck to you no matter what.
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    $97 + $77 + $47 + $9.95 is a lot of money.

    Generally, I am very cautious about any income opportunity that charges an up front fee, especially one with excessive fees like this one.

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